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unsafe Hollywood Neighbourhoods

East and Mid-town (Central) Hollywood, that is , unless you know good street smarts and are genuinely interested in discovering the ethnic neighborhoods, esp. Little Amenia. This area of Ho-town includes a portion of the major streets, Santa Monica Blvd and Sunset Bvd ( but especially Santa Monica Blvd).

This is the very unglamorous part of Hollywood that is hardly ever seen on TV. There is relatively more crime and poor conditions here as supposed to posh Hollywood Hills, other western parts and the city of West Hollywood. At least, this area adds to the color and represents the true heartbeat of the city of Los Angeles (and a tremendous sense of non-fakeness which is a definite plus in my book and is something to see just as much as the drab Hollywood sign on the hills).

The area around that street especialy
east of La Brea is very dangerous, and
there are a lot of seedy elements around there. I got assaulted and robbed just south
of Santa Monica blvd not too long ago. The
area is very ugly looking, and it's mostly
film vaults and small enclosed studios.

Be CAREFUL! Best time to do your walking, touring and all that, is during the day. Don't walk around at night. Many homeless people, strange, just all around WEIRD! things going on at night. Keep your car locked and your doors. If you carry a purse..clutch it tight.

possibly the most dangerous city in the usa. i almost got killed once. honest! i was at a stoplight next to a gas station and a gang shooting broke out in the gas station. freaky.
oh and traffic SUCKS, even when there aren't bullets flying.

Like NY's Times Square before it, Hollywood is reinventing itself. There are new malls everywhere, security street patrols, new businesses opening and a notable improvement in the quality of life in the area. This doesn't mean it is wise to lower your guard--after all, this is a major urban area--but crime is down, panhandlers are down, prostitution on Hollywood Blvd is down, and if you stay on the major, well-lit streets at night, you're no more likely to run into trouble than in any other city. BTW, drive-by shootings, carjackings, and gangster activity in general is WAY down in the Los Angeles area in 2004. Probably in part because the would-be perpetrators can't see you well enough to rob you--smog levels are rising after years of relatively clear skies!

Luka Magnotta
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Public Erections

I have a question that I’d like to get some feedback on. I work out a good amount at my university’s gym and I’ve recently started taking showers afterwards in the public shower just cause its more convenient. I can’t help from getting a semi-erection or even a full out erection when I do. This usually happens to me after i work out, regardless of if Im in a public shower or not. Oftentimes there isn’t anyone in the showers, but yesterday I was taking a shower and had a nearly full erection and there was another guy in the shower. Do you think other guys think this is really weird or awkward, or do they recognize that I can’t control it and it just happens? I don’t want to weird anyone out, and I don’t really know the etiquette on this sort of thing. Could someone enlighten me? Does this kind of thing happen to others, and how do they handle it. Im just trying to take a shower like everyone else, but i can't help from getting hard.

Public Boner
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Luka Magnotta: Im A Male Model

Everyone thinks that a models life is so easy, well its really not. having to constantly worry about your image and appearance is hard work.
Being judged on how you look is hard too, especially on your self esteem....because everyone has their own idea of what beauty is. To one person I may be drop dead georgous and to the next I might be hidious.

Im a male model, this is my profession...if you don't like it then why are you reading about me?

Luka Magnotta
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