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02/06/07 12:06 - ID#37967

Definite Chief Aim

The sleep deficit lingers, though I'm catching up steadily. I'm here keeping warm by the fire as the coldest air of the season continues to blast us. I am wondering where to go in my life, what is my purpose, or "Definite Chief Aim"? I know it aint to drink all the beer or fuck all the women. I've tried that one and though it was fun I have to admit even that has lost appeal as I've evolved on this path of life. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy a good micro-brew and a sexy woman, but to make it the focus of my life, no thanks. There has to be something greater to which I am called. What is it? This question begs attention and so I will ponder it as I go about my business today. The guys from work called seeking players for a round of hold-em Texas style, but I have plans for lunch with a friend to treat her and her unborn child to some delicious Thai food. I might join another friend as a guest at her gym later this afternoon and then this evening the Sabres will try to get back on the winning track with a big game verses the Thrashers of Atlanta.

I tell ya the Florida Keys are really calling for me right about now. I got an email from NY Times Getaways and the pictures alone sold me. It's not just as an escape from the bitter howling winds, althought that would be a bonus, but it's an an opportunity to bask in the subtropical sun and bathe in crystal blue surf. What a therapeutic treat for a body from which I demand so much. It would be nice to have a companion along with which to partake in the many pleasures as well. How amazing would it be to spontaneously bounce right now even for just 3 days on Key West? I could so handle that action. I can feel it coming too, maybe not in the very near future, but rest assured by this time next winter I will have such options available to me. In the meantime, I will keep pace with my many devotions and proceed in The Certain Way. Life is such a blessing!

Today's Daily Lesson:

One Love

February 6, 2007
An Attitude Of Expansion
Libra Daily Horoscope

Your kindheartedness will likely serve you well today as you interact with people in the various spheres of your existence. You may find yourself responding especially compassionately to those seeking out your guidance, friendship, or authority because you are excited about meeting new people. If you welcome these connections and treat everyone you encounter today with warmth and friendliness, you can cultivate companionship and business contacts easily. The trust you display when communicating with these individuals will likely touch their hearts and inspire them to open up to you more readily. Consider setting a side a part of your day today to reconnect with those individuals who would like to get to know you better.

In adopting a friendly and welcoming attitude, we do our part to ensure that we have created conditions in which we can attract new acquaintances and associates. When we draw people to our side by projecting an aura of warmth and an upbeat demeanor, our social and business networks expand quickly. Surrounded by individuals who can support us and help us further our goals, we feel ever more secure in ourselves and in our prospects. As our circles grow, we become increasingly aware of the important role that others play in our personal and professional lives. There is little we cannot do when our pursuit of our goals rests on a foundation of kindness and caring. Your freely given kindness and compassion will help you attract a wide variety of like-minded individuals into your sphere of influence today.

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