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02/01/07 11:44 - ID#37950


It appears El Nino has made an exit stage left as temps continue below the freezing point and a forecast calling for bone-chilling temps arriving this weekend. I was so grateful that it didn't snow last night. Don Paul was forecasting 3-6" as lake snows began to shift north from the southtowns. In fact, I'd call it a miracle the way it went down. I was on my way over to the parents' house for dinner- Cuban style pulled pork fajitas- as I looked to the sky. It appeared the winds had shifted as pockets of blue emerged from the sullen skies. I tuned into the weather channel after dining with my folks and sure enough the snow advisory had been lifted without a trace of accumulation. The headache I endured for the better part of the day continued into the evening and so the call to action would have been most arduous. Amazing grace, how sweet the sound...

I laughed my fuckin ass off last night for a solid 90 minutes thanks to Borat. In spite of my headache I figured laughter would be excellent medicine and I was correct. So I acquired a pass at the bargain cinema for $1.50 on a cold, quiet hump day evening. As per custom I attended the movie in solitaire. I had thought to call my friend Beth who expressed interest in hanging out, but I opted instead to keep myself company with a hilarious "documentary" featuring Sasha Cohen. I suppose it would have added a humorous element to the evening had I invited Beth along. Raised in the Jewish tradition I would have been curious to see how she handled the anti-Semitic current throughout the film. But knowing her she would have enjoyed the humor, as grotesque and uncivilized as it may be. Anyone who got their buttons pushed by Borat has some work to do. If you can't laugh at the judgments and stereotypes we hold so dear in this culture you're missing out on the opportunity to experience life more fully. And isn't that why we're here after all, to experience more life? I should hope so.

I'm not quite feeling up to play hockey this morning as my skates remain unsharpened and ready for action. Speaking of action I received in the mail a notice for a class action lawsuit representing all owners of Honda makes and models from 2002-2006 for fraudulent odometer readings. Hmm, not sure what to make of it, but if it results in some sort of windfall in my part I am most open to receive. I have big plans this evening for a fundraiser at Ani's church followed by a visit to take in some live music featuring my boy Stu and his band Babik, including a Valentine's lingerie show. I'm always down for some of that!

I received guidance to compose a poem today, but before I do so I'd like to comment on one more item. The more I grow on this path of unconditional love, peace, joy and prosperity the less I find I am in "touch" with the mainstream. I do my part to remain abreast of the major political developments locally, regionally and internationally; however, I do nothing more than skim the daily news to do so. Most of humanity lives in an extreme climate of fear. It never ceases to amaze me how "below the line" people choose to think, feel and ultimately live. In the paper today a woman complains of the statute of limitations on non-homicide prosecution in the wake of the infamous bike path rapist. Apparently she was the victim of rape 20 some years ago and says she still wakes up "screaming" on occasion. Somehow she thinks that if this man in custody can be tried for one more count on rape that it will vindicate her. In reality, it is up to her to release this pain that she is holding onto, which has nothing to do with the accused. Yet, she has received a great deal of attention over the years following her victimization and her spirit knows that such tribulation brings with it this gift. And she has every right to continue holding onto this fear, even though it robs her of precious life. There is a gift in allowing on this path of life that I continue to practice and master. It matters not what others choose. My only business is my own. Yet I can not help but to desire for others what I desire for myself. So I continue to keep the focus on Sean, and if peeps are so inclined to inquire I am delighted to impart the wisdom I've gathered over the years. In the meantime, let it be...

Ode To Imbolc

Be not fooled by the cold wind blows,
hark, lest we in our folly fables,
fail to heed great utterings
upon bustling boughs in frozen forests!

The incandescence illumines the darkest of nights,
so shall we wander guided by the inner solstice,
when days of dancing gayly around bonfires have faded,
only to return in a toast with friends aside the flames!

Be not afraid during these quiet times,
tis a gift immense in value we behold,
for within each Heart is the glow of Gold,
whilst enchanted dreams arouse the Soul!

One Love

Looking for the gift in a situation, SEAN, typically means there's a belief that the situation's outcome could have been better.

And thinking that an outcome could have been better, only happens when there's a belief that one's joy could have been greater had there been a different outcome.

And thinking that one's joy hinges on the outcome of any time-space occurrence, almost always means that some cool cat somewhere, has ever so briefly forgotten not to interpret events with their physical senses alone, that all the elements, then and now, are lining up in their favor, and that their own happy feet needn't have missed a beat.
Bust a move -
The Universe

February 1, 2007
Doing What It Takes
Libra Daily Horoscope

Your expectations can become the inspiration that keeps you motivated today if you regard success as something that is inevitable. The optimism that develops naturally as you visualize the triumphant realization of the dreams you wish to achieve will likely bolster your spirits as you face the difficulties that are an unavoidable element of the goal-realization process. Should you find yourself up against a seemingly insurmountable obstacle today, you can call upon your anticipation for encouragement and comfort. The sustenance you glean from your positive vision of the future will likely become the strong foundation from which you reach upward toward the brilliant light of your ambition.

When we think of our eventual success in terms of when we will reach it, rather than if, we are more apt to recognize and take advantage of those opportunities that have the potential to help us achieve our ambitions. We are willing to do whatever it takes-not because we fear failure, but because we are looking forward to the day we will realize the dreams we hold dear. As a result, our minds are filled with positive, happy thoughts regardless of the nature of the events unfolding around us. When we face challenges, we choose to think constructively about the roadblocks before us rather than to become mired in the temporarily distressing and demoralizing aspects of the paths we have chosen. The anticipation you harbor in your thoughts today will empower you to stay optimistic while facing the ups and downs of the goal-realization process.

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ego vs. Excellence
Category: Travel and Places

There is no daily lesson today as it is the 31st of the month and there are only 30 lessons in the Effortless Prosperity practice. However, it does instruct those following the program to "do something special for themselves" on this day. I've been wondering what I might do with ideas ranging from a walk outdoors somewhere I've never been before to a trip to the happy ending spa to see Wendy and enjoy her gifted hands upon my body. It's already noon as I slept in til 9 and been a slow start. I have this sharp, piercing pain in my upper abdomen, perhaps a strained ribcage muscle while out plowing? I don't know, but it hurts to take a deep breath. I wanted to participate in the skate and shoot over at the local rec center, but I think it best to rest and repair. If it feels better tomorrow maybe I'll go play. I tried on a pair of Reebok ice skates yesterday at Great Skate and they felt awesome. The sales clerk said the 2007 line will be coming out in a couple of months so I might hold off. We're already rounding the turn in this winter season (Imbolc) so perhaps I'll upgrade my gear in time for next season. In the meantime, I'm gathering information about organizing a team for an in-line hockey league starting at the end of February.

When I awoke this morning I had this revelation about ego, specifically discerning what voice is that of ego and what is that of our Higher Self. Most people have it backwards in this consciousness. For instance, we think the voice telling us how great, talented, beautiful, amazing and absolutely magnificent we are is that of ego. This couldn't be further from the Truth! This is our Higher Self speaking and here we let ego allow us to believe to the contrary with notions such as, "I'm not worthy," or "I have to earn it," or "Nobody's perfect," hogwash! We are excellent by virtue of our existence! To the degree we can manage our ego, honor it with a simple response such as, "Thanks for sharing," and go about the business of living effortlessly is a measure of success. Do you have any friggin clue how special, fantastic and utterly beautiful you are? I thought so!

So here I am on this "special" day, as if everyday were not special. My mother invited me to dinner and following that I will be gathering with friends to continue our vision boarding project. Oprah will be featuring people from the movie The Secret later today. The Law of Attraction continues to gain notoriety as it penetrates mainstream consciousness. It is such an exciting time to be in the world. A few years ago when I started out on this path of self-discovery awakening to who I truly am I wasn't so sure I made the best choice. Well, if my life now is any indication I made a most wise and brilliant choice. More and more people are getting on board and it is only a matter of when, not if, that we co-create a culture of peace, harmony and prosperity for all! I'm honored and thrilled to be fulfilling my role at this most amazing juncture in human evolution. This is the age of mind over matter as duality fades steadfast into the anals of outdated philosophical doctrine. I am both the cause and effect in my reality. There is nothing so liberating as knowing this to be true. I can't wait to see what miracle is coming into my life next!

One Love

ps- surf's up in Cancun July 2007, see banner in blog below!

January 31, 2007
No Mountain Too High
Libra Daily Horoscope

You may feel cleverer than usual today, and primed to utilize your creativity in the completion of your everyday duties. This unexpected bout of resourcefulness can lead you to apply your imaginative talents in unexpected ways throughout the day. Whether you choose to beautify a professional report or to devise a more efficient system of organization in your home, you will likely find yourself taking on more ambitious projects as you are encouraged by each new creative success. Should you find yourself facing obstacles today, you can quell your initial fears by recalling all that you have accomplished thus far. You can derive encouragement from the strong feelings of self-confidence already established in your soul.

We can surmount almost any obstacle the universe chooses to put in our paths when we believe in our ability to cope with and adapt to changing circumstances. Because we have faith in the value of our innate cleverness, we are more apt to make use of our intellectual resources when faced with challenges that seem impossibly difficult. Situations in which there is no chance of traversing a straight path energize us because we relish the opportunity to make use of our creativity in the discovery of offbeat solutions. Every resource available to us, whether physical or cerebral, is put into play as we explore the possibilities open to us, no matter how oblique or fantastic they may seem at first. No single challenge will interfere with your resolve today because you know that you are capable of besting anything.

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