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10/04/08 12:11 - ID#45928

Strange dreams....

I had the strangest dream last night. Bill & Hillary were at my kitchen table with me and we were eating potato chips. They wanted to see some of the neighborhood so I took them on a little tour to see some beautiful old buildings that had boarded up windows and were desperately in need of refurbishing. We went back to my house, sat back at the kitchen table talking about the buildings, and then they were getting ready to leave. I asked Hillary if I could write her a check as contribution to her campaign fund. I gave her a check for $50 and then they left.

This was a weird dream on several fronts: 1) I don’t have a table in my kitchen. 2) The house wasn’t really my house but I didn’t seem to be one with which I was otherwise familiar. 3) The neighborhood I showed them wasn’t really mine either; mine doesn’t have the buildings I described. They were more like the old brick buildings along Oak St. or on Michigan. 4) I actually remembered, I think, at least most of this dream. I very rarely even remember if I’ve had any dreams.

Maybe it was those two cookies I ate before I went to bed. It was cold last night, and I just don’t want to cave in to turning on the heat yet, so I made cookies to have the oven warm things up a bit. No, I didn’t put anything funny in the cookies, but maybe I shouldn’t have eaten them so late. They were pretty good though - oatmeal chocolate chip.

Good cookies...


...but strange dreams.

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