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10/05/08 11:54 - ID#45952

I hate cars

Had most of my family over for dinner tonight for my brother's birthday (it was really good too). When dinner was over, I gave my daughter's friend and my niece a ride home. After dropping off the last passanger, my daughter and I were on our way back home and I started to hear this weird noise in the front passsanger side. At first I thought maybe I ran over something and it was stuck and making a flapping noise as I was driving - gross - the thought of this actually made me feel pretty sick. But, thankfully, it wasn't any kind of live thing. Unfortunately, it was some kind of belt in my engine that, after it totally broke and stopped making the dreadful noise, my power steering went, the battery light came on, and the car started blowing smoke like crazy. I managed to drive it home the rest of the way (praying I haven't cracked the block) taking very wide turns and running through a number of red lights. I probably looked like a complete maniac - I know I felt like one. Lucky for me, my mom has two cars and my sister took me over to her house so I could pick one of them up. Tomorrow evening my brother, a Ford Technician, is going to come check the stupid car out. I've loosly been scouting cars for a while now because my hasn't been running great, but I just haven't wanted to take on another monthly payment. I hate cars.
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