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Category: poetry

12/28/06 12:02 - ID#22052

EJTower Reading Don Quixote Is Dead

Preface: Don Quixote Is Dead, Long Live Don Quixote is a poem that I wrote in response to a few weeks of listening to people tell me that that romance and love and happiness was impossible. Angry with the world I recalled Don Quixote the fictional story of Alanso Quijano a peasant who changes himself into a knight and gallivants after windmills.


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Category: poetry

12/27/06 11:36 - ID#22051

EJTower Reading The Hollow Men

Preface before you watch the video.

T.S. Eliot is a poet from the world war one era whose poems sum up the general feelings of the people after the war, which was in fact the horrific birth of modern warfare practices (machine guns and everything we know today). The Hollow Men is one such poem, and here I am reading it to Patrick Cassidy's Lament.

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