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02/21/09 01:25 - 24ºF - ID#47841


A tragic and difficult couple of weeks. Joys and sadness. Appreciation and anger. Tears and thankfulness. The folly of being human. The loss of a very dear and loyal friend who gave everything he had knowing he was not blessed with good health. Frustration with a language that fails to express my grief.
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01/06/09 09:21 - 17ºF - ID#47303

Do we deserve what we get?

Please tell me Byran Brown is not running for Mayor again. Please tell me that Buffaloians cannot be so foolish as to reelect him...please...*much gnashing of teeth*
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12/27/08 12:51 - 55ºF - ID#47197

Don't Look Back

It is December 27th and already I cannot take any more 2008 ‘retrospectives’. I have a difficult enough time with the here and now. I don’t think one should look back until there has been quite a bit of distant between one’s self and one’s decisions, and until the first three beers have time to sink in.
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12/22/08 03:43 - 17ºF - ID#47140

Recently Learned

I haven’t posted in a year. That pretty much tells you how the last year has gone.

What’s interesting is that the post regarding holiday-shopping-procrastinating which I wrote last year applies in whole to this year. [Notice I used hyphens like “holiday-shopping-procrastinating” is a real word].

It dawns on me I may never become Wonder Woman and I am appalled as I realize I may have reached my MMI (maximum mental improvement). I guess it (meaning me) never really gets any better than this. *bangs forehead on desk*

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12/17/07 09:35 - 20ºF - ID#42552

The Latter of My Life

When it comes to Christmas, there are two kinds of people - people who shop ahead of time and people who do not. I am the latter.

Of the people who do not shop ahead of time, there are two kinds of people - people who did not shop ahead of time because they are very busy and people who just plain do not like to shop. I am the latter.

Of the people who do not like to shop, there are two kinds of people - people who do not like to shop because they are making a strong and personal statement that they are adverse to commercialism or people who are lazy. I am the latter.

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