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08/24/05 11:12 - 68ºF - ID#20535


well my dad is coming home so i won't be at a computer for a few days. i miss him very much...i love my dad!!! we get along and have fun together. the problem is when he and my mom get together. it can be interesting, usually stresses me out. i will be staying at their house for the weekend. its so amazing. you think YESSSS im gonna grow up and be free i tell ya FRrrEEE bahahaha. the truth is THEY NEVER LEAVE YOU ALONE!!!!!! at least in my case. oh well i will miss them when they are gone. when i am gone. wow that felt a lot better!!! venting is good :)~
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08/20/05 10:53 - 73ºF - ID#20534

A Few Haiku's

I wrote these while I was bored....i love haiku's because they are simple yet elegant hope you enjoy them!!!

Stars growing brighter                
Universe in constant flow                
Exploding with life            

Lusty Woman

Sexy momma burns
Libido rising faster
Wet with desire


Graceful creation
Intricate complex design
Resting softly down

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08/18/05 01:38 - 77ºF - ID#20533

We Must Have A Voice

Will and I got back from New Hampshire a couple of days ago. The air and water were so fresh and clean. We stopped to eat in Vermont. It serves as the perfect haven for an old hippy. We got a few good pics of lake Sunapee. I will post um when i can borrow the camera, it's not ours :( it was a fun trip. We walked through this bog that formed on top of a 10,000 year old lake that formed when the ice melted. The mat that "floated" on top of this lake was made up of spongy moss that in some places was actually arctic tundra. Species of plants were growing that you would normally find in the arctic. It was really interesting. Unfortunately we didn't get to take pictures because we forgot to stop and get batteries. I will be posting the picures we did get soon......

Ok so I want to know...when and where can I join others in protest against the war?
There has been a recent surge in anti-war protests across the world. A lot of it has to do with the woman who is holding a vigil outside Bush's ranch. People are also sick and tired of hearing about four more, two more, five more troops dying. Those are only the ones they tell us about. I've been hearing stories lately about wounded troops...over 2,000 have been murdered...thousands more have lost limbs. They try to make us forget about them. Or not know about them at all. My point I guess is great things have been accomplished by using our right to free speech and peaceful demonstration. I hear a lot of my peers making a joke out of protesting. Some just don't give a damn. Whatever it is, we need to get over it and let our voive be heard. The "government" has made us weak. Using the media, amoung other things, to manipulate us. WAR IS EVIL!!!! It is no solution to "terrorism." We went into Iraq like a bunch of terrorists. The funny part is not only did they NOT have the weapons, they had nothing to do with 911. In my opinion, the Bush family had the whole thing set up with the Bin Ladin's. 911 was a distraction and an excuse to invade Iraq for oil, and get Saddam. I'm not saying Saddam is a fucking good person. I sure as hell wouldn't want to live under his rule. The point is there are many evil dictators around the world, we can't just start taking them all over. Especially when they are no threat. Let those people work out there own situation. Some Iraqi's were satisfied with their situation before we invaded. Whatever....anyway I want my voice to be heard so if anyone can let me know where and when I will show my support!!!
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08/10/05 06:14 - 81ºF - ID#20532

My Birthday

Hey birthday is Sunday the 14th. Will and I will be in New Hampshire. Hopefully I can take some pictures to post. It's really beautiful there. Happy Birthday to anyone else who shares August 14th as their birthday!!
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08/04/05 03:51 - 86ºF - ID#20531

Will and I



This is my man Will :) aren't we cute? It's a crappy webcam pic but whatever!!!
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08/04/05 01:17 - 86ºF - ID#20530



Just thought I'd post a pic so ya'll know what I look like :)
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08/04/05 12:35 - 86ºF - ID#20529

Strange Weather

Yes, it has been very hot this summer. The hottest on record. Ya know what's weird? This winter was also one of the coldest. Tempratures in the single digits for days on end. Hmmm seems like the opposite of 90 plus for days and days? Pretty freaky huh? Could it be we are fucking with the planet? Anyway, I took a few summer school classes in June. It was really starting to heat up in that classroom. The teacher never thought to put the air on untill the second before last day of class!!!! We all thought it was busted.
Anyway, as we were working on our media grid project, she would read us articles about global warming, amoung other things. It was pretty scary. Ice caps are melting like crazy. Communities near the arctic circle are being destroyed due to melting ice and tundra. The amount of carbon dioxide in the air has risen dramatically in the past 30 years. This air pollution caused by motor vehicles and other sources is contributing to the warming of our planet. There are alternative fuel options being looked at. Hydrogen is one of them. I don't know about all of you, but I feel helpless. Although I know there are things we can do in our community and everyday lives to help, something needs to be doen on a global scale. If majior action doesn't take place soon, I fear for our planet. To no surprise, "Dubbaya" doesn't seem to give a shit about the environment. According to one of the articles, he has undone legislation signed by Clinton protecting areas of wildlife and forest.

If anyone has any ideas about what to do reguarding this issue please let me know!!!
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08/02/05 11:43 - 82ºF - ID#20528

A poem by me

Go Without Love

Leave me love, leave me
Just like you've done before
Leave me love, leave me bleeding on the floor
So go without, love
Leave me rotten to the core

Tease me love, tease me
With the taste of your lips,
So soft and sinfully delish
Tempt me love
Then take it all away
Leave me love
To pine another day

So go without, love
And see how far you come
Still, love will be here waiting
Until your ramblin’ days are done
So go without, love
Until your soul can bear no more
Go without, love
Leave me waiting at your door.

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08/01/05 03:13 - 80ºF - ID#20527

The first of my ramblings

Well im new i just thought i would say soemthing...ok i will mostly post poetry i have written, and some i have not :) also pictuires, although they will be of poorer quality :( i also might babble on about nothing. its all good. it might take me awhile to get everything setup. untill then im 22...ill be 23 in a couple of a female and i have a boyfriend will. ok well thats all for now. hopefully i will be able to post some more stuff soon
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ladycroft said to joe
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ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...