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04/10/13 11:38 - ID#57498


This comic made me think of Paul.

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Category: camping

07/02/12 08:13 - ID#56587


Spent 4 days camping in the Allegheny National Forest. Motivated to go down because I couldn't join the other (e:peeps) for the firefly watching.

Wednesday night we set up camp, chilled around the campfire. Had the same campsite as the (e:peeps) that went down over the previous weekend. We were the only campers within miles. Cooked hot dogs over the fire for dinner. After dinner, we took a walk along the gravel road to watch the fireflies. They were amazing. Twinkling EVERYWHERE. The moon was bright enough that we didn't use flashlights.

Thursday we went kayaking at Tionesta Lake, not too far away. Mixed results there. Swam a bit before turning around and paddling back. At one point the current was so strong we were paddling to stay in place. We had to get out and tow our kayaks probably about 1/4 of a mile before we could paddle again. We had actually launched in Tionesta Creek. There was a little 6-8" dam that was fun kayaking DOWN, but impossible to kayak up. Although we tried. I got stuck sideways, and the current dumped me. My drybag with the phone stayed dry. Drybag with the towels, not so much. WTF a dry bag that lets water in is pointless.

Bought more firewood on the way back, and had way too much. Luckily we had managed to put all 3 kayaks on the roof, so it wasn't too hard to haul. We were unsuccessful in getting the wood to light. I got grumpy and gave up. Kristen cooked dinner (boneless pork chops, baked potato, and corn on the cob), and it started raining. We had planned on doing more firefly watching, but I think we all just decided to turn in.

Friday morning we woke to a tree falling across the road right next to the campsite. Kristen had actually been in her car when it happened. If it had fallen east instead of south, she would have been smooshed. We were all sick of that campsite. We couldn't get potable water, the closest bathrooms were 2 miles away, and those didn't even have showers. After a random PA man cleared the road, we agreed to switch campsites.

Our 2nd campsite was in the Kiasutha campground. They initially told us they had no waterside campsites. Then they conferred and offered us one in "the Indian Village". A tent only area that they hadn't really used yet this season. It was perfect! We were waterside, had our own little cove, and no neighbors! We had access to a shower, and could walk to bathrooms, potable water, and the swimming beach. We toured the main part of the campground, which was overrun with RV's and families. We couldn't believe how lucky we were not to have ANY neighbors.

After setting up camp Friday, I took a nap on my cot outside. Was very refreshing. We went for a brief paddle, then I made dinner. Veggie chili. Yum. Having bought an axe earlier in the day, I chopped some wood into more manageable chunks. I was able to start a fire on the first try. Had a great fire, and we were all very relaxed. Walked around the "Indian Village" and saw more amazing fireflies.

Saturday morning I made whole wheat blueberry pancakes. Then Kristen realized she had no caffeine. Not surprising, as our initial plans were to camp for 2 days, not 4. So we drove into Warren so she could buy some pop. We went ahead and ate lunch in town. Then we spent the afternoon testing the ability of my SUV to go down some narrow roads. Almost all of which ended at an oil rig. We also drove on an ATV trail, to everyone's delight. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon that was too hot for much else.

After getting back to camp, we went for another evening paddle, to the south end of the reservoir this time. When we returned to camp at dusk, there were bats circling our little cove, headed out for the night. I made a campfire and cooked tortellini over the open flame. I felt so resourceful!

We all decided to sleep outside Saturday night, the tent didn't get used! Kristen kept the fire going all night, and it was quite refreshing. I woke up cold once or twice, but decided if Kristen hadn't retreated to the tent, neither would I.

Sunday morning we had a nice long paddle north along the reservoir (3 hours). It was bright and sunny, and many motor boats were in use. We got back early afternoon and decided to swim before breaking down camp. Gypsy (Blythe's dog) had gotten used to kayaking, but doesn't want to swim.

After a brief swim, we broke down camp. We then drove to the Tracy Ridge recreation area where we had a nice hike. We hiked for about 3 hours. I was tired after the first 90 minutes, so it took longer than it should have. But we all made it back to the vehicles with no injuries.

It was a great, but exhausting trip. Camping along the reservoir is something I hope to do at least once every summer.

I posted a bunch of photos to facebook. If any of you aren't already my friend there and want to see the photos, you can friend request me. Just let me know you're an (e:) peep.
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Category: fitness

03/21/12 03:18 - ID#56262

Couch to 5K

Working on the couch to 5K program. (e:Jolene) is doing one too, but is pretty far along.

I walked to Riverside Park and ran along the river. By ran, I mean jogged, and only when my program told me to run. I've never run outside before. Only hiked. I'd been forbidden from any high impact activity my entire adult life until recently. It was different than a treadmill, without a doubt!

Now I'm all sweaty and headed to the shower. But I'm so happy to see progress that I felt like sharing. At this rate, I'll be able to keep up with (e:Terry) in about 2015...
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Category: random

03/11/12 04:24 - ID#56204


I sleep a lot, and I dream a lot. The more I dream, the more I sleep. I find it amazing entertainment. I seldom have the dreams that bring real life in. I have way out there dreams about things that I've not even seen on the big screen.

This afternoon's nap was set during the industrial revolution, but I was a film noir private detective. And then aliens invaded, and the first wave was fought against holograms.

In the middle of my dream, I woke up to go to the bathroom. I could have stayed up, but this dream was way too interesting. I was able to slip back into my bizarre dreamworld.

If only I was a wordsmith, able to give my dreams life for others. They aren't always this bizarre, but today's was fun. Usually the details slip away even as I am waking up.
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Category: fitness

02/22/12 05:12 - ID#56110

Couch to 5K

Went to the gym today. I had just weighed in on my wii fit, and of course it reminded me I'm obese. Yes, it says it out loud, in case you missed seeing it on the screen. I'm the heaviest I've ever weighed, and I want to change that.

I used to have a foot problem. One that prevented me from doing ANY high impact activity like jogging. My surgery last year took care of that, and I'm cautiously going to give it a try for the first time in my adult life. Previously the furthest I have ever "jogged" was from the grocery store entrance to my car in the rain. Not exactly racing material.

I got on the treadmill and did a warmup walk. I was using an app for my phone designed to help with the couch to 5K program. I jogged when it told me to run. It even said "good job" when I could resume walking. It was a strange realization that I had never actually jogged for fitness before. I did stay on the treadmill for 30 minutes, but not much of it was actually jogging. So I didn't even successfully complete the first day of the couch to 5K program. Ugh. So I'll just have to repeat day 1 til I've got it down, then move on to day 2.

And I actually do want to do a 5K this year. I'm intending to complete it, not actually be competition for genuine runners. Then in the fall, I want to do the Dirty Girl Mud Run. I've got quite a bit of work to do before I'm ready for that, though.
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Category: fun

01/01/12 01:29 - ID#55828 pmobl


Why is (e:tinypliny) not at the party?

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Category: sailing

07/17/11 11:16 - ID#54725 pmobl

Found this on my android phone

I think you might be interested in this track:

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Category: sailing

07/17/11 09:51 - ID#54723


I was so excited about sharing photos here. I went sailing for the first time and got some new photos of Buffalo from angles I've never seen before. Then we decided to go swimming, and my camera went to the bottom of the harbor. My lanyard broke, and camera sunk. Grr. I had a floating wrist strap attached to a waterproof camera, and I was foiled by a sucky piece of string.

I gave up on retrieving the camera and swam over to the breakwall. Jonathan, the sailboat owner, decided to bring the boat over to the breakwall to pick me up, rather than have me swim back to the boat. It was kind of cool getting back on a boat as it was in motion.

We sailed back into the marina, and randomly decided to swim again. I don't think you're supposed to swim in the marina, but we did. Then some food at the Hatch.

Some of Jonathan's friends live in the really nice condos on the harbor. We were invited over for a tour. OMFG. I didn't realize people actually live like that. We watched the sun set from the 10th floor of a gorgeous abode...
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Category: home improvement

07/05/11 06:38 - ID#54649

the economy

The economy is shaky. I feel broke. Therefore, I am DIYing my home improvement projects. I get a sense of accomplishment, and I save money! Win-win.

It took me so long to tear off shingles from half my porch roof, that I accepted the offer of a neighbor to finish the job. Poor economy also means random people offering to do work for a little cash.

Normally I would always say no to someone offering to do work for me just because he was riding his bike down the street. However, this guy was helping another neighbor with work today. My neighbor that has been my snowblowing fairy and my lawn mowing fairy. I chatted with him earlier to borrow his tool for tearing shingles off. (He's also the tool loaning fairy). I figured if a neighbor I trust will hire him, I may as well let him tear off half my shingles.

I will blog more, and maybe post pics once I am clean and get a sugar fix...
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06/09/11 09:45 - ID#54463


I was driving in north Buffalo today, and saw multiple billboards for Taco Bell. It made me wonder why there were so many billboards, when there isn't even a Taco Bell in the city limits? I only know of them being in the various suburbs... Of all the things to get me to drive outside of the city, Taco Bell is not one of them.
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