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11/07/2010 18:45 #53075

Its been two years since I posted anything!
libertad - 11/09/10 18:25
Two years and this is all we get?
mike - 11/07/10 21:47
well welcome back!

07/17/2008 21:19 #45059

Something worth posting
I finally have something worth posting.

Here a picture from last weekend.

I learned a big lesson-don't use a mountain bike. The tires feel like suction cups on the ground after a while.

I can't wait for my next one in three weeks!
mike - 07/18/08 09:43
absolute insanity!
james - 07/17/08 23:04
another one in two weeks? You are brutal. You are my athlete hero of the month.
paul - 07/17/08 22:42
nice muscles
boxerboi - 07/17/08 21:39
apparently you didn't see me when i had to bike from orchard park back to work and it was 90 out. I walked in the door soaked. Next time i'll hunt you down
tinypliny - 07/17/08 21:32
Seeing it for real makes it so unreal that I see you almost everyday and yet I would never have associated that image with you! So funny. I think I picked an awesome hero! Perhaps I should do static Origami as well so I can stretch it to more than 60 models and litter your entire office (and earn the reputation as the creepiest office dweller...) Hahaha.

PS: I am stealing this picture for my post. It totally deserves to be everywhere!

07/22/2007 10:49 #40205

quick weekends
The weekends go so fast. I feel like I never get a chance to do everything I wanted to do and then I spend Sunday rushing to squeeze in as much as possible. (E:mike) was right, the martini's at Sample are not that great. I too had heard they were really spectacular, but I was less impressed.
liquidfemme - 07/09/08 16:50
I really like the raspberry mojito at Snooty Fox.
mike - 07/24/07 22:34
hmm i may be a frat girl? I love the flavory martinis, partiucularly grape and strawberry bananalicious!
james - 07/22/07 11:38
For an awesome Martini one need only a generous shot of Bombay, a hint of Noilly Prat vermouth, and a couple of oversized mutant green olives stuffed with pimento. So if they can't make a good martini (and that is a little more upscale than I would get when not at an open bar) then they seriously need bartenders who can service more than frat girls with shots like "Purple Fucking Midget" or a "Banana schnapps-o-rama and jeger"

But that is the beginnings of a long rant I enjoy after a few of said martinis.

07/21/2007 21:01 #40198

I hit a squirrel
I hit a squirrel tonight while riding my bike down Main street. Somehow the squirrel got caught in my spokes and got flung when I went over him. It was gross, he whacked my leg and everything. I think he got away ok, but I didn't stop and I'm not going back to look. Unfortunately that's the most excitement my life has seen in a while.
boxerboi - 07/22/07 06:32
I really think the squirrel got away unscathed. It was gross though.
ladycroft - 07/22/07 05:32
poor squirely!
mike - 07/22/07 01:14
ewww ewww eww eww eww! It hit your leg! Eww! I would die! Just die!
boxerboi - 07/21/07 21:28
good point. it happened so fast and I really never thought it wouldn't get out of the way.
james - 07/21/07 21:23
Better to hit the squirrel than to break, flip over your handlebars and split your face open.

06/29/2007 09:04 #39844

Tires & Homeless in OP
I saw Orchard Parks only homeless person (and probably first) this morning. I worked in West Seneca for three years and it was definitely not a diverse community. Since I started working downtown, life's gotten more interesting again. God I miss being downtown. It more fun, its more alive, and it's definitely more real. The suburbs are a bizarre bubble of behavior.

Is anyone looking for a set of barely one year old Volvo tires with rims? My mom bought them then totalled her car shortly after and they are sitting in the garage taking up space. She had a V70. Lemme know.
boxerboi - 06/29/07 09:47
I believe that; Orchard Park is just so sterile. It feels like a surreal place. Not that its a bad place, it is just so different than the city. The homeless guy took me by complete surprise.
james - 06/29/07 09:36
I recently read a statistic that said recently it became that more homeless people live outside of cities than in... and it sounds completely wacky so I hope I am not remembering it incorrectly.