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08/02/2020 17:03 #60811

15 miles on the Erie canal
Category: bikes
So last year I finally bought a touring bike (e:joe,60796) but I really hadn't gone very far on it outside of Port Colburne and Niagara Falls.

I had a ton of vacation days and not going anywhere populated due to COVID. So when the weather looked nice with little rain for a week I managed to convince (e:terry) to come a trip across the Erie Canal trail.

The trail itself is about 350 miles if you go from canalside to Albany.

It's mostly flat since most of it follows the existing or old canal.

We really committed to going on the 20th, leaving the 21st. I felt like we were going to be woefully unprepared somehow but figured there's towns across the way.


We each brought two panniers.

Packing list for future trips:

Bike tools
  • multitool
  • tire lever
  • patch kit
  • two 700cx35 presta tubes
  • adjustable wrench
  • portable frame pump, bought the Topeak road morph G on recommendation from Ricks

  • 4 shirts
  • bike shorts and sporty shorts
  • regular shorts
  • 5 pairs of socks and 1 pair of underwear
  • towel
  • hat each
  • 2 rain jackets

  • 1 pillow
  • light blanket
  • heavy 4 person coleman tent
  • light blanket
  • two inflatable sleeping pads

  • purple cabbage
  • cliff bars
  • cashews and almonds
  • 2 metal water bottles

  • Paul's old macbook air for work emergency
  • big ol power brick, 50,000mAH
  • chargers/phones
  • Terry brought kindle and switch
  • sunscreen

Twixxie and Ernie the sheep for trip mascots :sheep:

The tent was the heaviest and bulkiest thing but I didn't want to commit to buying a lighter one if this worked. I figured there should be water along the way to hobo wash our clothes/selves.

It all fit pretty well in our bags and actually we had a lot of room left over.
Tent and pads had to be strapped to our rear racks but bungees did the job.

01/18/2020 12:31 #60800

Wood shop at the foundry
Category: misc
(e:terry) and I checked out the woodshop at the Foundry last week, and took the basic safety class.

I had a ton of fun. I have pretty much zero knowledge about woodworking, so when we were able to take this scrody piece of wood, mill it to a perfect rectangle, and then route and finish it into a cutting board it was pretty amazing to come out and feel the end result.

The great part about it is they have all the tools and stations set up and organized. I don't think I would have tried it if you have to buy all the tools.

I'd consider going back and getting a membership to learn more but I want to have a specific project to work on before I do that.

Here are some pictures of Terry planing his wood. It's pretty butch.





12/22/2019 22:10 #60798

Happy solstice
Category: winter
It's only up from here everyone. (e:terry) and I went on the Wassail ride. Last bike ride on the shortest day of the year. We sang the channel four holiday song as the unofficial theme.

(e:twisted), I am working on getting estrip infrastructure ready. We severely neglected the server and host estrip was on, to be expanded on in another post!



10/07/2019 23:51 #60796

So long, trusty steed
Category: bikes
I don't really write anymore. This is partly due to working to much, partly conflagration of the world we're living in right now and firehose of news that comes along with it.

But anyways I wanted to write about my bike. Around a month and a half back on a Fwednesday night ride, my poor Trek FX 7.1 bit the dust. The rear drop out snapped right off at the axle! Only 8 years old - I guess I might have killed it by pack mule-ing groceries.


Here it is in it's final moments, looking undignified.

It was my first real bike and first real purchase that took me to my first job, on my first dates, around at school and everywhere!
Here's baby-faced me with it in 2012:

Luckily I was able to find a warranty claim on it with Trek. They sent me back a new Trek FX 1. I thought it was time to move on to a touring bike though, so I traded it in and now I am riding this beautiful Surly Trucker.

Drop handlebars and a steel frame have changed my life - same weight as my old bike and it doesn't even flinch at a pothole or a full load of groceries. I've already ridden to Niagara Falls on it with (e:terry).

12/13/2017 00:01 #60775

Snowy Owl
Category: birds
Wow, in any possible timeline of the universe did you think you'd feel so invested in an Alabama election? I know I didn't. Thanks for not letting us down, 51%.

Yesterday (e:terry) spotted a snowy owl on top of our garage. She is so cute. I love the way her head just rotates around. I'd prefer if she would stay away from our yards rabbits and mice though and stick to something veggie.