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04/06/2012 11:28 #56325

Holla for a Dolla
You know what I realized yesterday at work that amazes me. Fundraiser candy bars from like Niagara Chocolates and Fowlers still only cost $1. They cost $1 when I was out hawking them on the streets in like 1989 and they still cost $1 today. HOw could that be? Are the groups making less per candy bar? Maybe the candy bars are smaller but they seem about the same to me. IT just seems crazy. LIke a snicker bars or three musketeers at the store has went from like .40 when I was a kid to 1.00 or more now at stores so how could the good old delicious Caramel or Peanut Butter or Crisped Rice bars being sold to fund everything from class trips to new hospital wings still be $1. I just find this incredibly crazy and interesting...but I like it!!


mike - 04/14/21 23:54
4 more years and a pandemic later and still $1. HOW?!
mike - 04/08/17 23:29
it's been 5 more years now and they are still $1
metalpeter - 04/06/12 15:55
Higher Prices on other candy they sell..... Yes they are made locally ..... Some brands have gone smaller and some bars are $2 but Niagara is a buck... Maybe lots of temp workers or maybe their pay hasn't gone up.... Thinking though that a lot of it has to do with the charity thing? Also the even dollar thing---> no change.... If they doubled in price no one would buy them?
lilho - 04/06/12 12:49
I love those candy bars.... I used to get so excited whenever they came around. When I had to sell them I would end up just eating most of them myself and paying for them...
tinypliny - 04/06/12 11:52
They are now made in China?

03/25/2012 02:00 #56282

my baby
Category: art

tinypliny - 04/04/12 15:57
precisely. ?
mk - 03/27/12 17:17

03/11/2012 20:26 #56208

2 on your side
Nothing says we're on your side more than a spiked metal fence. I think it actually clearly says you're on the other side

YesThatCasey - 03/11/12 23:23
Point: Mike
tinypliny - 03/11/12 22:43
razor ribbon? heh. reminds me of the youtube droid Razr adverts. they are so awesome!
My new fav: :::link:::
My old fav: :::link:::
how can you not like the keanu reeves crossed with boyband impersonator: :::link::: :)
Eh, completion: :::link:::
uncutsaniflush - 03/11/12 21:54
I think they used to have either razor ribbon or barbed wire or both. After community outcry. they ended up putting this fence up instead.

I think their idea was to protect the vehicles and staff from harm from the local denizens. And I reckon some of them could be considered lunatics.

Not even barbed wire AND razor ribbon can stop lunatics. But bullets and nuclear arms can. Just sayin . . .
tinypliny - 03/11/12 20:49
Don´t insane lunatics often try and invade TV stations??

03/03/2012 17:47 #56164

Wilson Farms
I love Wilson Farms. Say what you will it is just a great store. It is a slightly classy corner store really and I just love it. I loved the one by my parents house and I love the one on the corner of my street now. I just feel like they have the stuff you need in a relatively clean and not smelly or overly hotdogs on a roller environment. BUT NOW 7-11 Has bought out my beloved WIlson Farms and has started to change them over. The one near Summer has already been coverted and it is already subpar to the wilson farms. It has that distinct miscelaneous meat on rollers smell already and it already looks cheaper and dirtier. It's like they import the dirtiness? It's like the lowered all the shelves , and made them look older and barer. I hope tehy forget about my 2 favorite wilson farms and just never convert them......

metalpeter - 03/04/12 11:09
I as someone who use to work there loved the placed... Just couldn't work there anymore but won't get into that.... I love how the one on summer looks but the selection is way down.... I can't imagine how the one I worked at down the street will be when converted........
lilho - 03/04/12 10:52
arizona has limited convenience stores, and they all lack their purpose. they sell 90% meat on roller types items... in addition to weird spicy/salty food like salted plums, and random scary looking spicy shrimps things with the head on. le sigh.
paul - 03/04/12 10:38
I felt the same way when all the convenient stores got bought out and the one by Roosevelt closer. I stole the sign when they threw it out and kept it in the garage and Heather and I wrote a song about it. I think I might still have the lyrics somewhere.

02/17/2012 22:02 #56080

Mountain Man Terry?
Does this scary mountain man robbing cabins in Utah look kinda like (e:terry)?


mk - 04/04/13 08:02
Oops I totally thought this was something I posted. Haha.
mk - 04/04/13 08:01
Haha who is he? I don't even remember where I saw this.
mike - 04/03/13 22:59
I saw they caught this guy today so I guess it wasn't Terry afterall
mk - 03/03/12 11:34
paul - 02/18/12 11:33
that's a jack terry.
terry - 02/18/12 10:54
Prolly one of my hill cousins...
tinypliny - 02/18/12 07:06
Yeah, I think that was the phase before the business took off.