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04/08/2008 22:46 #43957

torch song tragedy
Category: olympics
It's so weird (but cool) to have my commute to work directly affected by the Freedom Torch and the Olympic Torch.

Today I couldn't cut through Civic Center plaza like I usually do because of the Freedom Torch. A small price to pay for freedom.

Tomorrow we are being advised to work at home because the Olympic Torch (and any incidental protests) are scheduled to get their 15 minutes of Pacific Coast fame mere yards from my office.

Oh yeah. I'm really going to work from home then!
iriesara - 04/09/08 16:28
You are so lucky! I wish that damn torch would come through San Diego so I could protest it...would I really though? I'm pretty lazy. I'd protest in my heart, though, that's for sure! I went to the Tibetan Freedom Festival in DC many years ago, and that was super moving & cool, and disgusting & sad to hear all the monks talking about the outrageous abuses & all that. I remember one monk talking about being burned all over his body with boiling water & then like having his skin peeled off layer at a time....fucking Chinese government. I can't just say fucking Chinese, because I don't want people to think I mean the people, because people are people everywhere. But the government, Jesus, and we're in Iraq because Saddam was such a threat? China, man....ok I'm done...too much coffee

02/18/2008 12:13 #43377

Category: movies
Hey (e:Paul) -- Kimya is all over the Juno soundtrack.

02/12/2008 23:44 #43308

10 things I love about biking
Category: biking
1. Door-to-door service.
2. Easy, free parking.
3. Free, renewable fuel.
4. 0 emissions.
5. Good exercise.
6. No stereo to steal.
7. Cheap repairs.
8. 24/7 service with no schedules / transfers / waiting.
9. Puts me in direct contact with my environment instead of shielding me from it.
10. It's fun!

drew - 02/13/08 10:30
Nice list.

Good idea, too. If I had decided to bike today, I wouldn't have had to scrape.

01/21/2008 23:02 #42981

A Remembrance of Airlines Past
Category: memories
A recent shift in my living situation necessitated a reorganization (i.e., purge) of stuff. I've been putting this housecleaning off for years, although it's probably just as well I'm forced into it now. But like so many deferred tasks, it keeps sidetracking me on a trip down memory lane. Maybe that's why I kept putting it off...?

Anyway, I've now got a box of books slated for Green Apple. Anything they don't want gets dumped on the "free" table in front of the store.

I could dedicate a whole blog to the books themselves: why I kept them, where they came from, what crazy-ass Harvard extension lit class I read them for, etc. BUT, I'm going to spare you all that. Because I'd probably just end up keeping the damn books all over again!

No, the thing that sucked me back to the past--and unexpectedly challenged my perceived historical timeline--is a boarding pass for Piedmont Airlines tucked into one of the books as a bookmark.


I don't know why this feels like ancient history to me. I looked it up, and Piedmont Airlines (now part of US Airways Express) was around as a brand from 1993-1997. Not really all that long ago (in my timeline, at least). But the thing that's so quaint is the "no smoking" vs. "smoking" sections, with my seating assignment sticker stuck squarely on "no smoking." Is it really that recently you could smoke on an airplane? Turns out, as of September 1, 1998, smoking was prohibited on 91 percent of flights to and from the United States. So that "no smoking" designation really did mean something.

I know there are still plenty of vestiges of smoking on flights: the "no smoking" signs; the ashtrays in the armrests. It all seems so absurd now though. What were we thinking? Like you could really have a "no smoking section" on an airplane! Yeah right! And sign me up for the "no airborne illnesses" section while you're at it!

Anyway, I just wanted to share that.

theecarey - 04/10/08 12:58
WOW! I remember Piedmont! With my parents being divorced, I'd visit my dad in the summers in North Carolina. This is the airline I took every time. This would have been the mid 80s though. I'm sure I have a 'book mark' plane ticket around here somewhere too :)

01/21/2008 18:30 #42978

Decisions, decisions
Category: shopping
Rain is back. Time to buy some rain boots.

Anybody have a strong opinion? I've been deliberating this for two days!

twisted - 01/21/08 23:04
That was exactly the answer I was looking for, (e:Leetee)! ;-)

Alas, I have space (and monetary) constraints. So the "purple ones" are already being processed for free overnight delivery. Thanks Zappos!
leetee - 01/21/08 21:52
All of them!! Why decide! It isn't suddenly going to stop raining in SanFran is it? :O)
jenks - 01/21/08 21:17
where are those from, btw? very cute.
jenks - 01/21/08 21:17
well my first thought was PINK!
But then I kinda like the blue...
theecarey - 01/21/08 20:29

yeh, we're helpful, haha
mike - 01/21/08 20:19
i like orangey
mrmike - 01/21/08 18:37
Go with the purple ones