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06/03/2008 23:01 #44536

Category: san francisco
You too can take a virtual ride down Lombard Street (or anywhere in SF and beyond)!

Nice drive-by shot of City Hall. I wonder if I could recreate my bike ride to work every day? It's extra cool right now with all the rainbow flags flanking Market Street.

They captured my house the day the sidewalk was being repaired (April 12, 2007). I didn't get to see it in person because I was in Italy, right after (e:Paul), (e:Matthew) and (e:Hodown) visited. Hey Paul & Matt, maybe you can recreate your walk through Golden Gate Park to the Pacific Ocean. Who knows, you might even show up in some shots if they were grabbing images then. Plus, it's easier on the legs, haha.

ps--Too bad I left my car in Alameda while I was gone or my estrip bumper sticker could've been captured in a digital time capsule!

ajay - 06/04/08 13:13
mapjack is nice, but I don't know what their business model is. Their coverage is limited to SF and a few other places.

And they don't know how to avoid tourist busses: :::link::: (my apt is behind this stupid bus).

04/09/2008 23:14 #43968

Another Day, Another Protest
Category: olympics
Weird day. Much to say about it! Here are some pix.

I was glad to see my regular parking spot was available, considering all the hoopla!

View from my office of the plaza where the torch was supposed to end up.

Crowd at the ferry terminal clock tower.

Close-up of protesters. They don't look that scary!

Yeah, I did get to see the torch. On streaming video.

ps--I did tell you all about the cats right? They're still here . . .

metalpeter - 04/10/08 18:33
Here is what I find interesting Many Years ago the Beastie Boys would talk about how Tibet should be free and no one listened and no one cared and no one in this country gave a shit. But now there games in China and a torch to protest so it is a big deal. And guess what will happen after the games end this summer it will be back to no one caring or at least no media coverage.

Nice Pictures by the way. Maybe I missed the post about the cats. One of them kinda reminds me of my sister's cat a little bit and the black and white one looks a bit like (e:theecarey)'s cat a little bit.
joshua - 04/10/08 09:36
I went by there every day while I was there for work - I never thought I was going to see palm trees in northern Cali.
jon - 04/10/08 09:25
First... nice office view. =)

Second... the politics surrounding the olympics this year is at least as entertaining as watching our own government's presidential race. Well, at least to me.

04/08/2008 22:46 #43957

torch song tragedy
Category: olympics
It's so weird (but cool) to have my commute to work directly affected by the Freedom Torch and the Olympic Torch.

Today I couldn't cut through Civic Center plaza like I usually do because of the Freedom Torch. A small price to pay for freedom.

Tomorrow we are being advised to work at home because the Olympic Torch (and any incidental protests) are scheduled to get their 15 minutes of Pacific Coast fame mere yards from my office.

Oh yeah. I'm really going to work from home then!
iriesara - 04/09/08 16:28
You are so lucky! I wish that damn torch would come through San Diego so I could protest it...would I really though? I'm pretty lazy. I'd protest in my heart, though, that's for sure! I went to the Tibetan Freedom Festival in DC many years ago, and that was super moving & cool, and disgusting & sad to hear all the monks talking about the outrageous abuses & all that. I remember one monk talking about being burned all over his body with boiling water & then like having his skin peeled off layer at a time....fucking Chinese government. I can't just say fucking Chinese, because I don't want people to think I mean the people, because people are people everywhere. But the government, Jesus, and we're in Iraq because Saddam was such a threat? China, man....ok I'm done...too much coffee

02/18/2008 12:13 #43377

Category: movies
Hey (e:Paul) -- Kimya is all over the Juno soundtrack.

02/12/2008 23:44 #43308

10 things I love about biking
Category: biking
1. Door-to-door service.
2. Easy, free parking.
3. Free, renewable fuel.
4. 0 emissions.
5. Good exercise.
6. No stereo to steal.
7. Cheap repairs.
8. 24/7 service with no schedules / transfers / waiting.
9. Puts me in direct contact with my environment instead of shielding me from it.
10. It's fun!

drew - 02/13/08 10:30
Nice list.

Good idea, too. If I had decided to bike today, I wouldn't have had to scrape.