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Chocolate is King

While sorting through the aftermath of the Easter holiday week, I found a couple of bags of unmarked jelly beans that my mother left in my apartment. I'm not sure why they're here, since my mother knows very well that I'm not too fond of jelly beans (don't worry, I got plenty of real Easter candy too).

I decided that I should at least do a taste test, before writing the beans off completely. There were 2 unlabeled Ziploc bagfuls, which I will now refer to as Group A and Group B. Sampling a bean from Group A first, I was instantly struck by its overall gritty texture. This sandy candy was not for me. I then put that bag down and tried a bean from Group B. These beans were much more fruity in flavor, and less gritty overall. With clearly identifiable flavors such as green apple and coconut, I couldn't help but enjoy several of each color. The yellow ones tasted more like liquid lemon Pledge than citrus flavored candy, but I guess that's all one can expect from artificial flavorings.
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