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Cool Stuff

Live music by PowerPlay … classic rock/old time stuff (check link for play list) . My Chiropractor, Dr. Werder (aka Dr. Jay), whose office is on W. Utica near Elmwood, plays in the band … he’s a very cool guy, in a nerdy kind of way. Friday September 26 at 9:00 p.m. (early enough for some of us old timers who can’t wail until midnight for the band to start) at the River Grille, Aqua Lane, Tonawanda. Don’t know if there’s admission $.

Also, my niece just graduated from Pratt Institute in NYC this year and has started her own company, iron and fire adornments. She’s been in NYC for around 8-9 years and I think she’s moving back to Bflo soon, yeah. She’s a really cool designer and makes great yoga clothes (if you’re into that), and some other types of funky clothing, and really beautiful jewelry. You can check out some of her creations on her myspace page at:

Some of her jewelry is available locally at her friend’s shop: New Age Salon … 1667 Hertel Ave., Buffalo

Also, check out the site below and click on the “Click Here to Give It’s Free” button, daily. Their site sponsors make a contribution, every time visitors click, toward free mamo’s for women who can’t afford them. They have some cute merchandise too, if you’re shopping.

Thanks for stopping by … enjoy the rest of your summer!

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