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Stalking (Vicious Rumors & Allegations)

Any further attempts to discredit my name and character will not be tolerated. Megan Willett and Jessica Curcio have been stalking and harassing me for the last few years, and I will not take this crap anymore.

My name has been slandered with vicious and fictitious lies and rumors that are not true. Their tactics have included falsifying information and twisted facts to fit their agenda. My personal paperwork along with Diary entries and emails have been tampered with, in an effort to appear creditable.

I have never been questioned by a police officer or court of law in relation to these vicious allegation of rape and other unimaginable lies. I feel that its time for me to clear my name.

I will take on this challenge....if her lie is true, than prove have never wanted to fight these allegations in a court of wanted to play these lies out into the streets....if you speak the truth, than take a lie detector test to validate your lie...I am will to take this to court or take a lie detector test.

I find it ironic that people have stalked and harassed me without hearing both sides of the story. I was unaware until yesterday, the numerous lies that are being told.

I have endured constant harassment from various people, no one of course, will challenge me to my face, its all secretive...

I want to take the time to clear a few things up....first of all...I had a brief sexual history with Jessica Curcio and its true that for awhile, I had strong feelings for her...I have put closure on that front along time, and have attempt to move forward with my life.

I have never stalked her, instead I am the one that has been stalked and harassed, and have made the attempts legally to challenge the lies and accusations.

If anyone feels that a crime has been committed...please, feel free to contact an officer of the court or law....


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