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Category: services

11/30/12 01:22 - ID#56942

Update & Brochure

I can't believe we haven't posted since March! We've had an exciting, intense year and until now haven't advertised! This month we put together a brochure and mailed it to 750 area businesses. We thought you'd like to see it, too! What we're doing these days:
  • Payroll service: We offer a fantastic payroll service with free direct deposit, lower costs than most providers, and of course, our super friendly personal customer service!
  • QuickBooks training, setup & support: We're experts. Let us help. Heidi's profile. Terry's profile.
  • Bookkeeping: We calm that paperwork and and help you get back to the art that you specialize in.
  • Taxes: Personal & business income taxes, sales tax, payroll taxes, we do it. We'll even hold your hand (figuratively) through the scary parts.
  • Consulting: Let us apply our expertise to examine your business processes and analyze your financial reports to improve efficiency and profitability.

Only what you need, custom fit to your business!

Here's our spiffy new payroll & bookkeeping brochure:

And a special insert for nonprofit organizations:
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Category: office

03/14/12 06:05 - ID#56219


((e:terry)) hung our whiteboard today! I'm so excited! Thanks to Timmy at Nickerson Construction for making the board.

If you want us to do your taxes, contact us soon so everything is done in time!





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Category: office

02/20/12 07:19 - ID#56103

Board wanted

We bought a lovely whiteboard several weeks ago (e:heidi,56015) but haven't been able to hang it. We're using it uncomfortably now, as (e:Terry) demonstrates. We need a board to hang it with - the one that came with it is a little fragile and a little short to do the job effectively.

We need a piece of 1/2" plywood that is 5' 6" long, 6" wide and has a 45 degree angle on one of the long edges. The whiteboard case weighs about 150 lbs. We have a drill, appropriate drill bits, bolts, and muscle for lifting. Can anyone help?


Shot of ineffective board.
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Category: friends

02/18/12 03:39 - ID#56091 pmobl

Battle for roads & bridges

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Category: work

02/16/12 03:14 - ID#56073


Things are hopping here at Allen Street Consulting, lots of neat clients seeking to change, improve, or streamline their internal financial and administrative processes. (E:Terry) is visiting a client while I study for the PA bar exam. He leaves his desk very neat every night, which reflects his overall preference for order. This is a huge benefit for clients: he helps them create reliable, safe structure and order from their current choas and discombobulation.

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