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09/27/04 11:29 - ID#26478

skippin' my copyright

i was running late for school--->a whole ten minutes---> so i decided to skip it. probably not a good idea but its my only class and they don't take attendance although with my luck he decides to give the 1 minute paper today.

oh well.

i'm gonna do homework instead.

i was thinking yesterday about how people post artwork and pictures on here and how most people don't copyright them. Someone can just come along and take your image and put it on a mug and sell it on ebay or something. I was thinking people should start putting that little copyright sign on their work with their initals and the year or something. orrrrr if (e:paul) can do this, have it when you right click to save a picture, have the "save picture as.." disabled. I've seen it on other sites where a little warning box comes up and says you can't save the picture. I think that would be the best, but I don't know how involved it is.

I should really go to school......... argh, now its too late for real. I hate walking in class after its started. oh well. homey worko here i cometh.

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09/25/04 11:54 - ID#26477


i found a picture from February 2003. My hair was long (below chin) really really dark (fooey to cheap hair dye) and sooooooooo shiny. I want that hair back. Even though its almost black....... its sooo shiny. I think I'll go to Sally Hansen and buy some brown hair dye. I'm sick of this weird red/blondish color. Hair woes. I really would like streaky blonde highlights but I'm not cool enough to wear my hear like that anymore. I'm boring so my hair has to reflect that.

I was going to work on homework today but this sounds like more fun.

Today seems to be nice and cool and cloudy. I like cloudy days because I do more stuff. I don't know why but I do know I have three loads of laundry to fold.

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09/24/04 05:50 - ID#26476


maiden: i was in special ed. but met i went to a lot of classes because i had to take notes and make sure the kids got their homework assignments. the principal is really cool, overall i thought the school was pretty cool too.

jason: if a girl won't date you because you don't make enough money, you don't want to be with her anyways and you'll never know unless you ask. my mom always said she'd live with my dad in a tent if she had to.
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09/24/04 02:35 - ID#26475


Internet lives again in my house. We switched from digital everything to satellite and DSL. Saving us 40-50 $$ a month. I mentioned that already but I just think its cool to save so much money and get pretty much the same service.

Maidencateyes, I did my student teaching at Kenmore Middle. What teacher(s) are you assigned to??

and Matthew,

I love love love your cutouts. I can't wait to have a kid so you can make him/her a cut out.

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09/20/04 02:48 - ID#26474



jimmy mac's closing is sad and i feel for the restaurants who suffer because of the smoking ban. i really can't understand or empathize with smokers. i mean i understand it to a certain degree but smoking sucks. smoking is horrible and disgusting and more people should try quitting. i see mother's, nurses, teens smoking and i feel even more sad for them. it makes your hair smell, your breath, your teeth turn yellow and those are just the superficial problems. i won't go on because we all know this.

why do people start? does a cigarette really look and smell that appetizing that you will throw away your health to even taste it? yeah so what, your friends are all doing it. who cares. are we all so weak? in highschool i was that one who didn't smoke. all my friends did. just hanging out with them caused me to develop this perpetual phlegm in the back of my throat that i didn't get rid of until i left and came to buffalo and happened to make friends with predominately nonsmokers. when i went back home, the phlegm came back. go figure. what's worse is that sometimes i caught myself inhaling deeply when my friend exhaled her 2nd hand smoke.

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09/19/04 12:20 - ID#26473


we decided to go mountain biking without the mountain on the trails behind my house today. what a nice exercise until it got unbearably muddy which actually made it a little more fun. at one point my foot just kept sliding in the mud and i could not keep myself up on my bike. that caused me to laugh which caused me to get even more out of breath which caused me to ride at a pace of 1 mile an hour. I think i'm allergic to some plant out there though. my hands started itching, it was disgusting.

then we decided to pull out the snake's bush and do some bush trimming. an elderly neighbor from a few doors down came over to say hi but didn't say much of anything else which was awkward. very awkward. we kinda just stared a lot at each other. he was wearing a mighty pink shirt which looked pretty nice on him. i bet he's happy pink is now popular once again and he can wear it. as a matter of fact, i'm wearing pink too. what's with that. why is pink the new 'it' color?

today was terribly productive.

we got a satellite installed today. unfortunately we don't get bravo anymore. i guess i'll live. we are saving 40-50$ per month with the new arrangement. that's 480-600$ per year. wowo. with DVR too.

i'm tired. to sleep i go.
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09/17/04 09:53 - ID#26472

wa whahah fhwlaloi

I have a presentation today which is more like a mock interview with a partner. we had to make up all the questions and the answers which is a lot harder than i thought. i didn't think i would get nervous but i'm feeling nervous this morning. we have to mock it in front of the whole class which is also awkward because i don't really know anyone and i have to act like i've had two strokes.

i should shower.

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09/16/04 01:41 - ID#26471

i hate titles

I put up a new UserPic. This is proof that on average I wasn't very cute and that I had what I would call, "a minor mullet." I got my hair cut like that all because my friend in 2nd grade cut her hair like that. I was such a copier.

and on another note:

i finally bought grass seed today so i could rip out the eyesore of a bush we have growing. its kinda of like ground cover but if you let it grow it gets taller and taller. of course before i actually get to do it, I saw this:


I think i'll wait for derek to come home so he can rip it out while i scream.

the odd thing is that I have a snake... but i don't let it slither around like a wild man or bite me. i'm afraid of what else is under there.. ewww!!

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09/15/04 03:35 - ID#26470

GReAT Greyhound Rescue Adoption Team

This Sunday, September 19th is "Hiking for Hounds." Its a huge greyhound fundraiser at Ellicott Creek Park. I just found out about it at PETCO who is "Greyhound Planet's" major sponsor.

There is registration and all of that, some auctions, a 1/2 or 2 mile walk and then a picnic. All breeds are welcome but no bitches in heat, no pups under 6 months, and your dog must behave appropriately. Bring proof of rabies shot.

begins at 10am. goes until 2pm.

I am going to bring Katie to meet her cousins.

Here is a link to the site:

and a link to GReAT's Buffalo site

I just wanted to write in case anyone searches for this event. Maybe it'll come up.

Here's Katie when we went camping in Allegheny.



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09/15/04 02:57 - ID#26469



pack mentality or not, those kids are sick. besides punishment, all should have psychiatric counseling. wasn't the puppy crying? it had to have, and they kept on beating it. what's next? someone should kick their asses, see how they like it. i just looked over at my doggy and I just got more upset. awful awful awful.
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