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Category: osx

08/13/05 02:09 - 81ºF - ID#21516

OS X on PC

In case anyone missed this news, OS X is being ported to PC hardware by apple. A bunch of you wrote about this a whiole back. It turns out that people have alread hacked the OS to run on non-apple PCs now. In fact there is a whole wiki with directions and information about getting this up and running . There are a bunch of mehtods for install including one for dual boot.

I know that this is gogin to make (e:uncutsaniflush) crazy unless he has already done it!!

Here is a blog with more instructions, some imagery and video of it running on vaio laptop.

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08/13/05 01:59 - 81ºF - ID#21515

New Computer Journal

I am sick of having computer info on the news and my own journal so I am starting a computer info journal. If anyone wants to cowrite this with me ((e:uncutsaniflush)) I would be more than happy. It can be the start of a topic journal.
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