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Category: school

02/10/07 12:37- ID#38097

I can breath now

I can finally take a breather. I just handed in Exam #1 of this stats class. Only 1 more week and an exam and hopefully I wont' have to deal with another Hyposthesis Test or an ANOVA for a while.

Other than that I'm just been pretty boring. Working early trying to stay healthy and sane the usual.

Then again there's always the Feb 14 conundrum....
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sina said to paul
Its perfect, i was tried galaxy gear 2 neo (just has not camera) and galaxy gear fit and sony smart ...

heidi said to Dianne
I'm so proud of you, baby! I wouldn't re-do high school for the life of me, but the thought of doing...

paul said to Dianne
In a way I'm kind of jealous. School can be an interesting place....

paul said to paul
I wish I could afford the damn glasses so bad....