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Category: love & relationships

03/10/07 04:22 - 37ºF - ID#23302

serious relationships on the mind

Last night was quite the nice whlesome night. For some reason I started wearing my favorite ring again. I don't think I have worn a ring in months. Just out of the blue I just decided to wear it on the "matrimony" finger. Then I get a text from (e:Carolinian) asking if I'm up for anything tonight. I say Yes since last night was the only window that I'm going to be able to do anything until Thursday since I'm working 8 days straight.

Well he has his S.O. Nicky up from N.C. and I decided to take them out on ALlen last night. They looked so cute in the photo booth @ Frizzy's :-) I then suggested that we head down to Coulter for some quiet conversation, but instead they had to listen to me sing all of the words to NIN's "Sin!" Now how did that song get played @ Coulter Bay? The nightcap was down @ Hardware as I had to pay my bartender Scott a visit since I have't been out for ages.

I did notice that the former Jupiter Room is now open as a bar once again. I'll have to check it out sometime. Also the building next door to Hardware is for sale. The fascade of it just looks like it would make an excellent low-grade italian resturant selling cheap wine from a box. SOrry I don't know where I get that imagery from...

Anyway it was good to see a nice cute couple have a nice evening out. It really makes me wish that I was once again in a serious relationship. Maybe eHarmony isn't that bad after all, since it looks like you two are a really good match.

OK. off to work :-/

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