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04/18/2011 10:32 #54083

Spar's Chocolate Bacon
Category: food
A couple of weeks ago I was Spar's Sausage on Amherst St. and noticed a large jar of chocolate covered bacon on the counter. I had to try it considering my love of both.


As much as I love everything about Spar's, really everything they make is absolutely great. The bacon was one of the most foul things I have ever eaten. I have had bacon as a dessert before ie. (candied bacon, caramel corn with bits of rendered bacon) and loved it. But this stuff was totally inedible. The second piece ended up in the trash.

mrmike - 04/19/11 10:41
Picture looks good
jbeatty - 04/19/11 10:36
I feel bad for not liking it. Especially since I love Spar's, but it just didn't taste good to me at all.
paul - 04/18/11 20:35
I would have guessed it was awesome - but totally inedible, huh?
metalpeter - 04/18/11 17:10
Was It that that Bacon was bad or was it that it didn't taste right with the chocolate? With out being a chef I can say that some like Bacon Crisp and hard and some soft and flaccid and then there is the middle ground and everyone is different. I would assume that Crisp would be best to dip in chocolate or maybe there is some way they cook them both.... My point is maybe there is some other way to make it so it tastes great..... Assuming the bacon is how one likes it.... I guess my point is see what happens if you try to make it at home......
enknot - 04/18/11 16:21
For all you bacon lovers out there. I suggest you try the bacon bloody mary at Blue Monk Brunch. It is sooooooo so good.
libertad - 04/18/11 14:49
I was so excited when I saw the title and so let down when I saw your review. Maybe it went rancid or something and it is normally very good?

Your paella in your last journal looks so good.
leetee - 04/18/11 11:13
ha ha ha... i read the title of your post and i thought you were going to say how much you loved it.

I was recently peer pressured into eating bacon... *hangs head in slightly delighted shame*

04/18/2011 10:25 #54082

Category: cooking
I love watching the cooking shows on PBS Saturdays. I know I should probably be productive but I learn so much by watching these guys. It also usually inspires me as to what I'm going to cook that week.

One of my favorites is "Avec Eric" which is Eric Ripert's cooking show. He usually has a couple of segments one usually is him either with a farmer, cultivator or artisan of some sort and the other he cooks something. Frequently his preparations use expensive ingredients, which most cooking shows do, and last week was no exception. On this particular episode he made Paella. I had never made it prior to last week and never realized how easy it is. It is however pretty freaking expensive given the price of seafood and saffron, but totally worth it for a special occasion.

I more or less followed his recipe but deviated a little bit.
I didn't use authentic bomba rice, not only because I haven't a clue as to where to procure that in Buffalo but because frankly I doubt I would notice a difference from any quality short grain rice that is available to me anyway. If I made it again I would definitely not even bother with the saffron at all. I don't really see what people love about saffron. It has a strange plastic taste to me. Considering the cost I don't really see any reason to use it ever again. I also think it would taste a little better if I had used homemade chicken stock, but I can't be bothered to boil chicken bones constantly.

I would like to make it for a large group and think it would be so much cooler if it were cooked over and open flame. Totally a dinner for company you want to impress with your cooking skills. Anyway here is the final result:

jason - 04/19/11 09:40
This entry is right in my wheelhouse. I also love PBS on Saturdays although I haven't seen Avec Eric yet. Would love to check out his restaurant one day. Also agree that Paella is most fun outdoors, with friends. Lastly, I don't get saffron either. Ain't all that.
terry - 04/18/11 15:54
That looks absolutely fabulous. Way to go!
leetee - 04/18/11 11:12
i heart Eric Ripert!

Oh, and your dish looks very pretty! :D
jbeatty - 04/18/11 11:00
I used Saffron from Spain. This recipe called for 1/2 Tbsp of saffron. Probably way too much in retrospect. I have always wanted to try Iranian Saffron because it is also supposed to be great. But I was a little turned off by Saffron in general after this. The white shell around the outside are little neck clams and the black ones on the inside are mussels. This is the recipe I used: :::link:::
tinypliny - 04/18/11 10:34
Are those shells seafood of some kind? What was the recipe?
tinypliny - 04/18/11 10:32
Saffron from Kashmir is the best spice ever. You only need 3-4 strands for the entire dish like that. Are you sure you didn't use too much. The power of saffron lies in how subtle its taste it.. I love saffron milk where you just put in 1-2 strands in boiling milk, add some honey and black pepper and drink it. :)

03/19/2011 22:21 #53875

Cost of War
According to the Navy, each Tomahawk missile costs $569,000. So we just shot 110 of these at Libya because our our president heard that their president had a bigger dick than his. I'll bet I could find a much better use for $62 million.
paul - 03/21/11 02:15
That kills me. This is exactly how we transfer tax money to the rich military companies. Imagine how exciting the sound of bombs are when you get a half million for each one.
james - 03/20/11 15:37
NPR receives about 3 million a year in federal grants...
metalpeter - 03/20/11 10:06
Like the George Carlin Reference ........................
tinypliny - 03/20/11 00:22
I bet that is just 1/10th of what they are actually spending.

03/15/2011 19:43 #53835

What would I buy if someone gave me $150
Category: paul's idea
I would get a babysitter and buy two tickets to this

tix = $50.00
babysitter = $50.00

I guess with the remaining $50.00 I would buy a bottle of Champagne and celebrate that someone gave me $150.00

03/15/2011 08:27 #53830

A reason I love Buffalo
The biggest reason I love Buffalo is the most major things in my life have happened here.

-I was born here
-I met my wife here
-I was married here
-I earned my bachelors degree here
-My child was conceived and born here

It's kinda crazy that all of these things happened to me and I have lived here less than 5 years. Not consecutively obviously. Buffalo will always hold a special place in my heart.

Honorable mention:
-Sponge Candy
-Bistro Europa
-Blue Monk
-Walking distance to Canada
-Really cool buildings and mansions
-Bidwell Market
-Good wings everywhere
-Crazy Parades
-Free Concerts
-Paula's Donuts
-CEPA Art Gallery
-Traffic Circles

I guess that was reasons instead of reason.

tinypliny - 03/15/11 23:07
I had one of Paula's doughnuts for the first time last week. One of my officemates brought it in. They were pretty good, but I am not a good judge of sweet things. I don't like sweet things much to begin with and I have to admit the doughnut was a sugar overload.
drew - 03/15/11 20:31
Great post. I agree with all the honorable mentions.
metalpeter - 03/15/11 17:23
I have seen some Press on Paula's Donuts and they look great ......

Still somehow never been to CEPA not sure where downtown it really is

Canada can be walked to not that I have ever done it.....
paul - 03/15/11 13:10
I have not tried Paula's donuts yet. I guess I have got to get down there as all the other things are on my list.