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07/02/2006 17:14 #20688

"Music on Elmwood"
An interesting free concert series has been scheduled this summer by the "Music on Elmwood" group.

All concerts are from 7:00 - 9:00 PM in the park at the intersection of Elmwood and Bidwell Parkway.

Wednesday, July 5 The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

Tuesday, July 11 Outer Circle Orchestra

Tuesday, July 18 The Latin Jazz Project

Tuesday, July 25 Neville Francis & the Riddim Posse

06/23/2006 20:13 #20687

Thank you
Thank you...




Ride for Roswell

06/22/2006 18:06 #20686

Please help....The Ride for Roswell
Hi Everyone!
So this Saturday is the Ride for Roswell, a bike ride fundraiser in order to raise money for Roswell Park Cancer Institute. My family and I have participated in the event ever since the first ride...about 10 or 11 years.

There are over 3,000 riders registered, and Roswell Park hopes to raise 1 Million dollars for cancer research. As a researcher at Roswell, I know the money that it takes to perform experiments as well as the need for more research projects to help the patients.

In order to ride you have to raise $100, which I have done (thanks to my generous family and friends!)

However, my boyfriend, Nick, needs some help raising money for Roswell. If you could possibly donate for Roswell Park Cancer Institute your money will be going to one of the best causes in Buffalo and towards fighting off the now number one killer in the United States, cancer.

Here is the link. Any amount ($5, $10...) will help!

Thank you in Advance for your Support in this great cause!
mrdt - 06/22/06 22:17
I pledge you if you pledge me.

I already have way more than enough. I announced that I was doing it before one of my classes and everybody has been coming up to me lately offering help. I also walked into two of the former restaurants that I worked at and experienced the same phenomenom - everybody wants to's for cancer research...go stand in front of a bank in Amherst on Friday for an hour or so.

09/19/2005 12:22 #20685

oh so long
Wow. it really has been forever since i have posted anything. I think the reason is that I don't have that much time anymore to keep reading the site so i feel outta the loop and just forget to post.

Ok well not that much stuff has happened to me. I'm officially in grad school and currently interviewing for lab positions to start my masters research at Roswell. Hopefully then I'll make enough to quit old navy because that would be awesome. The classes are ok. Most are pretty hard and there is so much information to know. Like every class you get a hangout a few hundred pages long that you have to know and understand. I have a test next Tuesday so I am a little freaked out about that... probably should start studying soon.

Oh so listen to this. At Roswell we were in this huge lecture room for a oncology seminar and im in like the back row before a walkway that is behind me. So all of a sudden I hear this huge crash and like jump because it really just sounded like something almost fell on my head. Well the doctor lecturing stops the whole lecture to see if i am ok and what happened. Turns out like the huge like bulb from a ceiling light fell from the socket and smashed like right behind my head. Then all these security people had to come in and keep interupting the seminar to ask me if i was ok and if they needed to fill out an incident report. How embarrassing is that because like everyone in the lecture hall was looking haha. That seriously could only happen to me!...but at least it didn't hit me.

Other news is that on thursday to friday i am working 10pm til 5am at work. Its their inventory night. They have these about three times a year. However, the my friend the manager that left for a different store and who i miss soooo much was the only person that used to run them so i was pretty curious about who would be taking his place. Well inventories are a pain so when i was asked to sign up i said no. Then the one manager (who knew how close the manager that left and i were) said that if it was any incentive to me to sign up she just wanted me to know that my friend the manager was going to come back and run our inventory. I was like hmmm let me think for not even a second. sign me up! so now im really excited we get to hang out for an evening and catch up. It seems like its been soo long. And like other people are talking about getting massive amounts of coffee and how it will be so hard to stay up...but i mean its only 5am. I'm usually up til like 4am daily. haha.

ok well thats about it except for some other stuff that everyone that needs to know knows about and i probably should type. but its also been a rough week though with family stuff and my dog crinkles gettin a little sick and other stuff so im lookin for a better week this week!

see ya!

08/31/2005 01:28 #20684

i just want to wish (e:mike) a...

[size=l]HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY WALABOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/size]

see ya at the party for some crazy fun....and now get drinking!!!

love ya!