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02/04/2008 02:02 #43170

U2 3D
Category: awesome

Feb 15, 2008 at the Transit Regal Imax experience U2 in 3D!

Love it, MrDT

05/10/2007 23:55 #39231

first mobile post
What do you mean the red pearl lacks a2dp for the blue tooth stereo headphones you sold me?

With all that research how did I miss that?


Love, MrDT
paul - 05/11/07 11:16
That sucks. It seems like no matter how much I research any mobile device each one has some caveat as to why it isn't perfect.

Here is to hoping the iphone will be everything I ever dreams it would.

01/30/2007 22:34 #37932

Plenty of Blank Space to Fill
Damn this user sound is hot...I totally forgot I loaded it like 4-5 months ago.

So what's up peeps??? Miss me???

Oh well. But anyway, I'm sittin's hear bored out of my mind at a Residence Inn in Pittsburgh-Robinson for the next three months or so training to open a new restaurant concept at the Galleria. Everythings going as planned...what can I say? I got mad skillz. The only problem is I'm starting to out shine all of the senior managers in my store, who are also hear training, and I have this feelin' that the knives are about to start flying. Kind of makes me nervous but I guess this is just business as usual.

I have to mention that I succeeded again getting back into to shape. It took about three months longer than I thougt it would but I finally got down to about 10.5% bodyfat at 165 healthy #'s. In the words of Hannibel Smith, "I love it when a plan comes together!"

I don't know what else to say. My ADD just kicks in and I feel like doing something else.

I have some homework to do for this place but in the meantime I hope I can connect again and report some of my interesting training.

Hope everybody is doing well, I'll just be chillin' in Pittsburgh for a couple months.

Love, MrDT

theecarey - 01/31/07 10:15
Senior Managers should be thrilled to have someone with such talent on their staff. I want to see those mad skillz of yours when you get back to B-Lo.
uncutsaniflush - 01/30/07 23:37
I reckon you are training at one of the restaurants in or around the Robinson Town Center or the Mall at Robinson. But as always, I could be wrong.

Welcome back. You must be bored if you are posting here. From what I remember of my time in the Robinson area, there ain't a hell of a lot to do except get draft beer to go and hang out at a parking lot after the stores were closed. Unless, of course, you want to drive into Pittsburgh and hang out in a more interesting neighborhood with more interesting people.

10/02/2006 02:28 #29433

No Update or Apologies
Category: hereiam

What's up fart knockers???


love, MrDT

08/25/2006 00:13 #29432

Ripping the Tube
Category: smoke

I hate cops.....

Dear piggies:

You know where you can stick this seatbelt ticket???

You fuckers can't catch that guy runnin around Ransomville??? But you can take the time to set up a road block with 10 officers and cars to print tickets for "people who don't have their babies strapped in right."

I doubt your whole "spotter" defense will hold up in court.

Thanks for wasting my time today and in the neat future...I will be expecting a properly written supporting deposition within the time constraints dictated by the law. So have fun filling it out. And I'll see you soon!!!!

You fuckers...

Love, MrDT

***Middle Finger!!!!***