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04/26/2007 19:52 #39057

What a mom!
Just found this too cute not to share:
Sai Mai, a 26-month old female tiger, plays with baby pigs at a zoo in Chonburi, 80 km east of Bangkok. The Royal Bengali tigress was born in captivity and breast-fed by a female pig for four months after her birth.
These pictures were posed by a veterinarian who works at the zoo who said that when this tiger gave birth to her cubs, they were born dead. She was so depressed that the zoo gave her piglets to raise instead!!! Enjoy.




My favorite!
metalpeter - 04/27/07 18:56
Great Tiger pictures. I wonder what would happen to those pigs if they weren't dressed up as little tigers. I think they would be ok. I have no proff but I think that when one animal is raised by another that isn't its own kind then that same animal will get along with other animals that are the same type that raised it. Kinda like in that ice age movie where the mamoth was living in a tree.
jenks - 04/27/07 05:52
heehee! I love their little tiger outfits!
deeglam - 04/26/07 23:38
i love these pics....someone showed them to me a few weeks ago. ADORABLE.
theecarey - 04/26/07 22:13
aweeee! momma looks sooo happy with her 'litter'
mike - 04/26/07 20:03
OMG that is too freakin cute! I love that they put little tiger outfits on them!

11/01/2006 20:06 #20690

Pumpkins and Spooks
Category: halloween
I love carving Halloween Pumpkins. I went to a pumpkin patch in the pouring rain with my boyfriend and got tons. Thought I would share the finished version. They were taken with my camera phone so hopefully they will turn out...

A cat, witch, Frankenstein and skeleton dancing in case you couldn't tell. It took forever to carve!

A raccoon popping out of a personal favorite

My boyfriends attempt at a scary pumpkin.

Oh so in the Halloween spirit I braved my very first haunted house... yes, i know who hasn't been to a haunted house before...but, I haven't. I'm a huge baby and that stuff scares me but my friends Katrina and Craig and my boyfriend Nick really wanted to go. And, since the corn maize on Niagara falls boulevard that we always go to was closed down from the october storm, we were left with nothing else to go. So we went to the only more reasonably priced house we could find. it was on George urban and dick and we did the house of horrors for $10. We could of done another house for just $5 but I knew I would be too exhausted from all the scares from the first one. Ok well I made it though the took like 45 minutes! and yes, i was scared. everyone else said it wasn't a bad one...but once again, I am a baby. haha. who really enjoys being chased by chain saw and having people pop out at ya?! ok ok ill admit. sometimes i did have my eyes closed. I'm not cut all for all the spooks. I think next year ill just stick to dressing up and carving pumpkins!

Happy Halloween everyone!

ingrid - 03/05/07 01:35
OMG! Amanda! I didn't know you were on this site!! HI!! :)
mike - 11/01/06 22:24
OMG those are some crazy pumpkin carvings. Mine always end up just being like big holes in the sides of pumpkins. Thought I did a masterful Golden Girls one year!

09/29/2006 19:49 #20689

Question(s) for Paul

I have two questions on which you may be able to help me out with:

First, while I was online yesterday night from my home computer, the font on certain websites was really small, maybe like a 5 point where i can't read them. But, this is only on some websites and not all the font on the whole page is small. For example, on elmwoodstrip the read the latest list was really small but the rest of of beginning page was large; however, when I tried to click on a journal to read it, the font all was very small. Any ideas on what happened or how to fix that? I tried to do a system restart to two days ago but that did not work

Secondly, my roswell email account will not let me in. This afternoon at around 4pm I tried to login and I entered in my username and password and it made me do it three times before saying that my access is denied. I am expecting an email which I needed by saturday and don't know what is wrong. Do you have any ideas??

Thanks so much for reading this and trying to help me out!!!
paul - 09/29/06 20:54
For your email you need to call the helpdesk.

For the font size I bet your default font size is changed. Many of the fonts on web sites are proportional to your default font size, that way blind people can make fonts bigger and people who want to see more can make them smaller.

On firefox, view menu - text size - normal . I am not sure where it is on IE but prob in the view menu.

07/02/2006 17:14 #20688

"Music on Elmwood"
An interesting free concert series has been scheduled this summer by the "Music on Elmwood" group.

All concerts are from 7:00 - 9:00 PM in the park at the intersection of Elmwood and Bidwell Parkway.

Wednesday, July 5 The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

Tuesday, July 11 Outer Circle Orchestra

Tuesday, July 18 The Latin Jazz Project

Tuesday, July 25 Neville Francis & the Riddim Posse

06/23/2006 20:13 #20687

Thank you
Thank you...




Ride for Roswell