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08/12/2005 00:08 #20681

Ever have one of those weeks that's just terrible and your like "phew, glad to have that one behind me" ?

well..that's kinda how i feel as its been a rollercoaster of emotions this week...only i know its not really behind me..just a temporary postponement of the inevitable.

i guess that's expected, but it always suprises me how like when you know something for certain will occur sooner or later and then when it does you are shocked. just goes to show you how some things will never be easy to accept regardless of how much notice or preparation you are given.

oh well time to make the best of it and enjoy every moment we have left.
did i mention i looove my baby crinkles yet?

oh and im leavin for Miami with (e:julie) in a day. im driving down with her and then flyin back up after...although im not sure when im coming back.
so no suprises while im done
everyone just stay put!

see ya when i return everyone!

mike - 08/12/05 00:08
HAve a good and fun trip~ I'll miss you! We'll have to do some super veggie pitas when you get back. Like the day you get back cuz i need one hardcore!

08/04/2005 16:40 #20680

Immunonlgy it is!
ok so i know this post may be a tad boring because I don't have any illustrations for it.... but i just thought everyone would be happy to know that I have made some progress in figuring out which area i would like to specialize in for my masters and for my research at Roswell that both start at the end of august.

I couldn't decide for the longest time and had to have a tentative course plan for the next year and a half submitted by aug 5th -so the pressure was on. Finally a few days ago after spending countless hours researching the different areas, i decided to go back to one of the classes i found the most interesting...immunology.

i love it and all the classes about it! so how can i go wrong? right? its just so hard to decide because pharmacology as well as molecular biology are both good as well. Ok well i do feel a lot better now that i have that half figured out. Now i just need to decide which lab i want to do the research in...and hopefully there will be a part time job involved with that as well. :) starting new stuff is always a little scary.

oh and i also love how i always seem to be posting at like 3am....i guess i just am usually getting home then or just get broed then haha

metalpeter - 08/04/05 16:40
They do have solved half of the allergie problem. I forget what they do with the cats that make people unaleric to them but they are verry expensive. But it would be cool if they came out with a medicine that people could take so that we don't have to alter cats.
paul - 08/04/05 10:53
That's awesome, maybe you can become famous for solving my cat alergie problem while you are at it!
julie - 08/04/05 09:14
ok, good choice... i woulda picked the same thing!!!
joshua - 08/04/05 02:25
A friend of mine is at Roswell doing research. At least last I checked. He was enrolled at UB for a Ph.D in um... Medicinal Chemistry I think?

Anyhow good luck, although I'm sure you won't need it. :)

08/02/2005 03:22 #20679

Julie made me nose pants!!!
Ok, so i've been meaning to get these pictures up for a while but didn't get around to it. For my graduation present (e:julie) sewed me pajama pants. Its a long story i guess how she picked that as my grad present...but i did pick out the fabric and as soon as i saw those big dog noses all over the place i loved em -as everyone who knows me knows i love dog noses! haha. so cute! But yeah they turned out better than i ever expected. They are a little big so sometimes they fall down, but i think i have finally been able to tie the string tight enough to prevent that. Only sad part is i sat kinda funny in them and sorta tore a small they are currently being repaired by (e:julie). ah, but boy do i miss my pants!

Here is a close up pic of the fabric and those beautiful noses!


And here I am after waking up after a fun night out at my favorite Monday bar haha
(e:julie) crashed on my floor and was able to take the pic right when i got up. stunning, i know ;-)


Oh and the (e:strip) party sat night was very cool. i'm sure the videotape (e:mike), (e:maureen), (e:julie) and i took is sure to be very amusing. It was also cool to see some people from the site...although i must admit i am terrible with matching user pics up with real people, so most likely i failed to make the connection between the people at the party and which journal they are...oh well there's always next time right? maybe some name tags would help with ur journal names haha.

Also, i'm a little stressed out right now because i have to plan out the next two years of my grad school as well as which laboratory i will be doing my masters degree research in. the form has to get to them by aug 5th so that means i only have like another day left to plan everything out. hopefully ill decide soon and be happy with the choices.

ok im off to sleep.
have a good night/day!

07/10/2005 01:24 #20678

Christmas in July?
Ok so now that i have this picture situation figured out i guess i can start putting in some pics. It makes these journal entries so much more interesting if there are pictures and not just random my previous entry... haha thanks (e:julie) for making me sound completely crazy. i should learn not to let people write me entries...haha but it was funny...and mostly semi true.

ok now onto some pics... so what better time to post Christmas pictures than July... right? well, i guess it really can be a sort of Christmas in July...

here is my baby crinkles sleeping by the presents and waiting for us to wake up to open them. she absolutely loooves Christmas and gets so excited when she even sees the box of decorations being brought up from downstairs.


and here is a picture of me and my brother Andrew in our house on Christmas...


In other news:
-my birthday was great. thanks to all those who came out to celebrate with me... esp. the people on this website (e:mike) and (e:julie).
(e:julie) thanks for sneeking out and braving the buffalo dangers as well as some angry parents.
(e:mike) thanks for the cake, beer and card. it was really nice of you :-) and im glad as ,least one of us has parts of the night that you can't remember...including how u got into ur pajamas haha oops

-on a sadder note, my manager/ friend at work is leaving. I've been really sad about this for a week now. its hard when you have become pretty close and have worked together for 3 years. he got promoted to be the general manager...but the store is in rochester. hopefully we will still talk but its hard because while we are close at work and basically talk about everything, we are at completely different points in our lives and i worry that this is it.

-oh but i got this awesome smoothie maker from katrina for my b-day. yesterday we went rowing on the man made lake by her house and made some amazing mango rum and strawberry smoothies!

- and i'm going to the taste of buffalo on sunday with (e:julie) and maybe (e:mike) if he is able to digest all the food he ate there from sat. I just wish all those samples weren't so expensive...but i guess there isn't that much out there that i can eat since im a vegetarian but still i always seem to run out of tickets! haha

ok, have a fun day everyone!

07/04/2005 03:13 #20677

Amanda's 4:00 am rambles
Florence is sleeping right now, but i can't wait for her to wake up tomorrow morning because i just got these new plastic underwater plants for her tank. I know she is going to love them!

and crinkles smells so good right now. She had been a bit stinky for a while, but she got a bath this morning and now she is soo fluffy and cute. In fact, i was at a certain store this evening (store to be left unnamed) but there was a pillow there that that felt just like her. there werent any in white, but there was a beige one that looked a little like her. it was so soft. it would have been like i was sleeping, all cuddled up with her. oh, I Loooooove Crinkles!

and tonight i got my pants sized. (e:julie) is sewing me a pair of pajama pants as a graduation present. she's a little late, but better late than never. the pants are going to have all these noses all over them. the best kind of noses, Big Wet Dog Noses! I Looove Noses.

And i had a "first" a few weeks ago. I was at a graduation party out in hamburg when it happened. I was in a DWI accident! it was a hit and run. I was in a car when the drunken driver backed into an innocent parked car. luckily there was no damage to the other car, but there were scratches on the guilty party's car. (no names have been named to protect the guilty)

and there is a new flotation device in my pool, and it's filled with water! how weird is that? so instead of the wings (arm floaties) we can use this. so if anyone is going to come over to go swimming, you better do it within the next two weeks because i'm not going to insert "things" any more just to swim. it's too stressful just for a little pool fun.

and in my search to find a boyfriend, i came to the conclusion that if i got the following pickup line in a grocery store, i would definitely accept and probably even marry the guy who said it.
guy to me: "hey, would you mind helping me find something?"
me to him: "sure, i guess, what do you need help with?"
him to me: "well i'm looking for a girlfriend?"
me to him: <chuckle> "right here, baby!"
<then we run off into the sunset and live happily ever after>

so if you see me in the supermarket, now you know what to do!
julie - 07/04/05 03:13
OH MY GOD!!! you dream of meeting a guy in the supermarket too???