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10/29/05 06:36 - 50ºF - ID#36380

Cold as a Republican infront a Shelter

I helped to get someone fired.

I don't take pleasure in this. I did not experience the sort of Schadenfreude normaly experienced by cats with baby mice on their claws. Though, I certanitly could have. The employee in question was completly terrable and was dragging the hard work of others down in her vortex of uncleanliness! Filth has a gravety roughly equil to a medium sized black hole: all light which passes by it is sucked down a tortuous tube of rotting vegtables, vermiculaited apples, and tomatoes with maggots popping out like hungry chicks. This person, deserved everything they got. Alright, I lied, I did take some pleasure in knowing that anyone with no qualifications would be better.

then, they come in for their last pay check.

Oh, the sob stories! Unemployment... no! too dignified (not too dignified to wear deoderant though) There would be no checks from uncle sam (himself a dead beat dad) . She, is a woman. In all the negative sense of the word. She complained, and whined. She was everything about her gender's stereotype that anoys me. Give me those bawdy femminists or lipsticky fems anyday! Just not all the worst of a charecture I would see in the New Yorker 70 years ago. (Oh, talk of the new woman gets me all squishy!)

then I realise, it is Christmas soon. And the Christian holiday makes many a person temporarily employed. Wal-mart... it is a fate that is fitting for a Buffalo import I would sooner see in Detroit.

On a lighter, cleanlier note. I look foward to the party this evening and thank you all in advance for the fantastical time that is sure to ensue.

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10/24/05 11:31 - 42ºF - ID#36379

The bakery fresh scent of racism

The artvoice...

It was so refreshing to see that they were not complaining about the president or his cronies on their cover two issues in a row! Now, I am a commie pinko liberal femminist and all, but they really should change the name of that rag to "the bitchy liberal voice" because really, their art journalism is pretty dodgy. It isn't like the have relevent, hard hitting stories that need to get told the only way art voice can!
But, there was a fantastic article about how the food coop is supporting bigotry in a myriad of forms. Up, that delicious whole wheat bread you buy is made from white supremicists! No wonder it tasted so delicious! And whole wheat too! Their bread is brown but their politics are white, not the other reversed in some squishy Richard Rodriguez kind of way.
Well, I would say you should buy your yummy bread from Feel-Rite, but that chain is owned by a closet case republican millionare. At least these supermisists are poor bakers with no clout.

all done
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10/21/05 12:25 - 50ºF - ID#36378

Delaware ave

woo hoo!

They are nearly done repaving Daleware ave! Which means about ten hours a week saved from my commute to work, several thousand obcenities spouted, and a cagilion headaches from banging my head on the stearing wheel. I am so glad I live in the rich white part of town and not the dirty poor black neighborhood where pot holes the size of an inept city coucilman are common.
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