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02/22/2010 15:15 #51060

I suppose that this entry is kind of in conjunction with my last because lately I have been thinking a lot about self-discipline and the ability to regularly make the choices that make you proud of your actions at the end of the day.

Why is it that we find it so difficult not to engage in activities that provide immediate pleasure, i.e. eating, drinking, etc or on the other hand motivate ourself to do the things that make us feel healthy and good, i.e. exercise?

I suppose this is something that I have always had quite an interest in and think that I really quite enjoy exercising control over my actions so that I regularly just do those things that you always wish you had the motivation to force yourself to do (or not).

I have to say that lately I've really been quite good at controlling myself but find it really intriguing why we have such difficulty with this as humans? I mean, I think we all go through phases where its easier or harder to exercise this restraint and control.

This past weekend I managed to go to a bar on both Friday and Saturday without having a single drink! I can't remember the last time I did that and it felt so good and inspiring! That is probably also a really sad/pathetic statement!

Everyone certainly has their vice(s) and we judge others for their inability to engage or disengage in whatever behavior. Although different behaviors create varying degrees of negative consequences, I see our struggles as all the same when it comes to struggling against ourself - that feeling of temptation is universal regardless of the consequences. Even if the stakes are high, that doesn't necessarily mean that the feeling of temptation becomes easier to resolve within yourself, which can be really unfortunate!

PS. My writing is quite jumbled but I hope the point is understandable.
metalpeter - 02/22/10 18:34
Well I think that part of the thing with Eating and not other Temptations is an American Thing. It used to be back in "The Indian Days" that they would kill an animal do a prayer thanking the gods for the meal and that they aren't the ones being eaten and use all the meat and then use the skin for clothes and things like that. But Us Americans would ride on trains and shoot Buffalos (Have heard that there is no such real thing as buffalo that they are really bison but not sure about that) for sport. For Americans food is about enjoyment. Think about how many families at Christmas and Thanksgiving have a feast. Often there is an entire thing of eating at sporting events and concerts and the movies. I have heard that a great place for a date is to go out to dinner. Yes it is a good way to see manors and to talk with out talking being the only thing. There is often alcohol invovled. Again this goes back to the fact that food is for enjoyment.

Not sure how your school was but think back to lunch time. Wheren't the kids who brought a lunch and have stuff like pudding the envy of the class? Some people even planned out lunch based on what was being served.

But there is another factor and that is instant gratifiction. It had become an on demand world. Hey a movie comes out with in a week there is a bootleg out on the street. You wana watch two Ti lady boys you don't have to go find a video store and ask and feel silly you can just download it and enjoy. I think a lot of this was driven by the fast food industry, I mean that is the entire point. If you want you don't even have to get out of your car. Can you go through a drive through on a bicycle?

In terms of exercise, I get why a lot of people don't do it. It is a pain. You have to change into work out clothes, oh yeah that means you need to buy work out clothes. You need the time. You need to get to place (assume a gym). Plus it is hard work, and the machines are gross and you don't know what you are doinng, and some people hurt them selves. Thinking running and high impact stuff. Plus it adds another shower to the day. Or it means you have to wake up early. AFter work no one wants to work out they have enough to do.......

01/09/2010 04:01 #50776

New Year's Resolutions...
I don't think that I always make up New Year's Resolutions and sometimes when I make them up, I actually follow through. Like the one year I decided that I would go to bed earlier so that I would regularly get enough sleep - I am still doing that! I am trying to remember other Resolutions but that is the only one that comes to mind. I guess its good that I think I have such an awesome track record, that should be helpful for this year's endeavors...

So this year is going to be a general one - ]"Self Discipline". I suppose that really covers all Resolutions, now doesn't it? We want that little voice in our head that tells us what we really should be doing to get bigger and louder. Or perhaps that's just the crazy voices that I hear? - haha!

I have to say that I am fairly good in the exercise department as I mostly walk/run to work when I can (usually approximately 40 miles per week) but am not going to be hard on myself as the snow in Edinburgh has been unreal, nothing like they've seen in 40+ yrs. It doesn't look like that is clearing up anytime soon but when it does, I'll be back motivated cause I really love running/walking; most of the time it really beats public transportation.

So the Part I is really eating! I think that I eat fairly healthy but need to get better about my portions at dinner and not overeating on a Sunday night but rather starting the week out right and wake up feeling skinny on a Monday.

Part II - Drinking! This has somehow become an essential part of my weekends, I suppose that's a natural danger of living in Scotland when EVERYONE drinks and its difficult to find other activities outside of the house at night time. And spend more weekends in reading and perhaps learning to play the guitar? I would like to drink less and especially in moderation with less binging. Maybe binging every six weeks? As opposed to weekly. Gosh, that is terrible!

Part III - Toning! I want to get toned up, just a bit. I want to lift weights twice a week. Nothing serious, I just don't want to have pussycat arms anymore.

Part IV - Activities! I want to take part in a few more activites, i.e. meditation and/or hill walking with the local club. Build my vocabulary, etc.

I suppose the list really could just go on and on. If I can just become more disciplined and spend less time nursing hangovers while overeating/watching TV and feeling fit over the next year I think I'd be satisfied :-)

libertad - 01/10/10 10:53
Pussycat arms! That is hilarious.

12/03/2009 17:11 #50451

The usual birthday shenanigans
So I don't know why I don't change my attitude towards my birthday?

I mean every year I think its going to be something huge, and even this year I decided I wasn't going to make it something big and its still disappointing. I always feel guilty not inviting someone (or I just really want to invite someone) and that leads to three other invitations and then none of those people show up!

I think that I just need to decide to be really exclusive so I don't have to feel ditched!?! Or maybe I should just celebrate in February when there is nothing to do and life is dull so people are more motivated to hang out with me???

Any suggestions???
tinypliny - 12/07/09 00:17
Aren't you the one in Scotland. If you would be so kind to pay airfare, I would love to be invited.

12/03/2009 17:05 #50450

YES Woman!
So the other day I was talking to my mom and she put me on call waiting while she talked to her sister. She came back and said that she agreed to go out with her sisters although didn't really feel like it. She decided to go out because she saw "Yes Man" and found truth in the idea that if you said 'yes' to everything that you would be less depressed.

I guess my mom is generally a depressive type person but I would say that is because she is constantly empathetic with the negative side of human existence.

It has really stuck with me that this movie has been so influential in my mom's life - I mean if such a movie could do this for her, could you imagine if she just surrounded herself with positive things?

Who would think that such a crap movie (though I never saw the whole thing) could be so positive?
metalpeter - 12/05/09 19:23
I saw the movie and thought it was funny. This so a spoiler, so don't read on if you don't want to know this. It turns out that saying yes to everything is just the 1st step. Then You learn that if you really don't want to do something you can say no. The point is that you aren't supposed to make excuses, that you are supposed to think about things and have an open mind. Hey it is good to see that, that movie can inspire some people.

08/24/2009 15:33 #49621

Energy Saving Trust - Week one
So I got a job with Energy Saving Trust and I really couldn't be happier except if it was closer to my home. For you Buffalonians this won't seem far, but its 5.5 miles from my home. In real terms this means 1.5 hr walk, 1 hr run, 1 hr on a bus or 45 minutes if Hamish picks me up.

Also, 9-5:30 is quite long and ends up about a 12 hr day :-(

Everyone is so extremely nice! This is the first that I have found so many people in one place that seem so normal and nice!

Right now I am doing a lot of basic adminy work but eventually I will be able to approve or reject applications for loans and grants which is funded by the government (although this is a non-for-profit organisation). It is nice to have a job that I believe in and that I am helping to make the world a bit greener. Granted anyone could do my job and its not the skills that I bring but rather that I get to be a part of something positive for the environment which is something that has always meant a lot to me.

Not to dismiss my last entry...because I definitely still plan on becoming a teacher but this is happy times while I wait to be able to return back to school.

There was a work night out on Friday and I unfortunatley got too drunk, I don't know why I always do that with new work people. I feel that some of the highlights included this guy who called my boss a minion (which my boss is totally cool and told me on my first day that its totally cool if I am late and is also letting me get paid for not working this Friday despite that fact that we are to be "working from home" as my office is moving down a floor). So yea, this guy was talking crap about my boss and saying how when he worked in London this chick was really mean to him because he had turned her down for sex - some how I do question this.

I also got in a bit of a funny tiff with one of the manager's at my work, not one of mine - just a head of another department. He is just as new as me. He kept making fun of my height and I kept calling him a horrible wingman because I thought he pointed out how much the other guy liked this girl but then it turns out it wasn't the girl that I thought he was talking about and then I think I almost gave the other guy away after claiming myself to be the best wingman. Not sure if that makes sense at all?

I also think that I might have creeped out a couple of the girls in the office that I really like by going on about how nice and awesome they are. Yes, perhaps coming on a little strong for my first week of work. Oh well, I always seem to battle my weirdness/awkwardness. Perhaps eventually they will find it charming, that is really the only hope I have :-)

I also got gossip about when I interviewed which is always good info to know what people thought of you upon first impressions!

I did actually make a couple of friends as well!

So overall I am really happy with my new place but hope that I am less drunk next time. Round two is this Thursday! TBC...
libertad - 08/25/09 09:57
That's awesome! It sounds like such a great place.