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12/22/2019 22:16 #60799

I'm the top
It's been a long time but I wanted to be the most recent post. I'm the OG of the e.
joe - 12/22/19 22:24
New years resolution to top (e:strip)?

10/06/2018 23:48 #60786

This is us


10/06/2018 23:47 #60785

This is 2018


10/18/2016 21:44 #60694

Getting Rid of Clothes
I have a real hard time getting rid of clothes. One I have gained enough weight in the last few years that some are probably never going to fit again so it is time to say goodbye. But also, some things I just never wear and should get rid of. ALl my drawers in both dressers, and a big plastic tote and my closet and the shelves in my closet (and a few things in the back closet) are all full. And I like to buy stuff so I need to get rid of some to make room.

Anywho, I have such emotional attachment to clothing (and knick knacks.....and shoes....and cards....and candy....and dust........ok maybe not dust but just about everything else). I remember when I wore a shirt or pair of pants and what I did in them and I just cannot part with them. It is weird, I am not sure why but with t shirts in particular the feelings are very strong. Really what happens is they only things I can end up getting rid of are things I barely ever wore because I didn't really love them inthe first place. Some tshirts did finally get downgraded from the wear them drawer to the cram them in because I can't part with them drawer.

ANywho times two, I got rid of the most clothes I have ever probably gotten rid of at one time. well technically I did not get rid of them yet, they are in a "i'm going to get rid of them pile".

I'll share the safe for work photo of the clothes. I accidentally sent Dave a NSFW photo of the clothes I was getting rid of that he ironically opened at work... darn mirrors.

ExBuffalonian - 10/25/16 13:20
I can relate to this. I'm all about recycling, reusing, etc. so when I need to get rid of clothes, it's a little tough for me. Not so much that I think I'll miss something that much; it's more that I don't like the idea of someone else, some stranger, wearing something I used to love. Clothes are very personal for some people, I suppose.
mike - 10/19/16 23:30
haha not as suggestive as the log but more revealing
joe - 10/19/16 13:54
Post the mirror pic, get a scandal going.

It can't be worse than the pic of me on the log.

09/24/2016 20:01 #60662

90's Movies
I'm going to try and get back into 90's movies, I mean (e:strip). I am going to try and get back into (e:strip). I love 90's movies and they just don't make movies like romcom or not even that but just fun movies with fun musical numbers anymore. Thanks to youtube I can watch all of them from all the movies in a row:

My Best Friend's Wedding. This is prob #1. I was hoping it would happen at my rehearsal dinner..

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Hocus Pocus

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