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05/03/2010 13:44 #51497

70 and foggy is apocalyptic weather.


04/30/2010 10:12 #51477

Electron Boy save Seattle!
The Make-A-Wish foundation gave a child with cancer his wish: to be a superhero. Hundreds of volunteers helped out to let Electron Boy save Seattle from the evil Dr.Dark and Blackout Boy.

Such an awesome story:

04/09/2010 13:02 #51356

This is the most METAL metal band to grace Odin's hall.

Hevisaurus is a an all-dinosaur metal band you could take your kids to see. You may also bring your Furry friends.

metalpeter - 04/09/10 19:44
I have seen these same Dinosaurs someplace other then in this band. The Guitar is pretty good. But I feel ripped off that then she wakes up so it was just a dream. I think a cool way to end the video is that the little girl gets eaten and then as the music is still playing in bold letters comes up no real children where harmed in the filming of this reenactment of real events. Of course I don't know what the words to to song mean or how they would translate so maybe that wouldn't fit the song.

04/04/2010 13:54 #51328

All the Passion of Christ without all that blood and gore.

03/24/2010 15:36 #51258

Dead Puppy crosspost
I was whistling this song all day so I decided to listen to it. And, oh sweet god, adorable youtube video of sleeping/dead puppies!