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01/12/2010 12:37 #50803

40 freaking years & more
So, this Valentine's Day is my parents' 40th wedding anniversary. Yes, Valentines Day, ain't that cute. Which blows my mind. Being that I haven't even been alive for 40 years, it's insane to me to think about having a relationship that would last that long. They've earned it, though, that's for sure. Many difficult times they've had, both on their own, and certainly dealing with my brother and me. Well, mostly my brother. I was the good one, if you can believe that.

I must say, I'm very proud of them. Being that even most of their friends are divorced, long-term couples I grew up with, it's even more impressive. Plus, they honestly just still love each other. It's pretty sickening, really. I seriously think if something happend to one, the other would not know how to cope. Like Where the Red Fern Grows, or something. I know after that long, a lot of couples don't' even like each other anymore, or have anything in common after the kids leave, and I'm proud of the work they've put in for so long to bear the fruits of their labor. They deserve it. I just wish I had the money to send them on a cruise or something.

So, we're throwing them a party. I'll be in town from Feb 11 - 16, and the party is on the 13th. It's hard planning from so far away, luckily my brother is doing a lot of it. I'm mostly relegated to sending out invitations (check) and getting stuff to decorate with, tablecloths & centerpieces and crap like that. "(e:matthew)" I sent you an email? did you get it? Definitely want to do what I can to see the PMT boys while I'm there, but my time is limited.

In other news, in the process of finding a middle school for Elijah. Yes, that's right, I said MIDDLE SCHOOL. I can hardly believe it myself. I'm starting to understand the old adage "seems like only yesterday..."

A kind of disturbing thought came into my head this morning. I realized that if my son somehow follows the path my brother took, I'll be a grandma in 7 years. That's freaky. My mom was 35 when my niece was born. I'd be older than that, but still. It's hard to think that in 5 years or so, my little boy will be experimenting with sex drugs and rocknroll. I know I was. Well, all you can do is educate them and say good luck, be smart! I hope to God he is. May God watch and keep him.

I guess that's all. Hope everyone is well. Later peeps.
iriesara - 01/14/10 11:55
Unfortunately I can't afford concerts anymore. Although he's already been pretty lucky in that regard. He's "seen" Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Santana while still in utero. And since the great escape he's seen a bunch of concerts too. The last one I took him to was Tom Petty for his 3rd birthday, but that was a long time ago.

I'm sure he'll be fine. Sometimes as a parent, those paralyzing "Oh my God, what if..." moments hit. Especially as a mother, you have to carefully extricate yourself from the web of fear, else you'll just live like a freak who insists her 15 year old still holds her hand. I don't roll like that.
paul - 01/13/10 22:21
In response to (e:metalpeter), I remember bringing (e:mike) to concerts when he was like 12. Those were the days.
paul - 01/13/10 22:20
Can't wait to see you. Holy crap time flies. 40 years. Terry and I hit 10 and Matthew 8. I have a feeling 40 is just around the corner.
metalpeter - 01/13/10 18:15
I can't and won't tell you how to Parent I've seen some crazy and great stuff at concerts. What I can say is that maybe he will go to concerts with you. Granted not for long that is more like a mom and daugter or father and son thing. In my time I have seen parents and kids go see the same band and they both really like the band. But I have seen the other side where some little kid not sure if it was with a parent or maybe brother or something hit a pipe, i have no idea what was in it.

In Terms of the 40 years maybe they really are sole mates. Maybe they understand the "for sickness and Health" means you stick by the person in the bad times, you just don't get up and leave. Or maybe it is that they get that once you have a kid their needs, not happiness, come first and that it is about what mom and or dad wants to do, it is about what is best for the kid(s). I don't know. I can't imagine that strong of a commitment I really can't.

05/28/2009 13:08 #48773

Elijah Rockin the Mic
Category: elijah
Okay, so my boy's school play for drama club was last night, in which he played a bully. It was more like a musical. Anyway, here's a couple of pics from his little solo. I must say, he rocked it out. totally blues brothers/mick jagger style, if you ask me. I was rolling!


Here's him responding to the people behind him.


Hope everyone is well. I'm doin ok. Just finished up the semester at school and happy about the summer. Elijahs got another 2 weeks, then the fun begins.

I really need to use estrip more to post pics of the boy.


iriesara - 05/29/09 11:10
yeah, taking 2 classes/semester. Doesn't sound like much, but with working full time and mama-ing it's quite a lot for me. i'm a much better student than i used to be though!
paul - 05/28/09 19:31
You are in school now?

01/22/2009 13:38 #47490

Category: friends
Happy Birthday Paul!
I wish I had some pictures of us when we were little, they'd be hysterical! Or from the sewers, or the grainmills, or hitchhiking home from Grand Island (misc. nipples), or falling through the ice at Delaware Lake (yes, I know it's Hoyt lake, but to me it'll always be Delaware Lake), running around a "ghostbusters" downtown on 1/2-days or playing tortoise and making you come find many crazy crazy times. I wish it were still like that and we could just go on adventures all day, but alas, we had to grow up!
Love you very much, little brother!
paul - 01/22/09 15:22
Thanks! I wish so bad that I had a camera back then.

12/12/2008 18:32 #47046

T Minus 10 Days & Counting
Just a reminder (for anyone who knows me or cares in the least - hint, hint) that I, my man, and my boy will be touching down in the B-Lo a week from Monday (the 22nd). Can't wait to see everyone, maybe meet some of you I've known voyeuristically these past few. We will definitely be in attendance for the New Year's Eve shindig (minus the 9-year-old), which I am much looking forward to.
So listen, Paul Terry & Matt, you better clear up your calendars, because we've got three years worth of chillin to do in less than 2 weeks, plus all my other relatives to see.
terry - 12/12/08 22:39
10 days...I am so excited! We are gonna party you right up. Can't wait to see you and Elijah.
paul - 12/12/08 20:14
Yes, it shall be a grand ol' time. I can't believe Elijah is 9.
matthew - 12/12/08 18:37
Woohoo! Can't wait to see you again! We are old and boring now, so we'll have lots of free time for you.

11/05/2008 13:09 #46558

scratch that, damn things happen fast
Ban on Gay Marriages Approved:

I'm ashamed, but whaddya goin do? I'm not gay so there's no one I can sue, but I'm thinking there's going to be bunch of lawsuits over it.

Crap, damn fear-mongers.

I really wish you guys could've seen some of these Yes on 8 commercials. They were pretty classic and sickening.

Talking about that your kids are going to learn in school about "boys marrying boys and girls marrying girls". Then they come up real close on this little girl whose face looked like her puppy just got ran over in front of her.

Damn fear-mongers.
metalpeter - 11/05/08 18:06
I don't agree with it but that is a real concern that a lor of parents have. There are things in this world that they may not disagree with but that they don't know how to deal with telling there kids about. When it is something they don't they don't understand that could be a factor also.
hodown - 11/05/08 16:31
Wow Mike- brains AND beauty.
iriesara - 11/05/08 16:22
I hadn't read about that. That's really....odd, and unfortunate.
drew - 11/05/08 15:40
Good insight, Mike!
mike - 11/05/08 15:31
From some things I read, it seems like it is kinda Obama's fault that prop 8 passed , ok not his fault but his candidacy that affected it. african americans were the only racial group to overwhelmingly vote yes and they voted in greater numbers than ever before because of Obama. crazy coincidence.