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04/16/2005 02:11 #28824

Oh Procrastination
So I had basically my last two major projects of my college career due today and i started them of course around 9PM last night. Needless to say, my procrastination paid off once again. They both were stellar. I seriusly don't know how people do work like any earlier than they have to. If I didn't have the pressure I don't htink I would be able to come up with good ideas. I don't know I guess everyoen is different but I definetley need to wait until the last minute if I want a good final product.

04/05/2005 01:13 #28823

Spring Break and Doing Work
So since a certain someone kept me busy all spring break I now have to read 100 pages of this boring book The Magic Mountain and write a paper about two themes in the book. HOW RIDICULOUS! I wish I would have started it before 11pm the night before it is due when I have to work at 9AM but oh well. It was definetely worth not doing work for the week I had. With (e:beast) and (e:amanda) in florida doing research and (e:jill) and yosepha still in school during my spring break, luckily a nice boy came along and tolerated me for the week. Too bad he is now back in L.A. where he came from (Los Angeles not Latin America). Well at least now I can get my work done and go back to my wholesome, clean, affectionless, self-centered world until the end of April.

04/02/2005 12:46 #28822

Is this all a terrible April Fools joke? Is that not real snow outside but just a fake show in which my parents will any minute now will tell me that it is all just a cruel joke. "APRIL FOOLS" I will hear...and a smile will return to my face!

03/27/2005 22:14 #28821

The Elusive Club
I'm finally part of that exclusive and elusive club that almost everyone age 12 and up is part of. So what, I'm only 10 years late. Only a few you of you will know which club this is , or maybe everyone will, I'm not sure? Hint numero duo: Master of Disguise. Hmm i never thought I would reference that movie in a story pertaining to my life, but alas it has happened. HAPPY EASTER!

03/25/2005 18:59 #28820

I see so much drama on this site which is good and bad. I definetley do not think this should become like a friends only thing even though I know I would be included in that (you can't leave family out right?) I still think it is better to be open to everyone. The journals I read most are some people that I never would have known about otherwise. I guess that is all that I have to say on that matter right now!!!

I hope I am going to see Melinda and Melinda tonight!!! It seems liek a good movie and Will Ferrell is always entertaining. So many people are coming home and leaving that I feel like I am gonna miss out on some but i hope not. It will be fun to see everyone, albeit at separate times since noone is coming home at the same time.

I saw Mr. MIller (the ex gym teacher who slept with a student) excuse me i mean was suspected with sleeping wiht a student :) last night. Well he wasn't suspected of sleepign with a student last night, i saw him last night. Anywho it was weird becuase i sorta wanted to sya hi but I didn't and am not sure he would remember me though he was an advisor when i was a student council olfficer and he was my gym teacher so prolly he would. But what was weird was I was thinking how much I really liked him and he was probably my favorite gym teacher ever and made gym enjoyable and stuff even for me but then I think eww what a scumbag who was married with a pregnant wife when he slept with a student. It gave me such mixed emotions. Ok that's all for now -mike