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02/11/2005 17:40 #28804

Random Tidings
Just thought I'd update with a few random tidings:

- I love the new message system where you can leave messages for people's journals, everyone should try it out. I was happy to discover I already had messages when I first found out about the new systme.

-100 Dyas Party was fun (thanks for buttoning my fly Katrina) except on the way home we got in a car accident and nicole was pretty upset, understandbly, and I was pretty drunk and so was probably not as helpful as I could have been. The guy was very shady so we'll see what happens. I hope it all works out good for nicole.

-since Michael Jackson owns the rights to like all the Beatles songs do you think Paul McCartney had to pay him in order to sing them at the Superbowl. Speaking of the superbowl in my advertising class we saw some commericals that didn't make it b/c they were too controversial. One was hilarious, it was for some kind of beer and it said like Backstage Before the Superbowl 2004 and you saw a guy trying to open a beer and couldn't and so he grabs a shirt off a chair and it is janet jackson's shirt and he uses it to open his beer and the shirt rips and so he tries to tape it back up. I found it really funny, i think you have to see it to appreciate it.

-my classes are still pointless.

-i'm excited to see Rent in a few weeks

Hmm i thought i had more to say. I guess not...estrip nights need to get back into style!!!

02/09/2005 01:11 #28803

100 Days
This Thursday is the 100 Days party at Canisius. That means there are only 100 days left until I graduate from college. How terrifying yet exciting. In 100 days I will be a college graduate. A graduate with no future mind you but a college graduate none the less. Well lets hope the 100 Days party is a good beginning to the end of this part of my life.

(e:maidencateyes) , is the rest of the Keane cd a lot like the one song on the radio? Because sometimes I hate when like I like the song on the radio but it ends up being completely different from the rest of a cd which I then don't like. But I think I am going to buy the Keane cd. What is the name of the cd? Thanks

02/07/2005 01:00 #28802

Has anyone heard the song Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. It is so really good. I had been hearing it on the radio but they never said who it was by except once but I couldn't' understand what they said and then it turns out (e:maureen) and andrew in schnectady were trying to figure out the same thing. I guess they were on SNL this Saturday and the mystery was solved. I suggest everyone gives the song a listen!! You won't regret it.

Sometimes I want the weirdest things. (e:beast) and (e:mk) know what I'm talking about here. Such silly ideas run through my mind sometimes, but wouldn't it be great if it worked....ok probably not...but maybe. It seems so random but could have been so enjoyable?!?

02/06/2005 12:24 #28801

Hello from Schnectady
So this weekend I decided to come up to Schnectady and visit Maureen. ON the ride here it was not so bad and took just a little under 4 hours including the itme I was lost driving around Schnectady looking for her apartment. Even with her on the phone and giving me driections I still couldn't really handle it( I still swear there was a church on the corner)~!!!! It's been a fun time , just chilll an drelaxing like I needed. I'll update more about it when I get home, if I find my way that is. I want to stop at the outlet mall in Waterloo on the wya. It is right like on the thruway. OMG we went to H&M yesterday whcih i love and the one here is huge. Like the men's department is huge, not as big as in NYC I don't think but bigger than any other one I"ve seen. WHY AREN'T THEY IN BUFFALO! See you all soon! Enjoy the SUperbowl!!!

02/03/2005 00:25 #28800

Poor Uncle Jesse
Oh poor Uncle Jesse from Full House. On a lifetime movie commercial I saw the other night he had second billing to Tara Reid. What a fall from fame John Stamos, what a fall!!! I remember the days when he could headline a made for tv cable movie with the best of them. Now to be second best after a boob-showing startup nothing actress, in a lifetime movie no less. Oh senor Stamos, what's happened to you?
mike - 04/15/21 00:30
John Stamos is mentioned in a suprising amount of my journal entries. Who knew he was so impactful on my life!