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02/21/2005 14:38 #28808

Photo Find
Last night me, Christie and Teres went to Pink and there was basically noone there but we played the game where you have to find the differences between the two pictures, we seriuosly played it for about an hour but needless we became experts and we now are like 7 of the top 10 scores including the highest score which we beat the old highest score by like 50,000 points. Quite a feat considering me and Christie were pretty drunk, although I guess most people who play it are. We played with the babe picture and the hunk pictures but found our skills were best in just the general category. All in all a fun interesting night, some scary guy buying us shots cuz he liked christie aka angela and a person who was at Frizzy's and left their picture from the photo booth and we took it and then we saw them at Pink and so the bartender hung it on the wall right across from where they were sitting. Awkward but fun when they realized we had taken it from Frizzys.

Teres was brave enough to try the food at Pink which always kinda scared me but she gave it the thumbs up. Ewww sidenote, all the toilets in the girls bathroom were flooded over, ehhh just hgearing about it made me sick. ALl in all a good night. Wish me luck tonight, I have to work with the worst worker ever, seriuosly messed up, socially handicapped, terrible, terrible worker who I can't describe in words. So if I survive I'll be glad!!!

02/20/2005 13:52 #28807

Odd Tidings
So last night me and Jill went with Jim to one of his coworkers birthday at Allen St. Hardware. We thought it would just be like her and her friends would be at the bar type thing but no they were all liek sitting at a table making incredibly awkward like why was I there? Like Jim knows the girl and JIll is his girlfriend and then I was the random sidekick everyone wonders why you're there person. Awkward!

How sad about Epeep night being the night I am going to see Rent at UB. THough I'm sure I'll still be able to go to epeep night afterwards maybe but I"m not sure.

Sarah Gilbert (the angry daughter from Roseanne who would play Jill in a movie about Jill's life), I feel bad for her. The girl from Buffy and American Pie who was supposed to be in some new sitcom dropped out of it and did this whole interview where she was like "yeah the role was stupid and pointless and I just couldn't waste my time wiht it because it was so bad" and then after the interview they added , "the role will now be played by Sara Gilbert" ....poor Sara Gilbert.

Jessica Ho will I see you while you are here?

02/16/2005 23:35 #28806

My nonna is an amazing woman! She is 90 years old almost and had a stroke about a month ago and we just found out she will be able to go home and be back to living alone on March 4th! How awesome is that!?! She started walking on her own again today and it just keeps getting better and better. Once she goes home they don't think she will need any therapy or anything! Now we just need to try and convince her that a microwave would be a good idea and would make her life much easier!!! She is one tough lady, though I guess two world wars, poverty and moving halfway across the world would do that to you!

02/16/2005 00:46 #28805

Can I once again reiterate how much I love the new messaging system on here , cuz I do love it! I also love the random bucketful of knowledge that is my honors seminar professor Mel Schroeder. While I will probably not do great in the class, he is seriously insanely knowledgeable about everything but not in an annoying kind of way. He just talks and talks and relates things to so many other things that I am always in awe of his vast knowledge. Maybe it is just in comparison to some of the other professors at Canisius that I have had that are lacking even in their own main field of knowledge but I swear he is unbelievably chockfull of facts and ideas.

Been kinda bored lately, hoping for something exciting to happen soon. Nothing in particular, just antying. I realized the other day that I haven't had anythign that really made me excited or mad or even think in a while, just kind of in a middle blah ground. LIke work hasn't been bad or good , just ok and school is ridiculously easy this semester where I never have any real worlk or thinking to do so I am just in a constant state of blandness. Like nothing is particularly aggravating or bad, that wqould almost be better in some way because then at least I would care about something. I don't know, all I know is I am ready for a little excitement.

(e:maureen) and (e:Mk) , I don't know if that sauce has any connections to my family, but if the company is run by the "family" (and you know what family I mean) then it probably is my family. haha I wish

02/11/2005 17:40 #28804

Random Tidings
Just thought I'd update with a few random tidings:

- I love the new message system where you can leave messages for people's journals, everyone should try it out. I was happy to discover I already had messages when I first found out about the new systme.

-100 Dyas Party was fun (thanks for buttoning my fly Katrina) except on the way home we got in a car accident and nicole was pretty upset, understandbly, and I was pretty drunk and so was probably not as helpful as I could have been. The guy was very shady so we'll see what happens. I hope it all works out good for nicole.

-since Michael Jackson owns the rights to like all the Beatles songs do you think Paul McCartney had to pay him in order to sing them at the Superbowl. Speaking of the superbowl in my advertising class we saw some commericals that didn't make it b/c they were too controversial. One was hilarious, it was for some kind of beer and it said like Backstage Before the Superbowl 2004 and you saw a guy trying to open a beer and couldn't and so he grabs a shirt off a chair and it is janet jackson's shirt and he uses it to open his beer and the shirt rips and so he tries to tape it back up. I found it really funny, i think you have to see it to appreciate it.

-my classes are still pointless.

-i'm excited to see Rent in a few weeks

Hmm i thought i had more to say. I guess not...estrip nights need to get back into style!!!