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02/07/2005 01:00 #28802

Has anyone heard the song Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. It is so really good. I had been hearing it on the radio but they never said who it was by except once but I couldn't' understand what they said and then it turns out (e:maureen) and andrew in schnectady were trying to figure out the same thing. I guess they were on SNL this Saturday and the mystery was solved. I suggest everyone gives the song a listen!! You won't regret it.

Sometimes I want the weirdest things. (e:beast) and (e:mk) know what I'm talking about here. Such silly ideas run through my mind sometimes, but wouldn't it be great if it worked....ok probably not...but maybe. It seems so random but could have been so enjoyable?!?

02/06/2005 12:24 #28801

Hello from Schnectady
So this weekend I decided to come up to Schnectady and visit Maureen. ON the ride here it was not so bad and took just a little under 4 hours including the itme I was lost driving around Schnectady looking for her apartment. Even with her on the phone and giving me driections I still couldn't really handle it( I still swear there was a church on the corner)~!!!! It's been a fun time , just chilll an drelaxing like I needed. I'll update more about it when I get home, if I find my way that is. I want to stop at the outlet mall in Waterloo on the wya. It is right like on the thruway. OMG we went to H&M yesterday whcih i love and the one here is huge. Like the men's department is huge, not as big as in NYC I don't think but bigger than any other one I"ve seen. WHY AREN'T THEY IN BUFFALO! See you all soon! Enjoy the SUperbowl!!!

02/03/2005 00:25 #28800

Poor Uncle Jesse
Oh poor Uncle Jesse from Full House. On a lifetime movie commercial I saw the other night he had second billing to Tara Reid. What a fall from fame John Stamos, what a fall!!! I remember the days when he could headline a made for tv cable movie with the best of them. Now to be second best after a boob-showing startup nothing actress, in a lifetime movie no less. Oh senor Stamos, what's happened to you?
mike - 04/15/21 00:30
John Stamos is mentioned in a suprising amount of my journal entries. Who knew he was so impactful on my life!

01/29/2005 02:45 #28799

Spreading Yourself Around
Ok one more thing about the book I'm reading mentioned below....there is at one part the girl, Clare is talking about how she got Jonathan to invite his boyfriend over that she had never met because she felt he fragmented his life in too many ways and that is what made him unhappy. I will quote it "In an effort to cheer Jonathan up, I got him to bring Erich home for dinner. He didn't want to. He had to be nagged into it. It took more than a week. I woudln't give in, though, because I believed in what I was doing. My theory of Jonathan's trouble was simple. He had let his life get divded up into too many different compartments. There was his job, and his life with Bobby and me. There were a few friends from college, and a random sexual life with strangers, and an ongoing affair none of us with somoene none of us had ever met. I believed he needed more areas of overlap"

When reading that I totally realized that is how I feel in many ways. I always thought I liked keeping my life fragmented and so everyone knew their own version of me that fit the situation but then I'm starting to think maybe that's not good. Maybe I need more overlap. I always liked keeping my different groups of friends separate and my work people separate from my other friends and I feel like there are a few things I keep from each of my friends so that nothing overlaps and everything is distinct. Maybe that is bad, maybe I would feel better if I was always one person and everyone was more intertwined. Or maybe I would hate it. Who knows? It just made me think about it more than I ever had before really. ..maybe it would be easier if I didn't need to remember how to be in each situation because they were all the same...or maybe that would just be boring..

01/29/2005 02:39 #28798

A Home at the End of the World
So I am currently reading A Home at the End of the World by Michael Cunningham and it is seriously one of the best books I have ever read. At the same time I'm not sure it would appeal to all people but very specifically appeals to me. Basically it is about these two guys who are pseudo in love when they are younger, one moves to NY and plans to have a baby with this girl even though he is gay and she is straight but they are in a kind of love and want to have a baby, but then the other guy moves to ny and sorta falls in love with the girl and they start having sex and she gets pregant. And then tehre is a side story about the one kids parents and how is mom was settled but unhappy in her life.

ANyway, seriously I have never read a book where I can honestly relate to every character so well in at least one way and also like see so many of my friends and family in the characters. I was gonna quote some parts and talk about them but the list grew too long and I couldn't decide what to include. But for instance at one point the one kid Jonathan talks about how he wanted his life to be Puckish which is crazy because I always wanted to be liek Puck from MIdsummers NIght Dream and liek he was always one of my favorite play characters of all time. And the way the three characters act when they live together in NY reminds me in so many ways of my friendships. I don't know but i just love the book and recommend it i think but you may not like it but i do.