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Category: i-tech

07/22/11 07:25- ID#54755

Kinetic Choreography on Google


On the google home page today is quite an extraordinary simulation of a hanging metallic mobile toy that actually follows the laws of gravity, the earth's electromagnetic field and the eccentric orbit as it moves and responds to your mouse gestures.

I didn't know anything about Alexander Calder - the sculptor that the doodle is honouring so I had to look him up. V.interesting.

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Category: the odes

07/21/11 10:29- ID#54754

Annoying chocolate, annoying actresses

I just had a piece of this Chocolate:

I am totally ready to puke right now. It is so horribly and cloyingly sweet, all my senses are revolting. Chocolate is not meant to be this disgusting!

Toblerone's website proudly proclaims:

2007 For the first time in 34 years, a completely new TOBLERONE taste experience was launched. TOBLERONE Fruit & Nut is made from the finest Swiss milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat, and juicy Californian raisins.

2008 TOBLERONE celebrates its 100th anniversary.

I cannot believe they had the gall to celebrate anything after releasing such a monstrosity on the public.

Yuck. Yuck. Super-yuckety-yuckezoid-yuck.

The chocolate reminds me of three actresses I find super annoying.
1. Keira Knightly
2. Julia Roberts
3. Scarlett Johannsson

Yucketishly cloying.
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Category: e:strip

07/21/11 09:43- ID#54753

E:strip search eccentricities

I think it might be helpful to document some of the weirdness that I experience with (e:strip)'s search function sometimes.

When I search for the term "wok":
  • This post about my Amazon disenchantment while buying woks doesn't: (e:tinypliny,54693) (Though, wok is prominently in the title of the post and also mentioned in the body.)

Odd, don't you think?

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Category: eating in

07/21/11 09:01- ID#54752

Fry Pan Excitement, Part II


Jul 21, 2011 4:24 PM
Arrived at FedEx location

WOOOHHOOO. Perrysburg!!!

Wait... What?! Why on earth is the pan going from City of Industry, CA to Perrysburg, OH instead of coming to Buffalo, NY?

Backstory: (e:tinypliny,54740)
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Category: goals

07/21/11 08:27- ID#54751

Armstrong 200711

Day 4: 12x
Reason for stopping: general exhaustion, not specifically arm-pain.
Status: I was a complete hour late for this edition of project Armstrong because I got carried away talking with (e:Paul). So when I finally remembered, (e:Paul) offered to do push-ups with me. (Of course, he was doing the authentic push-ups, while I was trying to miserably drag through wimpy ones.) I think he got through 18-19 before I was done with my measly 12 with a ton of effort. It was nice to have someone doing the push-ups with me but it didn't really do much good in terms of motivating me to do more. I think this is a sign that the problem really lies so deep that it can't be fixed by mere peer motivation. (hey, that rhymes!)

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Category: i-tech

07/20/11 12:47- ID#54744

Extensions = Achilles Heel of Chrome

I knew this day would come. Chrome might be rock solid in its security features, but the fact that any odd person on the planet can write non-peer reviewed and non-standards compliant extensions for Chrome is a major drawback. Someone has just finished an elaborate hack to steal all your Gmail contact emails if you are using Scratchpad - the nifty app that lets you use Chrome as a notepad and syncs all of your notes to Google Docs as a backup.

The very fact that the zillion extensions I try out ALL need blanket access to ALL my browsing history and whatnots is a a bit disturbing. So what do we do? Chuck out all extensions? Chrome wouldn't be half as useful without these extensions that I use constantly. I am in a big quandry right now, as are several other Chrome fans, I am sure.

My current list of extensions:
  • Add to Google Bookmarks - Version: 0.1.2 ID: idhcimbcedikofokpoignmlnnkidpeld
(Can't get rid of this, this is how I sync my bookmarks ALL the time.)
  • Autocomplete = on - Version: 1.0 ID: ecpgkdflcnofdbbkiggklcfmgbnbabhh
(Nopes. this can't go. I need password filling...)
  • Autofill - Version: 5.5 ID: nlmmgnhgdeffjkdckmikfpnddkbbfkkk
(Maybe this can go... but then I will have to refill forms over and over. Maybe not then.)
  • Chrome IE Tab Multi - Version: ID: fnfnbeppfinmnjnjhedifcfllpcfgeea
(Ridiculous work email OWA sometimes blocks attachments and I need this to access the attachments. I would gladly let go of this had it not been for the paleolithic work email.)
  • FlashBlock - Version: 0.9.31 ID: gofhjkjmkpinhpoiabjplobcaignabnl
(I need this. I am so terribly annoyed by all the annoying ad videos that start loading automatically when you visit a website. This extension just blocks them all till you really want to watch a video.)
  • History 2 - Version: 0.6.0
ID: cahejgbbfgmlmjgdjlibphdjeldhagkp
(The native history in Chrome is SO horribly structured, you can't find anthing. This extension eases the pain.)
  • Lazarus: Form Recovery - Version: ID: loljledaigphbcpfhfmgopdkppkifgno
(Can't do without this at all.)
  • Link grabber - Version: 1.0 ID: modbohgknhnjilkoaggaacedmmfbfapn
(This could go... why can't Chrome have an Opera like view links features. Makes me want to switch to Opera which has all these features built in without the need for unsafe extensions.)
  • MiddleButtonScroll - Version: 1.1.0 ID: ibehnpdcgpabccnlefccelhblhphbbpl
(This is for my linux box. It is again so annoying in linux, chrome doesn't let you scroll with the middle click button. This is probably the only difference that matters between Chrome on Windows and Chrome on Linux)
  • One Window - Version: 2.15 ID: papnlnnbddhckngcblfljaelgceffobn
(I hate popups. Enough said. Can't get rid of this and am again annoyed that Chrome can't implement this natively.)
  • OWA Chrome Companion - Version: ID: gmloogbeidmnmkdeoibnfcglaenjcmah
(Keeps track of work email. Indispensible.)
  • Readability Redux - Version: 1.3.2 ID: jggheggpdocamneaacmfoipeehedigia
(With the amount of ugly out there on the web, this is a lifesaver.)
  • Scratchpad - Version: 2.2.4 ID: kjebfhglflhjjjiceimfkgicifkhjlnm
(Hmm... considering parting with this because of the latest hack. I could always pull up the Google Docs website directly, even though it does take a whole minute more to load and post.)
  • Screen Capture (by Google) - Version: 5.0.3 ID: cpngackimfmofbokmjmljamhdncknpmg
(Pretty handy for any illustrations that I am doing. WAAAY more efficient than using the PrtSc button followed by Paint.NET edits.)
  • Shortcut Manager - Version: 0.7.9 ID: mgjjeipcdnnjhgodgjpfkffcejoljijf
(Remaps annoying keyboard combinations. Chrome should have native support for this. Again dissatisfied with the lack of choices on chrome. Opera has this feature, why not chrome?)
  • Tab Glutton - Version: 0.4.0 ID: ekfmaibfpamaegficfifofnlhalkbdfm
(I will go nuts without this. My average number of tabs usually hover around 50+)
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Category: goals

07/19/11 10:24- ID#54741

Armstrong 190711

Day 3: 16x
Reason for stopping: My knee started paining!
Status: I think I stuck to better form today but unfortunately did the push ups on the wood floor instead of on my yoga mat. Result: nasty knee pain and somewhat less arm pain. Maybe it's like the principle of the counter-irritant. The knee pain was so much that it masked the arm pain. Anyhow, this whole process of building up strength is painful... Probably the only thing that encouraged me to do it today was reporting about it here.

As John Wayne once never said, "A tiny-armed person's gotta do what a tiny-armed person's gotta do".
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Category: eating in

07/19/11 08:15- ID#54740

Fry Pan Excitement, Part I

I am so excited about this 7+ pound 12 inch multiclad Fry Pan with a dome lid (which means I can not only make bread in it but additionally heft a nice weight around while making bread!).

It's not even healthy to be this excited about some inanimate object but I can't help it. It gets home this Saturday!

Jul 19, 2011 10:36 AM
Departed FedEx location

Jul 18, 2011 8:06 PM
Arrived at FedEx location

Jul 18, 2011 4:47 PM

Jul 18, 2011 11:07 AM
Shipment information sent to FedEx

PS: It's made from steel by JSW, one of the largest steel producers from India at a plant in Texas Whoever said all jobs are moving from US -> Asia needs to take a look at JSW that did just the opposite.
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Category: goals

07/18/11 10:18- ID#54736

Armstrong 180711

Day 2: 20x
Reason for stopping: Severe arm exhaustion
Status: I followed the Mayo technique that (e:heidi) linked yesterday for modified push ups. However, my back keeps sagging to the ground and I am not sure I felt my pectoral muscles and abdominal muscles stretch or even work. The only thing that is probably dying is my upper arm muscles, particularly the biceps. And they said it exercises your triceps. I am definitely doing this wrong... I will try again tomorrow to see if I can achieve proper form.

Till then, big OUCH. I hope my arms don't fall off in my sleep today. It feels like it.
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Category: i-tech

07/18/11 08:50- ID#54734

Neverending Web App lists.

I was looking up the sheer number of "distraction-free writing" applications and software that exist today when I came across this

What a hoot!

I never realized that there were as many or even more App review sites and listing sites as there are apps themselves... It's amazing how fast they have sprung up everywhere. There are so many of them that you can make a list of the listings of web apps. For eg.

and a million others. The list just goes on.

Hell, I just created one here.

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