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Category: potpourri

08/30/05 11:56 - 71ºF - ID#35782

Pitter patter of little monsoon

Dark mist, rain droplets,
stomping puddles form in my driveway.
Creatures sing back up for Franz Ferdinand
through open windows.
I sweat my ass off in this red brick sauna
and despretely want to kill the Weather Bug;
You told me once, you'll tell me 7 more..
I prepare my Ark.
Floaties on, Thee Careys' pimpin' super hero vessil is ready for launch,
  • sigh* now leave. me. alone.

Hey ((e:ladycroft)), if not a party bus, try a party ark..
two of everything.. maybe three for you ;)
After all, it will be our big Three OooOOoOOooOooOOoh
awe, yeah..

A public service announcment:

((e:ladycroft)) and ((e:theecarey)) go way back. Much trouble has been found and there much more to discover. A friend bails your ass out of jail, a good friend is sitting right there next to you :D


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Location: Youngstown, NY

Category: adventure

08/30/05 02:47 - 67ºF - ID#35781

chlorine cocktail-fountain of youth? NO!

Earlier this evening, I returned from a short trip to Cleveland. My niece, Ashley and I ventured just four hours West of Buffalo via car rental, to the Cleveland Institute of Art. Ahh, the joys of college visits and interviews. Brings back glutinous memories of Raman Noodles and Little Debbie Snacks; where a couple of quarters and a cup of water provided adequate sustenance for a learning brain. Remember those days, my friends?
Soft squishy beds, a cooler full of pop and munchies, bathing suits and a taste for trouble led us to yet another stay at the Hilton. And never to disappoint, this stay proved quite the adventure.
The funny thing about being on the cusp of 11,000 days old, is that it is still quite easy to pass for anything between 17 and current age of, um, 10, 931 days old. So I internally find humor in such questions as "Are you going to be a freshman this year?" and "Are you old enough to drink?" -- Why deary, I sure am, *pinches cheek*
After playing on the elevator (it has mirrors on the ceiling!), jumping on the bed (because, I can do that), checking the TV for cool channels (I was instantly homesick for digital) and contemplating room service (idea dismissed, easy cheese and crackers beckoned), we get into our swim gear and excitedly headed down ten flights to the Jacuzzi and swimming pool.

Swimming is fun, swimming is nice
swimming amidist the fragrance of super Chlorine concentrate, is not.

or try this:

Indoor swimming pool
Lovely, warm as bath water
Chlorine headache sucks

As an indoor pool, we stuck around for a bit, thinking maybe the chlorine aroma was just in the air.
However our excursion into the deeply disinfecting, left both of us with the unsexy scent of bleach lingering aggressively on our temporarily scaly and pruned skin.

A scrub down with hotel issued shampoo, conditioner and soap proved to be a fruitless effort.
We sat in our dehydrated smelly state through the remainder of the night and well into the next day. However we stopped at a discount store and purchased the heaviest moisturizing lotion we could find, which happened to be Almond and Shea Butter cream. The chlorine odor permeated through the first six applications before settling into a more almondesque aroma.
I have yet to tackle the chlorine induced dry heap of straw that is my hair. Although in a state of emergency, it will have to wait:

I have email to check, kitties to love and brownies to eat.

Ahh, it is always good to be home!

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Location: Youngstown, NY

Category: comedy

02/21/07 11:22 - 30ºF - ID#29662

1 door car

I probably shouldn't be making a deal about this, and laughing about it as hard as I am, but I'm finding it to be seriously funny.

I am probably the only person who owns a 1 door car. Well, sure, I have four of them, but only one of them now works.

It began quite some time ago with the rear drivers side door. The internal lock mechanism fell apart and fixing it would have been ridiculous. Besides, who needs it? Its only one door..

Then the front passenger door internal lock mechanism rusted out, fell apart, whatever it did, it permanently locked the door. Ok, this was a bit more of a nuisance- especially for picking up friends and for putting stuff in the car/ taking out. But we still managed.. and had a good laugh.

So for quite some time, I have been gratefully operating with a working drivers side door and rear passenger. There are creative ways to get around and through everything. Unlocking the drivers door to unlock the rear, which I'd then run around to the other side of the car to put stuff it. Or just toss it over the seat when needed. With friends, well, we usually opted to jump in their car when we go places.

And tonight, another door lock mechanism kicked the bucket.

and the lucky door... drivers door!!!!

So my lovely one door car is a trooper. And so am I.

I cracked myself up crawling into the back seat and flinging myself over the front seats to situate myself behind the steering wheel. Good thing flexibility and a sense of humor are strong points.

road trip anyone? hehe

not sure if i will feel the same come daylight-- when i take my car in to see if the door can be salvaged, even if it means that it is permanently unlocked. Given the choice, I will take it.

haha, or maybe a compatible door from another car can be put on..

it will all work out, it always does.

I am envisioning a new car/truck.. just need to pick one out :)
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Location: Youngstown, NY

Category: holiday

12/31/06 02:48 - 42ºF - ID#26358

champagne resolutions

woo only a few hours left of 2006

I will have to do a recap much like last year (have to find the post)

It was a strange year- full of highs and lows. I was definitely master of my domain..

not sure if I am better off from where I started, but I wll reflect on all that later.
so what is the theme for 2007? hmmm.. not sure yet-

maybe tonight will provide some insight--
soooooooooooooo on that note...

come party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am working on hyrdating my body now- as multiple bottles of champagne will be conquered this evening! woo!

see ya!

(e:ladycroft) and myself will be dressed silly this evening (e:theecarey,349)


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Category: computers

03/10/07 02:24 - 39ºF - ID#23301 pmobl


CompUSA is closing!

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