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Category: school

11/01/07 10:22 - 43ºF - ID#41927

Hello from Nowhereland

I love new languages. This new one I'm learning barely uses any letters, just funny little doodles:


It appears that (e:) mike and I are in the same boat (e:mike,41914). Alas, it is a boat that is starting to sink into the bottomless depths. I was also hoping to attend Pharmacy school next year (this was kinda a mutually-inspired adventure of ours) and have found out that my credits are too old. They have atrophied and are now little skimpy waifs not capable of handling the demanding pharmacy load, or so they tell us. They don't seem to care about other circumstances...the fact that I was a math minor and took Calculus 1 2 3 plus about 5 other higher math courses has no effect on my not having taken Calculus 1 in the last 5 years. The fact that I will have taken Chem 2 3 and 4, does not negate my lack of a current Chem 1.

Unfortunately, I really like these classes. I am a science dork. It was funny on the phone as (e:mike) and I vented. I realized that he knows he will like the work (having worked in a pharmacy for ages now) but hates the school (especially the science classes), and I am not so sure I would love working in a pharmacy, but really like the classes (especially the science classes). Maybe I should use the setback to think about other science-related fields. I could be a scientist, gasp! At my age (and I know all you old farts out there chuckle to hear a 28 year old say that, but I am almost 10 years older than all these undergrads I'm taking classes with), I am also concerned about jobs. I'm pretty set on the B-lo. I have a mortgage to pay, and my student loans are only gonna get bigger. I need to make some cashola. So perhaps a bio-chem or somesuch degree would be good to get, but I also don't want to become a chemist and end up in a toothpaste factory.

Decisions decisions...
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: aging

09/30/07 07:58 - 73ºF - ID#41424

I am an old man

It's no fun being a grown up, I tell ya. Painting a house is all fun and games for those 21 year olds, but for us old timers it can be a near-death experience. I thought my back was pulled out yesterday as I attempted to lift a 15+ ft scaffold, but the momentary twinge seemed to pass. Then this morning I awoke to a strange pulled-ness in my left leg, feels like a hernia maybe (I've never had one before so I can only imagine). So now my back is quite tender and I'm half limping. Then today my hand kept cramping about once every ten minutes holding the damn brush, and I'm very afraid of how my shoulder is going to feel when I wake tomorrow, since I spent about an hour reaching way out to one side or the other trying to reach the places the scaffold can't be rolled to.

On the upside, the house is stargint to look very nice. Almost finished the back, just a couple more of the sticking-out thingies on the top and the spaces between them, and then one final section where a giant hole prevents the scaffold from approaching. Now that I'm gainfully unemployed once again, that task belongs to me I suppose...
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Location: Buffalo, NY

08/31/07 12:55 - 61ºF - ID#40846

mad sex

...just might be had at the party on Saturday.


Or, at least you might get to see something like that, just make sure to peep in all the right windows.

Everyone's invited! Bring yer friends too!

(e:Mike) and (e:Terry) 's B-day Bash

Sat. 09/01/07
8:00 - ?:??
24 Linwood Ave.

BYOB and/or snackalicious item
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: friday painting

08/17/07 08:23 - 75ºF - ID#40599

a day of painting

...and still half a ceiling to go...ugh

Our new tenant is moving in shortly and expressed a desire for a not dirty-red wall. (e:Matthew) and I spent the day making the red go away. We went through about 3 gallons of whitish paint. This is the first time we've ever made a dark color lighter, as we generally prefer pretty saturated colors, and I now appreciate what all this priming nonsense is all about. Dark colors don't like to go away.

We ran out of the first 2-gallon tub with splotches galore and a dark line at top and bottom. We opened up another gallon, which naturally didn't quite match, though both clearly said WHITE. We figure that doesn't matter since this is just primer anyways, right? Then we started the ceiling...then we finished with starting the ceiling. Yeah, you know what, that ceiling looks just fine the way it is. Except now it is kinda a different WHITE in some sections. I'm sure the new guy won't mind...

So anywho, anyone know of any relaxing things goin on tonight? Or just wanna hang out and chill a bit? My place or yours, or any other place for that matter. I do happen to have a nice big empty WHITE room...
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Category: motherly type things

08/15/07 11:09 - 74ºF - ID#40570


Sorry my phone is a piece of crap. I love you. Sorry I am such a wretched son who doesn't call his mother nearly as much as he ought to. I hope the dance show and cutie Neal have taught you the value of Buffalo, and how much fun it would be to visit me. I am excited for your upcoming event, drive-thru or otherwise. I miss you all so much and wish I could manage to get over there more. I am sorry (for you) that my sister seems just as smart(ass?) as I am. Tell her I love her, please. My B-day is coming up so I will probably talk to you again within 2 weeks, which just might be a first. And lastly, Maui has nohin' on da B-lo!

(except beautiful white beaches... crystal clear waters... hot bare-chested servers with coconut-shelled parasol-topped frozen delights...)

well at least invite me?!

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Category: summer

06/30/07 11:44 - 72ºF - ID#39858

Lookin' for a swim hole

Just wondering if anyone knows a good place to swim. I'm looking for something unchlorinated. Such as a non-mucky pond, or a filled-in quarry. A rushing stream would be okay too. I need to swim! Anywhere within about an hour of Buffalo is fine. I'll even cross the border if I have to.

Any suggestions? Anyone wanna lead us through a secret backwoods trail to that perfect hidden pond you've been sojourning to every summer?

Please, help me get wet!
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Location: Buffalo, NY

03/19/07 12:02 - 27ºF - ID#38515


hound dogs on my trail

we all gonna get it in our due time

don't tell me

me and my people

and me

wash and clean my ears

stop calling me sister Sadie

Why don't you hear it

just give me my equality

that's it!

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Category: parade

03/18/07 01:26 - 29ºF - ID#38508

Green is the color of my true love's hai

St. Patrick's day is here!

Gotta love washing the taste of coffee away with beer.

We'll be down around Delaware/North for the parade. Right now we're filling up the lounge room at the 24. A bit of pregame never hurt. Afterwards, who knows? Crazy bars, back to homestead, taking the parade to the Fruit Belt, anythings possible.

See you there!

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Category: school

03/08/07 10:45 - 19ºF - ID#38394

a student again

Apparently I've shined off the last of my rust. Taking 7 years off school and then jumping back in was a bit of a shock, but I just got the results of my first exam and <ta-duh> I got an A. And I have an A in the class as a whole. Yay! Just call me the Chemistry King.
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Category: grinchliness

12/22/06 09:50 - 49ºF - ID#35779

Bah Humbug

I hate Christmas!

There, it's out in the open. Ya'll can hate on me and stuff. There's just too many reasons, but here's a few:

I am not a Christian (not that Christ seems to play too big a role nowadays anyways)

I hate shopping

I hate feeling pressured into shopping even worse

I like eating, but couldn't we move the big eating holidays a little bit farther apart in the year to give the gut a rest?

Really, I wish I could be put on a list so that no one would get me anything and I wouldn't have to give anything to anyone else. I feel like birthday shopping once a year should be enough. Then you can focus your energies on a specific gift and not have 20 at the same time. Why is Christmas so much about the stupid gifts anyways? Am I just heartless and selfish? I especially feel that way after reading (e:jacob) 's last post about how magical it is finding just the right gift... I like being with people though not getting them stuff... and I can't ever seem to find these magical gifts, just end up getting people the first thing I find that they might like/could use. I'm actually playing hooky from Christmas shopping right now.

The thing I do like is the friends/family aspect. I like the getting together and the seeing relatives you don't often see (though I guess I don't tend to see my "real" relatives on any holidays). I also like the smell of a Christmas tree, though ours doesn't seem to smell very much at all, despite the allergies it gives (e:matthew) (which I find pleasantly ironic).

So Ba-Humbug to all and to all a grinchly night!
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