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10/08/2008 21:51 #46003

Ooooooh I am so very excited for Halloween! It has to be one of the best holidays ever........

Still trying to think of a great (basically sparkly) costume for Miguel & I.

Ooooooooh I'm so excited!
tinypliny - 10/08/08 23:01
Would you be coming to the party? I can't wait to see what you might introduce me to this time. Last time, it was those OH_SO_AWESOME apple/cranberry candy sprays. :)

08/07/2008 23:17 #45268


Hey Matt & Terry & Mike,

remember the time we drove all the way to Rochester (I guess it's really not that far) for some "Clue" night at a bar.......

and it was way not what we expected.....
the bar was nearly empty,
the game was complicated,
and the drinks were super-pricey

I think that was the last time I was there........
paul - 08/07/08 23:28
Ya, (e:mike) and I were just talking about that the other day when I was trying to get him to go to some club in rochester for dancing. That was the worst waste of gas ever ;) (e:terry) didn't go I think it was (e:ladycroft) who went with us.

12/24/2007 22:20 #42641

Merry Christmas & feelin' old
Went to church with my parents today......
I was looking around for familiar faces (same place I went to grammar school)
I checked face after face.......
Then realized all the faces I was checking were about six years younger than me.......
What?! mean I'm not in highschool anymore.....not even in college either......
I spotted a girl I went to school with, she was there with her husband and little girl..........
She was a year younger than me........
I am old.
This will be me in a few very short yearss, er' months.......
Very "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane"


Ohh well....... Merry Christmas (E:strippers), Happy belated Channakuh!!!

Hope yours is one to remember!
jason - 12/26/07 09:01
No, you're not old - you're young and beautiful, and anyway it's not a race to see who can get married and pop out babies the quickest.

Well, at least that's what I tell myself, at 29 I really am probably old.

I had no idea what "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" was so I had to look it up on Wikipedia.

12/22/2007 18:22 #42617

Crazy Dreams
Every once in a while I will have a crazy, really long involved dream.
Two nights ago I dreamt that Johnny Depp was tracing his family's geneology (or some such thing) and he found out he was related to my parents....... He decided to live with them for a while so he could get back to his roots (you know absorb all the culture Kenmore has to offer..........although now that the kiosk by the municipal building s gone how could he ever know what is going on.......I don't even know what holiday to celebrate..........)
So of course I decide to move back in with my parents too (so as to absorb all of the culture Johnny Depp has to offer.....if you catch my drift............Sexxxxy)
.....What's sad is that even in my very own dream, where anything can Johhny Depp moving in with your parents, he still shunned all of my advances.....bastard.............. so the nature of our familial relation is never made clear.......
Johnny Depp could be my freakin' twin brother and I'd still be down.....
Anyways........gradually word gets out that my folks have a special visitor and my extended family starts dropping by unannounced....... Uncle Fannypack, the Home-schoolers, they all show up......
Whatever, even with my family around I still keep up my advances.........Then, his wife and daughter (they have a daughter right?) show up..........
I resign myself to the fact that it's just not gonna happen and try to act cool around his family........
The dream actually went on for quite a whil after that, but it was basically me making sure that all our houseguests had something to drink and a sleeping bag to sleep in........cause no one's going anywhere when Johnny Depp is in the house.


ooooooooooohhhhhhhh yeaaaaaah!
jenks - 12/23/07 13:57
yeah, it doesn't really have a specific name, but I'm with you Lee.
metalpeter - 12/23/07 11:16
The thing about your dream is that could so happen. I could see Johny really doing that, he isn't that hollywood wood snob type at all. It is to bad you didn't get to have incestual sex with him, but if you did that really would change the dream. That being said if that would have happened it might change how you view all of his movies. So maybe that is why it didn't happen in the dream. Maybe you mind knew that if it happened the next time you saw one of his movies you would remember the dream and how you felt and yell out in the middle of a crowded show and it would be all about him and not the part he was playing. Yeah so I'm way over thinking this maybe. I have no idea what that line is called but some girls have them also. In the picture you picked he looks kinda like I lead singer in a rock band allmost Scott Weilandish.
leetee - 12/22/07 23:11
uhm, i'm sorry, did you say something? i was distracted by the very pretty picture.

does ANYONE know what that v like line on the hips that goes down... down... down... is called? calling dr. (e:jenks)? talk about distracting!!
trisha - 12/22/07 22:32
haha, this dream sounds like so much fun, except for the major factor of not scoring. he is completely my #1 celebrity exception. it stinks, not even "only in your dreams". awww. :(

12/11/2007 21:23 #42480

I Am Legend

The movie had its moments........


I get abnormal strength what with adrenaline and all but Why do "Zombies" (who really are normal people with a virus) develop the ability to climb walls?..........

And.......... real people in makeup are a thousand times scarier than any computer-generated creature............. are they all still wearing clothes?

And....................... Why is Will Smith so freakin' dreamy?

Consider this while I attempt night two of the Tree Skirt.

tinypliny - 12/11/07 23:37
Exactly why are you making a tree skirt. Have trees around your house suddenly reached out and eaten the forbidden apple or something, that they now need a skirt to hide their trunks? Or do you have a client who wanted to torture you and gave you the address of a certain tree instead of waist-measurements? Are you making the skirt for the largest tree in Buffalo - on N.Pearl? I shudder to think about your client then...
mrdeadlier - 12/11/07 23:34
I finished reading the book a couple weeks ago. It was a really cool story, very well done. I just know when I go to see the movie on Friday they're going to butcher it.