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04/07/2013 21:11 #57473

I miss blogging
Recently I discovered I miss blogging. It was cathartic for me to be able to get what I was thinking out on paper. There's no way I'd put any of that out there publicly now though.

On a *much* happier note I just bought a ticket to Buffalo. Can't wait to see my peeps and make Paul drive me around, and squeeze the babies!!
paul - 04/14/13 15:08
Don't worry I will never change the rules like that.
metalpeter - 04/14/13 15:02
You may not trust it... But if it feels good to blog you can always use ... Draft mode... Just leave them as draft... Of course anyone who logs in a paul or News can read it... Not sure how other sites work... But you have to be careful cause I've heard of stuff where a site changes it rules and everything private goes to public.... I've heard of some people will write letters to some one or something to get the stuff out then burn the letter that way you get it out and it stays private.. Don't know if that is healthy or not just a couple of ideas.....
lilho - 04/13/13 11:04
Don't be a whore, just blog more.
paul - 04/07/13 22:51
When are you coming and why don't you just blog more.

11/17/2012 15:52 #56901

Monster Cuties!
Category: mobl

libertad - 11/17/12 16:45
Awe! They are so freaking cute.

11/17/2012 15:49 #56900

You know you're in Buffalo when...
Category: mobl


11/07/2012 15:23 #56880

Do people even blog anymore?
Remember when blogging was all the rage?

I figured while I was here reading I'd post something quickly.

I'll be in the blo next week and possibly the week after. I could really use some Buffalo love from everyone. The week of the storm was less than ideal emotionally and since the storm I've essentially been homeless. To put it in perspective I did't lose everything I own and everyone I love is alive, but it's still been trying at best.

I'm guessing since I'll be home around Thanksgiving everyone will be in town? We should plan a meet-up in Allentown/Elmwood..

It's funny how some things never change. I always run home when I'm feeling down.
mrmike - 11/10/12 10:35
am here...often the best thing I can say
hodown - 11/08/12 18:39
Um have you not gathered from our conversations that I am loosing my effing mind here? Sarah offered to come rescue me this weekend. You are going to be giving me so many hugs- be prepared. Also I may or may not cry. TBD. I haven't really cried yet so I'm guessing it's coming.
paul - 11/08/12 18:37
I don't know how you live in big city land. I would go nuts in a storm apocalypse.

09/18/2012 20:07 #56776

I haven't blogged in 2 years. My 2 hour conversation with (e:paul) has inspired me.
hodown - 09/24/12 20:02
You jerks already know all the dirty deets.
lilho - 09/23/12 12:38
yea, give us the juice playa.
paul - 09/19/12 23:51
Still doesn't say much. I want the deets.
terry - 09/19/12 10:53
best blog of the year!