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Category: e:strip

01/13/12 11:46- ID#55903


See, this is why I LLOOOOVVEE it here.


Bring on the white, because I can counter it with ORANGE.

Hmm.. I just noticed this, but why is the text on the spice theme white? It is green on green in the plant theme.
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Location: Buffalo, NY
Last Modified: 01/13/12 11:49

Category: buffalo

01/13/12 11:33- ID#55902

I hope god listens when I blog too!

Please. PLEASE don't cancel my flight!!!!!

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Location: Buffalo, NY
Last Modified: 01/13/12 11:33

Category: buffalo

01/13/12 10:23- ID#55899

Who +1'ed snow?!

Behold the stark evidence about who is responsible.

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Location: Buffalo, NY
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Category: music

01/12/12 10:18- ID#55895

Shostakovich & Sviridov

I am back to my non-stop waltz listening mode.

I found this slightly lower key version so earthy after years of listening to the über-flashy Rieu version. :)

And this is a waltz by the lesser known Sviridov. It sounds so very similar to Shostakovich's Valse No. 2, but it is faster in pace and more energetic!

PS: The Sviridov waltz video is especially for (e:Paul). :)

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Location: Buffalo, NY
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Category: the odes

01/12/12 12:23- ID#55891

The Island Spatula

A spatula to whack all the other spatulas to the ground.

It could be exactly what I have in mind. But then when did a picture ever tell the truth? We will see how it holds up in my kitchen warfront.
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Location: Buffalo, NY
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Category: the odes

01/11/12 10:06- ID#55889

The Apple Pushers

I want to see this documentary.

Has the coming of Pricerite with its massive produce section to Elmwood increased access of underprivileged residents of the area to affordable fresh produce. YES!
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Location: Buffalo, NY
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Category: goals

01/11/12 05:04- ID#55888

The year ahead.

2012 is going to my best year thus far.

I just decided that it will be so it better be.

Top 10 lessons that I learnt in 2011.

1. Data analyses is 95% data cleaning and variable definition.

2. R is fun and liberating.

3. Perl is even more fun but it's funny and weird and super tough to learn.

4. I have a massive crush on Hadley Wickham. Mostly because he is the ggplot2 creator. And maybe also because he has a website of family recipes and oh, a really informative website manual for ggplot2. Is this as impractical a crush as the Rahm Emanuel phase? Well... slightly less because I might actually get to meet him someday... but on the whole, big check.

5. ggplot2 is a fascinating way to think about data.

6. FlowingData is one of my favourite inspirations. It replaces aldaily (which, unfortunately, I have been steadily ignoring).

7. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. You just need to find the switch - which is often right on the darkly shrouded wall behind you.

8. Linux is not so much a monster as a friendly devil. I prefer linux as my primary OS. Surprise.

9. I love my family. They are the best anyone could ever hope for and of course, the only ones I have.

10. Surprisingly, I like documentaries way more than movies.


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Category: linux

01/07/12 08:32- ID#55869

Escaping bash: CTRL-D

I need to burn this into my mind:


After I make some unfortunate mistake at the prompt, bash patiently waits for my next move... when I really just want to get back to the home prompt and start all over again. Ctrl-D curtly tells it not to wait anymore and it exits with:

> bash: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `''
bash: syntax error: unexpected end of file


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Location: Buffalo, NY
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Category: the odes

01/06/12 09:47- ID#55862

Adjective Subtext

You have to love those quoted adjectives in trailers.

oh, was the popcorn tasty?

oops terrible?

had a cataract surgery
We were stoned.
full of what?

you didn't!

say no more
give it a rest already

drunk. no doubt

so you have a crush on the actress

PS: wish there was a way to float words right. would have made it even more authentic. heh.
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Category: buffalo

01/06/12 06:18- ID#55859 pmobl

Sunset from home

Another view of gorgeousness*


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