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Category: science

04/11/11 07:27- ID#54030

Marathon craziness

I am sure you know of people who have been couch potatoes for decades suddenly taking up running as a sport and competing in the next big marathon in town. I know too many to fit on my fingers and toes. Every time someone gets the marathon bug, they try and get me to join in the craziness (no doubt as a reciprocal move to my getting them to come to my numerous dance classes).

I dislike running. A LOT. I can walk *really* fast and probably match the pace of all 6+ footers out there with little effort but I cannot run for long. To be precise, I can run for 15 seconds before my lungs liquefy and start pouring out my nostrils... Well, they don't, actually, but that's what it feels like. It's almost as bad as trying to get used to spectacles and have the ground tilt and be all wobbly for a couple weeks. I can't take that feeling! As a result, I don't run, or wear spectacles. Usually, people try to show me the merits of joining the band of brothers^ runners and the bespectacled. However, my dislike is so intense that I refuse point blank.

And now I have scientific proof to wave in their faces (atleast for the runners... I am sure, one of these days, I will find something against spectacles as well.)

I spotted this editorial that gives an overview of studies that show that if you just run because your friends have suddenly started running or you feel like running can make up for your decades of binging on chicken wings or smoking your lungs to a nice ebony black, it doesn't help. ::READ PDF::

In fact, you end up with an increased risk of coronary atherosclerosis or myocardial scar formation due to mini-infarctions (that's a heart attack and things leading up to heart attacks). Running, for people who have not slowly conditioned their muscles over a long period of time, is injurious to their heart.

Instead, come to dance class with me! ;-)

^NB: Have you ever noticed that 95% of male actors that you look up in imdb has usually played a role in that HBO series? When they made the series, did they recruit everyone from every acting school across the planet?!
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Category: buffalo

04/10/11 12:30- ID#54017

Dear Snow,

Please DON'T come back. Ever. We have had quite enough.

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Category: eating in

04/10/11 12:26- ID#54016

How to make an edible rainbow...

A pictorial guide...

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Category: e:strip

04/10/11 12:16- ID#54015

E:Strip: In the light and in the dark!

Finally home?

~30 mb of compressed text
~2 gigs of compressed pictures
~8 years of words, thoughts and perspectives.
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Category: eating in

04/08/11 03:07- ID#53999

Neufchâtel Cheese

I just discovered that I like eating...

Neufchâtel Cheese!
with salt or maybe a little pepper or homemade garam masala or all by itself.

100x more tasty and 10000x more awesome than those ridiculous Greek yogurts.

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Category: dance

04/05/11 12:07- ID#53983


I took my first ballet lesson today.

I am incredibly sore everywhere. My biceps and triceps are sore, upper back muscles that I never knew existed are suddenly making themselves known and my inner thighs and calves that went to their extremes are crying out now... In spite of all this, I feel awesome. It is this sense of absolute and inexplicable delight at feeling completely drained out and exhausted.

And the music... I felt like I was floating in heaven. Kolleen Fischer from the Configuration Dance Studio has some excellent taste in classical music. Every little piece was perfectly chosen to the ballet moves we were executing. There were some well-loved piano pieces and some unknown but absolutely delightful pieces from the romantic and classical period (written for the orchestra but played on the piano). (I really must get hold of her playlist!)

If I were to describe it more precisely, it was like an (exorbitantly expensive at $17) hour of flowing and active super-intense yoga with a minutely detailed French nomenclature set to some brilliant classical music pieces. I guess this is where I am happily blowing through my tax returns.
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Category: eating in

04/03/11 10:26- ID#53974

Awesome Arugula Alternative

What is the single most awesome, infinitely more nutritious, 1000x more delicious, 10x cheaper and 10^6 nuttier alternative to Arugula?

Turnip Greens.

They top my all-time-favourite greens-list in mixed salads and fun snacks.

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Category: the odes

04/03/11 12:56- ID#53968

Now buy that porcelain donkey!


From Chromercise!


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Category: linux

04/03/11 12:38- ID#53967

Partition Question

Couple questions about partitions in linux.

Question 1:
I have three partitions on my laptop:

Let's suppose that I am distro-hopping and want to install some crazy distro on my "experimentation" laptop. Let's further suppose that this new distro is not really similar (in terms of kernel as well as windows manager) to the older distro which was on the laptop.

If I don't format my /home partition, will the older settings (brightness, power management, folder options, screensaver, desktop background etc) be preserved on all old-distro-> new-distro transitions? Why or why not?

Question 2:
Why is it that the installation programs for all linuxes (linuxi?) don't allow me to tick the format checkbox for the swap partition while installing? All the other partitions have "tick-able" format checkboxes.

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Category: music

04/02/11 09:20- ID#53962

Bizet done the Bartoli way

I absolutely adore this performance. I love how she brings so much of her larger-than-everyone-else personality into a song that was written more than a hundred years ago. Who knew Carmen could be so much fun!

Cecilia Bartoli performs Bizet's Près des ramparts de Séville or the Séguedille from the opera, "Carmen", accompanied by Jean-Yves Thibaudet on the piano...


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