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Category: sports

01/29/08 01:44 - 45ºF - ID#43081

Coaching meltdowns

One of the pros of employing people that are willing to work 16-20 hour days for months on end is that you get to watch them melt down in glorious fashion.

Jim Mora, after his last game as the Saints' head coach:

Mora again, this time towards the end of his reign as the Colts' head coach:

Denny Green, from last year -- an instant classic:

Hey Herm, why are games played?

For the tl;dr crowd, here's a quick mashup, with some bonus Callahan and Ditka footage:



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Category: weight loss

01/29/08 08:32 - 43ºF - ID#43075

Weekly surprise

Today's status:


Back on track!

I'll tell you what though, based on my eating habits this past week, I really thought I was going to end up in a different direction. But once again it appears I overexaggerated my dietary transgressions in my head. Nice!
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Category: life

01/28/08 08:59 - 32ºF - ID#43068

Encouraging words

Remember several posts back ((e:mrdeadlier,42948)) when I mentioned my friends' baby that was born with Trisomy 18?

Well, for those that are interested, they've set up a blog chronicling his life day-by-day.

It's I've also placed a link under my Fav Links listing ("Jacob Ryan").

On the site there are links to some beautiful photos as well.

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Category: faith

01/28/08 12:37 - 31ºF - ID#43063

One bad apple spoils the barrel

This was my comment on (e:paul,43057) but I wanted to capture it here just for the sake of posterity...

Yeah, Jesus Camp is exposing a tiny fringe of "Christians" which I assure you are NOT the norm. And those kids appear to have been inundated every waking moment since they were born with that funkamentalist mantra, which is a lot different than just taking your kids to Sunday School and praying before meals and bedtime.

I was a youth leader in our church's youth group for nearly seven years and in my experience, most if not all of the kids that were raised in the church eventually reached a point where they had to decide for themselves whether they truly believed what their parents did. Some decided they did and stayed on, continuing to attend. Others didn't and moved on to pursue life outside the church's walls. That's the beauty of Christianity (or at least my "sect") -- it's something you have to sign up for personally (hence why my church practices adult baptism).

Sure Christianity has its share of wackos, but any interest group experiences the same thing. Look at PETA or Greenpeace. The majority of the folks involved are pretty even-keeled but then you have those that behave outside the bounds of society's norm -- and THEY'RE the ones that get the attention.

The Left Behind multimedia monster is also pretty off the wall. Sadly, many Christians don't seem to see it for what it is: a money grab by Tim LaHaye and friends. I mean come on.. Board games? Video games?

It's all pretty embarrassing, to be honest. Since I became a believer 12 years ago, I feel like I've spent more time apologizing for my faith than anything else concerning it.

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Category: politics

01/25/08 10:57 - 20ºF - ID#43028


I love it when a politician throws mud only to end up with it on their own face. She's getting desperate.

Hillary Clinton gets PW3ND

At the South Carolina debate, Barack Obama scored a hit on Hillary with this:

Because while I was working on those streets watching those folks see their jobs shift overseas, you were a corporate lawyer sitting on the board at Wal-Mart.

In response, Hillary Clinton (we need to distingush between them now, no?), said this:

Clinton: ...I was fighting against those ideas when you were practicing law and representing your contributor, Rezko, in his slum landlord business in inner city Chicago. ...

CNN's Wolf Blitzer: Senator Clinton made a serious allegation that you worked for a slumlord. And I wonder if you want to respond.

Obama: I'm happy to respond. Here's what happened: I was an associate at a law firm that represented a church group that had partnered with this individual to do a project and I did about five hours worth of work on this joint project. That's what she's referring to.

True that Rezko donated money to Obama, but the campaign has since returned any contributions by him, or associated with his fundraising efforts. By contrast, Drudge posts this...


That's Mr. Rezko in the middle. Oopsie.

She's terrible. I hope when she finally bows out of this race that she resigns as our Senator as well. I mean, "2008" is the only reason she became a legislator in the first place.
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Category: life

01/25/08 09:50 - 17ºF - ID#43027

State of Love and Trust

I remember we could talk about anything
I remember when we used to want to hang out
I remember we could talk about everything
I remember, I remember, I remember

We never talk about the future
We never talk about the past anymore
We never ask ourselves the questions
To the answers that nobody even wants to know

Oh well, oh well, oh well
So much for the afterglow

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Category: weight loss

01/23/08 07:06 - 20ºF - ID#42994 pmobl

A day late

I didn't post yesterday but I did weigh in.


Between the Seneca Niagara Casino and the football party on Sunday, I kind of fell off the horse. But no worries, I've climbed back on so hopefully next Tuesday the post will be 173 or less!
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Category: movies

01/22/08 10:24 - 21ºF - ID#42992 pmobl


I just got back from seeing Cloverfield. I don't want to ruin it for anyone that hasn't seen it and plans to, but all I can say is if you like sci-fi and/or disaster movies and didn't hurl when you saw Blair Witch then this movie is for you.

Personally, my opinion... Freaking awesome. I went into it knowing very little about it, only that it was all HandyCam and that there was some kind of disaster element to it. I am sooo glad I had a blank canvas as to what to expect -- talk about a pleasant surprise! I find it hard to imagine that I'm going to see a better thriller/sci-fi movie this year. Do yourself a favor and see it before someone blurts everything out and ruins it for you. I have to admit I'm struggling not to right now.

Anyway, I'll bet even (e:enknot) the Film Snob will enjoy it. ;)
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Category: sports

01/20/08 11:34 - 11ºF - ID#42967

Championship weekend

Today we had our Fantasy league's "banquet" at my house. It was nice to have 8 hours or so where we could all just hang out and forget about the stress of this past week.

We got all the logistics out of the way early (voting on rule changes for next year, handing out awards from this past season, etc) and then just focused on playing Madden and more importantly watching football, which consisted of what appeared to be the consensus rooting interests both lose. I was really hoping Favre could pull it out... and that the Patriots would somehow miraculously lose but alas that was not the case. The Pats were inevitable and what the heck, Manning the Lesser in the Big Game ain't so bad.

Two more weeks and then begins the long wait for next year.

But first the Super Bowl. Let the hype and obscure storylines begin...

EDIT: Oh yeah, now I'm 100+!
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Category: life

01/19/08 01:13 - 27ºF - ID#42948 pmobl

Rough week

As the title states, this was a rough week.

First, our friends just had a baby that they knew was going to need immediate care because of a heart defect. What they didn't know was that the defect was only a symptom of larger issue. Turns out the little guy has a genetic syndrome known as Trisomy 18 which is kind of like Down's Syndrome (aka Trisomy 21) but much more dangerous. Most babies die within the first week or two and 95% that don't eventually die within the first year.

The whole thing is freaking heartbreaking. Chrissy's been up there almost every night, spending time with the mom and just trying to support however she can. They have 2 other boys (5 and 3) so we've taken them for a few several hour stints this week. We actually took them to the movies tonight as well.

One thing that strikes me is that the first 2 kids were born naturally but this one was taken through C-section, which means she'll always have the scar to remember this by. I don't know if that's good or bad.

They are both committed Christians (he was actually a youth pastor for a while) and are very accepting of the whole situation. Not that they're robots who are sleepwalking through this whole mess but they have this crazy peace about it that is foreign to me even being the self-professing believer I claim to be. They're definitely grieving but like I said the peace is supernatural. What an inspiration -- I can only imagine myself in that situation cursing God and feeling incredibly bitter. ...Just being honest.

It makes me so thankful that the 2 kids I have been blessed with passed the whole "10 fingers and 10 toes" test everyone always references when they're expecting. Not that it would matter even if they didn't pass it. Those little girls are the defining points of all that matters to me.

So anyway, after that whole situation this week, we get a call saying that a different friend of ours' mother was in ICU after being rushed to the hospital last night. I guess her blood became toxic (?) and all the antibiotics they gave her only lowered her blood pressure.

She died tonight, just a couple hours ago. It sucks: by the time everyone else got there (including her kids) to see her she was already intubated (sp?) and sedated, so no one got to say their goodbyes. Our friend -- the one whose mom it was -- is due to have a baby next month. Talk about having a lot of balls in the air.

Next week will suck as well, I'm sure what with the related fallout of these 2 crises and all.
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