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Category: sports

01/20/08 11:34 - 11ºF - ID#42967

Championship weekend

Today we had our Fantasy league's "banquet" at my house. It was nice to have 8 hours or so where we could all just hang out and forget about the stress of this past week.

We got all the logistics out of the way early (voting on rule changes for next year, handing out awards from this past season, etc) and then just focused on playing Madden and more importantly watching football, which consisted of what appeared to be the consensus rooting interests both lose. I was really hoping Favre could pull it out... and that the Patriots would somehow miraculously lose but alas that was not the case. The Pats were inevitable and what the heck, Manning the Lesser in the Big Game ain't so bad.

Two more weeks and then begins the long wait for next year.

But first the Super Bowl. Let the hype and obscure storylines begin...

EDIT: Oh yeah, now I'm 100+!
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Category: life

01/19/08 01:13 - 27ºF - ID#42948 pmobl

Rough week

As the title states, this was a rough week.

First, our friends just had a baby that they knew was going to need immediate care because of a heart defect. What they didn't know was that the defect was only a symptom of larger issue. Turns out the little guy has a genetic syndrome known as Trisomy 18 which is kind of like Down's Syndrome (aka Trisomy 21) but much more dangerous. Most babies die within the first week or two and 95% that don't eventually die within the first year.

The whole thing is freaking heartbreaking. Chrissy's been up there almost every night, spending time with the mom and just trying to support however she can. They have 2 other boys (5 and 3) so we've taken them for a few several hour stints this week. We actually took them to the movies tonight as well.

One thing that strikes me is that the first 2 kids were born naturally but this one was taken through C-section, which means she'll always have the scar to remember this by. I don't know if that's good or bad.

They are both committed Christians (he was actually a youth pastor for a while) and are very accepting of the whole situation. Not that they're robots who are sleepwalking through this whole mess but they have this crazy peace about it that is foreign to me even being the self-professing believer I claim to be. They're definitely grieving but like I said the peace is supernatural. What an inspiration -- I can only imagine myself in that situation cursing God and feeling incredibly bitter. ...Just being honest.

It makes me so thankful that the 2 kids I have been blessed with passed the whole "10 fingers and 10 toes" test everyone always references when they're expecting. Not that it would matter even if they didn't pass it. Those little girls are the defining points of all that matters to me.

So anyway, after that whole situation this week, we get a call saying that a different friend of ours' mother was in ICU after being rushed to the hospital last night. I guess her blood became toxic (?) and all the antibiotics they gave her only lowered her blood pressure.

She died tonight, just a couple hours ago. It sucks: by the time everyone else got there (including her kids) to see her she was already intubated (sp?) and sedated, so no one got to say their goodbyes. Our friend -- the one whose mom it was -- is due to have a baby next month. Talk about having a lot of balls in the air.

Next week will suck as well, I'm sure what with the related fallout of these 2 crises and all.
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Category: internet

01/17/08 10:35 - 30ºF - ID#42925

I am... er, is

Google knows more about you than you think it does. Try typing your name, followed by is (all enclosed in quotes) into it and see what you come up with.

For example, I entered "Del is" and learned the following:

1. Del is always wonderful to work with-- great music, fun stories... Well, duh.

2. Del is on call. Not the booty kind of call, sorry.

3. Del is poorly supported among browsers. Well! I never! ... Huff!

4. Del is an American treasure. Common knowledge. Didn't need Google for that.

5. Del is an Iraqi Kurd. I always knew my parents weren't kidding when they told me I was adopted.

My curiosity piqued, I entered my full name and came up with this:

1. Delmar is recuperating at the 128th General Hospital in England. Apparently the first 127 were full.

2. Delmar is the world leader in providing the safest, most efficient mooring operations. Moor?

3. Delmar is so useful & thoughtfully put together! Awww... Thanks, Google!

4. Delmar is a small town. That was harsh. I mean, come on. I *am* trying to lose the excess weight.

5. Delmar is sensitive to privacy issues on the internet. Finally, a true statement! Well, that and the Iraqi Kurd one.

What does Google say about you, estrip?
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Category: work

01/15/08 11:39 - 28ºF - ID#42906

It feels good

I'm finally taking the bull by the horns and putting together a professional web presence for my little side company. The little side company I just decided to launch tonight.

I'm going to call it DCDC Web. Named after Me, my wife, and my kids. Basically it's just a way to link together all the sites I do -- sites that come to me -- it's not like I go out actively seeking work. It's just nice side cash when the work comes along.

I even came up with a goofy little logo that's a take-off on AC/DC's.

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Category: weight loss

01/15/08 09:39 - 29ºF - ID#42889 pmobl

Does not compute

This morning I weighed in at... (Drum roll please)


So far I've lost 5 lbs, 2 in the last week.

This past week doesn't make sense since I cheated a LOT, especially from Friday to Sunday, but maybe I was just overexaggerating to myself. Maybe, just maybe -- as my wife has been preaching to me the past 8 years -- life really is all about balance. (I tend to go all OCD on whatever I've got going on at any given juncture in my life).

Hm. Well, "go me" I guess...

I've got a date with the Seneca Niagara Casino's buffet this weekend so we'll see how next Tuesday goes!
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Category: music

01/14/08 03:39 - 33ºF - ID#42879 pmobl

It's so hard

So I'm walking down Carlton St. at the moment seriously fighting the urge not to dance while I've got Franz Ferdinand jamming in my earphones. Might be hard to explain should I run into someone I know or work with. Sigh.

Sorry -- not sure exactly why I felt the need to share this.
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Category: sports

01/13/08 01:06 - 38ºF - ID#42868 pmobl

More football banter

My barber made a great point this week. This is the best weekend for NFL football. The wildcard week is out of the way, meaning that the scrub teams (his words, sorry (e:Drew)) are gone and now we've got 2 days of the best teams playing each other with their respective seasons at stake.

I love the Super Bowl (but it's often a blowout, like 75% of the time) and next weekend is our Fantasy league's "banquet" as we hand out awards and goof off while watching the conference championships, but this weekend is just jam-packed with NFL goodness.

I'm already feeling bummed about the season being over. As the carol goes, the first week of September through the first week of February is "the most wonderful time of the year."
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Category: sports

01/12/08 05:32 - 38ºF - ID#42859

The game right now

I'm watching the Seattle @ Green Bay game right now and it is snowing quite steadily. Awesome! I get such a kick out of watching the players just before the snap with their breath clouding up in front of their faces every second and a half. I love Lambeau Field with the natural grass field and the "frozen tundra" (which is kind of like saying "hot fire"). It really is a crime that Brett Favre isn't in the playoffs every year. As much as a 32 year-old can have one, that dude is totally my hero (some ex-Presidents, Nobel Peace Prize winners, writers and other historical figures notwithstanding). 17 years and he still keeps up with everyone around him. There are rookies on his team that are only 3 or 4 years older than his daughter. Crazy.


The Packers just scored and tied up not only the game, but with the Seahawks help tied a postseason record with 28 pts in a first quarter. Nice.

BUT, now it's time for Shrek the Third since I promised the girls earlier today that they could watch it after dinner. I totally forgot about the games today. And since my wife is out for the night, it's just me so it's not like I'm going to skedaddle off to another area of the house to watch it.

As I said yesterday... oh, the joys. :)

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Category: family

01/11/08 09:14 - 36ºF - ID#42845 pmobl


My little Chloe used to be such a trooper at bedtime, sometimes she would even decide when it was time -- pointing at her crib and giving the hint that she was done for the day.

But in the past few months, the switch finally flipped. Now she is all about fighting off the sleepiness and throwing fits (sometimes), declaring her defiance.

I think it all began when we moved her from the crib to the "big girl bed." Which is just the crib lowered all the way down and one side removed. Perhaps the newfound liberty is a lot to adjust to, but at her age and size (20 mos, 31 lbs) there really is no alternative.

Right now I'm in the hallway listening to her and Delaney jabber back and forth. I'm occasionally throwing a loud SHHH but at the same time this is probably good bonding time, right? They must have exhanged "I love yous" 10 times by now. Awwww!

But if they don't get to sleep soon tomorrow is going to really suck since neither do well with even the slightest bit of sleep deprivation.

Oh, the joys of parenting...
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Category: weight loss

01/11/08 03:28 - 39ºF - ID#42840

Consider yourselves warned

I was pretty lax in my calorie counting yesterday and then ended up in the middle of a face-feeding bender this afternoon.

Just sticking at 174 is going to be an accomplishment this week.

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