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Category: food

11/08/11 09:04- ID#55469 pmobl


I need one jalapeno for the mushroom soup I'm going to make, and I was walking home from the office so I stopped at price rite. You can't buy single jalapenos there. Wtf am I going to do with all of these??

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Category: food

11/05/11 09:20- ID#55451 pmobl


Cast & Crew in Mansfield, Pa., is so yummy. Those are spicy mushrooms in my pasta, not meatballs. The sandwich is a bastard chicken something...


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Category: gambling

11/05/11 10:33- ID#55445

PA Evening Numbers

I bought tickets for the Bloss Legion Auxiliary raffle and need to document the numbers somewhere. I have to check them against the PA Lottery's evening numbers (not quite sure what that means but Wendy's going to help me).

Lottery #    Card #
6    4
14    1
53    5
62    2
92    3
127    1
135    2
171    3
173    5
184    4
204    2
227    5
254    3
258    4
261    1
305    5
306    3
391    2
393    1
397    4
423    4
443    1
476    2
479    3
482    5
510    5
513    2
516    3
553    4
584    1
601    4
608    5
609    3
655    1
673    2
707    3
746    2
749    4
781    5
798    1
812    3
828    2
859    1
865    4
872    5
906    2
935    5
968    3
977    4
992    1


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Category: school

11/02/11 12:59- ID#55423


I passed the New York State bar exam! I won't get admitted to practice until late February, assuming I pass the last hurdle - a "character & fitness review".

I'm also taking the PA bar exam at the end of February.
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Category: work

11/01/11 03:56- ID#55421

Now Open! Allen Street Consulting

We started Allen Street Consulting in August but we're just now getting around to announcing it to the (e:peeps). We offer small business and nonprofit consulting services that focus on improving financial and administrative management. We particularly like helping organizations through change - such as going from an excel spreadsheet or checkbook register to managing finances in a full QuickBooks solution.

We offer the following financial services:
  • Evaluate, select, configure, troubleshoot, fix, and support QuickBooks small business accounting software, QuickBooks Point of Sale, and integrated third-party applications. We work with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier (all editions), and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (all editions).
  • Set up, troubleshoot, manage, maintain, or file taxes for payroll. We're happy to talk with the IRS, NYS Dept. of Taxation and Finance, or Pennsylvania Department of Revenue to find solutions to your payroll issues and notices.
  • Set up, troubleshoot or manage sales tax.
  • Weekly/monthly bookkeeping.
  • Tutor users on QuickBooks or other software.
  • Income tax preparation, planning, troubleshooting
  • Streamline office procedures to make your office work more efficiently and to maximize the capabilities of QuickBooks for business management.
  • Financial analysis and reporting.
  • Grant reporting for nonprofit organizations.

We also offer other business and management services:
  • Project management, including selection and management of outside consultants.
  • Research - our slogan is "Questions Answered. Problems Solved."
  • Writing & editing of grant proposals, business plans, and research reports.
  • Group facilitation for visioning, strategic planning, software requirements, etc.


Why choose Allen Street Consulting?
We know what we're doing and if we don't know every detail, we research it. I have been an independent consultant since 2003, achieved my QuickBooks certification in 2005, and graduated from University at Buffalo Law School in May 2010. My partner, who will join full time in January, has 10 years experience in a very relevant job and will have an impressive credential soon that gives him the same superpowers to practice in front of the IRS that I will (eventually) as a lawyer. We're really smart nerds and we're also very good at communicating and listening.

At the moment, we're looking to expand our regular customer base with bookkeeping and payroll services.

Here are my reviews in the QuickBooks ProAdvisor referral database:

(We might need marketing help. Thoughts?)

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Category: holiday

10/31/11 12:53- ID#55412 pmobl

Sword collection?

I had a wonderful time at the (e:strip) halloween party! Thank you, (e:pmt) for hosting. Somehow I ended up with a sword collection. Not all are plastic, either!




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Category: friends

10/28/11 03:57- ID#55398 pmobl

About time


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Category: weather

10/27/11 03:37- ID#55390 pmobl

It's snowing!


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Category: home

10/27/11 12:12- ID#55385

Trees, cop and an adorable poodle

Josh the cop at the office. We had a very interesting conversation about the drug trade in town. He has a kevlar vest on, he's not quite that big.


The road I took to get to a client site today. It was breathtaking.




Nisha has stayed with me at my new space only a few times. She's been sneaking off to another room and I couldn't find her. Now I know where she is and why - she found Honey the cat's window perch and *bonus* there's a food dish next to it. Completely happy puppy.

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Category: friends

10/18/11 11:11- ID#55332


Jill & Bodhi. He's so freakin' cute. He was clean and shiny when he and Jill got to the office but two hours later was covered in dirt & markers.


A car I test drove. I liked it a lot more than I expected.

My friend Cody lives off this dirt road.


Cody's yard.

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