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08/16/2021 08:42 #60846

CPR Certification or BLS certification – How do you choose the Ideal CPR Class
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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is one of the most important emergency medical measures that you can systematically learn without a lot of experience or prior medical knowledge. Although it might seem simple to do, it has the capacity to save a lot of lives especially during times of emergency when no one else can help.

BLS certification online
CPR is often quoted parallel to BLS. BLS stands for Basic Life Support. The key difference between CPR and BLS is that the BLS is an advanced CPR AED course. It is designed for healthcare professionals as opposed to the CPR certification that is meant for normal people. In essence, both of them are almost the same in terms of course content and the insight on they provide into first-aid during times of emergency. The American Red Cross equivalent the PLS certification is called the “CPR for Professional Rescuers and Healthcare Providers.”

The professional requirement

More often than not, it will be observed that people call for BLS certification more than CPR certification especially when it comes to working in hospitals as healthcare professionals. It is only because of the professional connotation of the BLS course.

One of the reasons medical institutions to compulsorily ask for the BLS certification is because they do not want non-medical certified people to take a serious medical professionals. This also helps them segregate the short-term period seekers and keep them away from taking up a full time medical profession.

What is the difference between CPR and BLS?

cpr classes online
There is quite a lot of overlap between CPR and BLS in terms of the course material. However, BLS, by most medical professionals and institutes, is considered a notch higher than CPR. If you learn BLS Certification online, you are quite likely to learn the importance of high-quality CPR and how it can radically alter positively, the possibilities of survival for a victim. In BLS, you are also taught the concepts of ‘the chain of survival’. In CPR training, you are only taught to attend to a person if you are positively sure that they need cardiopulmonary resuscitation. However, in your BLS certification classes, you can also learn to recognise the signs of someone needing CPR.

We have been talking about the importance of knowing the use and usage of the external defibrillator. In BLS courses, you are, by default, taught how to use an automated external defibrillator.

In addition, you also are quite likely to demonstrate to people who attend CPR classes online, the usage of AED. You are also trained to provide effective ventilation using a barrier device.

Sometimes, CPR is performed as a team, and as a CPR certified person, you might only know to operate in your individual capacity. However, would be a less certification, you will also know how to execute multi-rescuer resuscitation.

Which one should you go for? BLS or CPR?

cpr certification online
It would be quite evident from the paragraphs above that you will only need to go for CPR if you are a beginner. In addition, for most workplaces and for most situations, having a CPR certification online is more than adequate to attend to the situation and the emergency.

However, if you’re contemplating on pursuing a serious medical profession, BLS certification online would be a great starting point for you to learn the nuances of CPR. In addition, you also get to work with a lot of hardcore medical professionals and with a lot of fellow CPR/BLS enthusiasts.

Go for CPR!

Therefore, we strongly encourage you to start with Simple CPR courses online. They will equip you to understand one of the most basic medical manoeuvers that goes quite a long distance in ensuring the safety and survival of a cardiac arrest patient. If you think that a medical profession is your cup of tea, then you can possibly go for BLS courses online as well!

07/05/2021 11:37 #60843

CPR Certification is Now Easy to Get With CPR Training Online
For years, getting your CPR certification required weeks of planning and coordinating. Attending a crowded and rushed class, and maybe trying to become certified before you feel confident.

So many careers require CPR and First Aid certification these days. Even those newly appointed to give Covid vaccinations might be required to be certified. And with the need for social distancing, getting that certification has become extra tricky. Now you can quickly get your CPR and First Aid certification online.

How long will it take, and What’s In It For Me?

Simple CPR offers CPR certification online. You can get your CPR training online in 60 minutes or less! Learning CPR and first aid online is just as effective as in-person classes. They can be a better way to learn CPR and first aid. CPR and first aid classes online let you know at your own pace. You can pause classes and rewind as needed. You can also take the tests as many times as you need to.


Another benefit to taking CPR classes online is that you can do so at a time that is convenient for you. There is no need to take off work or rush to an in-person class.

We also keep track of your training dates, and so you’ll never need to worry about your certification lapsing.

Once you have completed your online first aid or CRR class, you can immediately print your certification card!

If you have a group of 5 or more students, you can also qualify for a group discount.

Where can I find CPR and First Aid training near me?

With first aid and CPR training online, you have training right in your own home or in your workplace.

Another advantage to an online first aid course or CPR classes online is that the pressure of demonstrating the techniques in front of others is removed. We will ensure that you are well prepared and knowledgeable.

Perhaps you need your certification quickly for a babysitting or lifeguard position. With First Aid and CPR training online, there is no need to wait for a scheduled class. We are here 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Even if your job does not require it, learning first aid online can give you the confidence to help in an emergency. These skills can be used in all areas of life. Getting your first aid certification online will be a boost to your resume in any type of job search.

07/27/2021 07:35 #60844

Learn Why Simple CPR Online Certification is Right for you
CPR or Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation is one of the most basic medical techniques. It helps save people during medical emergencies and is especially useful in the case of cardiac arrest or myocardial infarction.

What is CPR?

CPR is a way to give aid to a victim by providing life saving air flow and heart compressions in circumstances when the heart may have stopped suddenly. The word 'cardio' means heart, and 'pulmonary' means lungs. Resuscitation is the act of reviving breathing through mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration.

The steps involved in a CPR

There are three steps involved in CPR - Chest Compressions, Airway Checking, and Rescue Breathing.

Chest compressions are a succession of firm presses on the chest of the victim. This is done in an attempt to move the blood out of the heart that has stopped beating. The pressure on the chest has to be at optimum levels and at the same time, the rhythm of compression should be in line with the natural rhythm of the heart. The song "Staying Alive' by Bee Gees is prescribed as something you can have in mind to help keep proper rhythm.


CPR and First Aid Training online

Sometimes, even the first set of chest compressions can revive breathing. Therefore, it's important to regularly check the airway of the person if they have started breathing. It is recommended that you checkafter every 30 compressions. Checking the airway ensures that you do not continue compressions unnecessarily. It is important for the heart and the lungs to function in their natural rhythm, so additional presses do not adversely affect the victim.

The final step of performing CPR is rescue breathing. If the chest compressions and checking on the airway has returned negative results, then it will be necessary to incorporate rescue breathing by providing oxygen in the lungs of the victim. Air will need to be blown down into the lungs of the person who is not breathing. Rescue breaths with alternative chest compression are continued while waiting for the Emergency Medical Officials

Choosing the best CPR course online

Remember that the basics of CPR are easy to learn but it can be more difficult when you are in a real life situation. Therefore, you will need to choose a comprehensive and thorough CPR course that not only teaches you how to perform CPR but also mentally conditions you to face that situation.

It is SIMPLE with SimpleCPR

SimpleCPR presents its self as one of the most valuable and dependable options for your online CPR certification. SimpleCPR has been credited with certifying over 1 million customers in CPR and First Aid since its inception in 2004. The course material of SimpleCPR is in compliance with the guidelines provided by the AHA (the American Heart Association). All it takesis about an hour of you time to get certified in CPR online. In addition, there is no charge to retake exams if needed and once you have passed your certification is good for two years.

SImple CPR - CPR Certification Online

You can print your certification card immediately upon successful completion, and use it as a valid document to present yourself as certified in CPR. SimpleCPR certification is accepted not only within the United States but all across the world. They also have a 14-day money back guarantee program that ensures that you either get what you asked for or receive a full refund. If all this wasn't enough, SimpleCPR also has a user-friendly system to accommodate group accounts at discounted rates. The testimonials and reviews speak volumes about the contents of the course and the ease with which you can complete the course.

Sign up now!

If you are someone who requires a certification for employment or someone who is interested in learning CPR to become a lifesaver at home, work, or in your community, all you need to do is sign up for the SimpleCPR online CPR training and certification course. You will learn the detailed skills of CPR. Your skills and knowledge can make a difference in someone's life - the difference between life and death!

Check out our Simple CPR CPR Certification Canada:

05/31/2021 10:32 #60841

CPR and AED (Defibrillator) for Adults
Category: education
With the right knowledge and preparation, you could save another person’s life. Adult CPR training gives you the tools you need to react, assess, and respond to an emergency situation where someone’s life is on the line. Even if you have a vague understanding of adult CPR steps, it’s time to learn how to apply them safely and correctly.

ADULT CPR Training

Anatomy and physiology of the circulatory system
Scene Safety
The Chain of Survival
Recognition of a Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest
Personal Protective Equipment
Mouth-to-Mouth Ventilations
Signs of Circulation (including pulse check)
Chest Compressions
Compression-Only CPR (Adult)
One Rescuer CPR (Adult)
Two Rescuer CPR (Adult)
Rescue Breathing
Choking (Adult)
Use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

05/23/2021 04:58 #60839

Top 3 Reasons Why Employers Get Online CPR Certification for Their Employees
Category: education
CPR recertification time seems to come around far too often.

CPR certification
Trying to gather employees for yet another training session can be a headache. Managers are reluctant to allow employees time away from their everyday jobs, and scheduling the sessions often involves several different shifts. Even before the Covid era, gathering everyone for CPR training was a hassle. But with the need for social distancing and masking and the fact that so many workers work from home, in-person training is no longer an option. That doesn’t mean that employers don’t have to provide training and recertification. OSHA requirements have remained the same, and employees need to be proficient at CPR more than ever. If you’re still on the fence, here are three good reasons to get online CPR Certification for your employees. It is an incredibly convenient option and logical choice.

Employee Convenience

An online course’s main advantage is that employees can take their classes and tests at their convenience. BLS and CPR certification courses are available 24 hours/day, seven days/week. They will be able to stop and replay certain parts of the training, pausing to tend to kids or the dog, all the while sitting at home in comfy clothes. It takes about 60-90 minutes to become certified. Another convenience of online training is retaking the test several times if needed, thus taking away the stress usually associated with in-person testing.

Better Training

CPR Training online
In-person classes tend to feel rushed for those who are new to the technique. I recall taking my first CPR class and being the only one who had never done it before. The instructor breezed through the guidelines, and I struggled to absorb everything. I was barely able to remember the information for the test. With online classes, students can go at their own pace. They will feel confident in their ability to perform CPR or BLS when they have had time to thoroughly absorb and practice the skills. Finally, the AHA’s 2020 guidelines recommend self-paced CPR training.

Company Convenience and Cost Efficiency

Due to coronavirus restrictions, providing employee training has become more costly. Previously, CPR classes included up to 15 people, usually with two people per CPR manikin. Today’s safety measures may mean limiting classes to six people while students social distance, wear masks, and take turns practicing on their manikins. Certification becomes more costly and time consuming for companies.

After completing the course and passing the test, employees will have the ability to print their certification cards right away. Group discounts also will save you money, and exam retakes are free.

We take care of record-keeping for you, so there is no need to keep track of all that paperwork. You can refer to your employees’ records and certifications as needed. Employees might have different renewal dates. With CPR certification online, they can be sure to stay current, no need to wait for an instructor to be onsite. This eliminates concerns about certification lapses and keeps the company in compliance.

While we wait for everyone to get their vaccinations, online adult CPR and other courses are ideal. No matter where your employees are in their vaccination schedule, they can complete the course.


Essential employees are under a lot of stress these days. Employers are searching for ways to boost morale. Online CPR classes are one way to show these essential workers that they are valued. By providing online courses in CPR for healthcare providers, you support their need for training and take the burden of attending in-person training from them.

Employees can also get First Aid training and print their First Aid certificate.

Whether you are seeking CPR for healthcare providers, Infant CPR classes, Child CPR classes, or BLS online classes, CPR training online is the way to go. As we begin 2021 and vaccines are rolling out, let’s work together to get all your staff safely CPR certified.