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Sina's Journal

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03/02/2017 08:17 #60771

I love these goldfishes
Category: travel
when I went to visit one of my friends in Istanbul, I was waiting for him in lobby
suddenly I fell in love with these big goldfishes.

paul - 03/10/17 17:41
I love big gold fish too.

11/23/2016 04:28 #60718

Trump Towers in Istanbul
Category: building
I was at Istanbul for some days to doing Interview by USA embassy, then I saw Trump Towers!


07/14/2016 07:38 #60553

mantı (manti)
Category: food
as we know dumpling is an international kind of food, we can find variety of dough filled foods by different shape and size in countries, for example in china, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Greece, Afghanistan, India and ravioli in Italy
but I didn't know Turkey has similar food.
its smaller than others and filled by meat and vegetables and comes with yogurt and some spices .
it was delicious


sina - 07/15/16 18:24
you can have it boiled or fried
its up to you
joe - 07/15/16 17:18
Veggie dumplings with Turkish style seasoning sound delicious.

Are they pan fried or boiled?

07/10/2016 10:03 #60549

my new girl
Category: cat
hey all
she is Misha, my new girl
actually some weeks ago she lost her mom, then I took her, she was in growing period and need many minerals and proteins
now I am happy because finally I could help her

paul - 07/10/16 10:22
I don't normally like cats but that one is so cute.

06/17/2016 17:23 #60539

my life is moving
Category: moving
after one year I came back to Denizli again.
I was so sad, but now it's OK. I went to Ankara and did something for immigration to USA and Canada.
If USA accept me, then I need to wait and do something more, then move to US.
do you have any idea which state is better for an Environmental pollution engineer (!
maybe next time I will meet you in US.
let's see!