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e:strip Media Information is a free digital community space for the people of Buffalo, NY to voice opinions, to publicize events, to carry on conversations and to write about personal experiences. With an extensive set of web-based publication options and innovative site features, e:strip allows members to publish text, images, sounds and multimedia content with ease.

e:strip has developed useful ways for creating web content and interacting with the site through mobile technology. A fully-functional low-bandwidth version of the site makes the site's content and interactive features available to mobile and dialup users. was created by Paul Visco, a web developer in Buffalo, NY, in 2003. It has evolved from a simple journaling site to a sophisticated online community. Contact Paul with any technical questions about e:strip.

As of spring 2006, 509 peeps (users) have contributed 27030 journals totalling over three million words, and counting. These postings are connected by a tightly woven system of links, and accessible through a sophisticated search tool.


The following press releases and art assets are made available for use in covering, reporting on, featuring, andpromoting You are free to reproduce these alongside any relevant coverage.

4/4/2006: Happy Almost 3,000,000 (Words)

3/26/2006: Loudfeeder - Make Your Own Podcast

3/25/2006: Picfeeder Is Ready to Go

3/7/2006: Gather - Peep Online Filesharing

11/25/2005: Mobile X/HTML Site Beta

10/9/2005: Remember Buffalo Project

7/27/2005: Elmwood Strip Passes 10K Journal Entries in Under Two Years (HTML PDF)

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